Out of the Past

Out of the Past is an anime episode of The Legend of Korra that was released on 06/09/2012

Episode 9: Out of the Past

As Tarrlok makes away with Korra, she finally decides to work on her spiritual side of being the Avatar in hopes that her recent visions hold a clue. Meanwhile, the rest of the group is sent on a wild goose chase as the truth is forced to come to light as to what Tarrlok is really after.

Plot Summary

At a remote cabin in the mountains, Tarrlok uses his bloodbending to push Korra down a flight of stairs into a metal box. Knowing she'd be unable to escape, he locks her inside as she tries her best to force herself out. The next morning, Tenzin and Saikhan are called to the City Hall as Tarrlok states that the Equalists attacked him and Korra and kidnapped the Avatar. Word spreads fast as Lin, who is still recovering from her injuries, decides its time to get back to action as she suits up and frees Asami, Mako, and Bolin. Going to Tenzin, they point out that they need to work together to find Korra and the missing metalbending police officers as he agrees to work alongside them. They decide the best place to start is to figure out where the Equalists are hiding as Asami notes that the sewer system is extensive as Bolin recalls going underground when he was kidnapped.

Lin tracks down the Equalist prison
Lin tracks down the Equalist prison

Back at the cabin, Korra's attempts at forcing the box open are futile as she tries to calm down. Remembering that Tenzin pointed out that her recent visions may be Aang trying to convey a message to her, she sits down and begins to meditate. Soon after, she receives a full vision from Aang about a memory from his life when he was forty. In it, he and Toph are discussing recent events in the city as they plan on arresting a local street gang leader named Yakone. After arresting him, Korra snaps out of her vision, surprised that it is actually working. In the city, Lin uses her seismic senses to locate the underground warehouse of the Equalists as they come across a trolley system. However, during this, Bolin lets it slip to Asami that Mako and Korra kissed as she has become suspicious of Mako's feelings of finding Korra. Finding the prison, they knock out a few guards as Lin finds her men, robbed of their bending. Mako threatens an Equalist for information but he states that the story was a lie. Tenzin realizes that Tarrlok was behind it after all.

The council confronts Tarrlok at City Hall once more as Tenzin accuses him of kidnapping Korra. Tarrlok dismisses it until his page confirms the story, testifying that she saw him carry off Korra and that he is a bloodbender. Acting fast, Tarrlok is able to knock out the room as he escapes. Coming to, they know he couldn't have gotten far as they go after him. Korra continues to meditate as she sees the trial of Yakone who is suspected of being a bloodbender. The trial continues as the Council, led by Sokka, finds Yakone guilty. However, before he can be subdued, he uses his abilities to free himself and knock out the room. Aang is able to chase after him and after an intense fight, Aang uses his energybending technique to rob Yakone of his powers. Korra now knows what Aang was trying to tell her.

Tarrlok has some uninvented house guests
Tarrlok has some uninvented house guests

Tarrlok arrives back at the cabin where he blames Korra for everything that has happened. She retorts, stating that he is actually the son of Yakone. Tarrlok admits that his father wanted to rule from the underground but he wanted to rule Republic City as its savior. He decides its time to leave and plans on taking Korra with him. However, Amon and the Equalists have arrived as Tarrlok tries to attack with bloodbending. Amon, while struggling, is able to resist the power as he energybends Tarrlok. He tells the Lieutenant to knock out and capture Korra but she is able to avoid the electric attack and escapes. Naga comes across her as she is taken back to Republic City where the group finds her scarred but okay.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Ki Hyun Ryu Director Ki Hyun Ryu is a notable animation director.
Joaquim Dos Santos Director Joaquim Dos Santos is a notable animation director.
Michael Dante DiMartino Writer Michael Dante DiMartino is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Bryan Konietzko Writer Bryan Konietzko is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.


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