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Ouran High School is a anime/manga location
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An extravagantly large and ornate high school for those who are both intellectually and financially gifted.

Ouran High School is a school dedicated to extravagance: the facilities are enormous and lavish, and the students are almost infinitely wealthy and intelligent. The school does occasionally allow a (relatively) impoverished student to attend on a scholarship, provided that they remain the top-level student in their year.

The school's headmaster is Yuzuru Suou, father of Tamaki Suou, although he shows no preference for his son as a student. (Tamaki is more than capable of attaining the #1 spot in his own class alone.) Yuzuru Suou is very accepting of a wide variety of clubs, including the traditional-- newspaper club, gardening club --and the more whimsical, including Tamaki's Host Club and the Dark Magic Club.


Ouran High School Host Club creator Bisco Hatori has stated that she has no formal layout for the school and simply makes up whatever she needs. Given the students' propensity to spending money to remake parts of the school as they see fit, this doesn't seem to have an effect on continuity. It is stated that the school is very large, however.

Education Philosophy

The wealthy send their students to Ouran High School for two reasons: first, it is a top-rate education that prepares students to attend top-tier universities so that they can lead in their fields. Second, because it's where all the wealthiest families send their children, it is expected that they will network and establish relationships with other families, whether it be of the romantic sort that leads to an engagement or a more friendly sort that might assist future business prospects.

For the most part, Ouran's curriculum is like other school's; it's really the extracurriculars where things become grandiose. For example, in a standard high school's cultural fair, students hand-make the majority of the things they need (booths, banners, etc). At Ouran High School, students are expected to hire people to do the physical work and to oversee those people-- to gain management experience, effectively.
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Location Name Ouran High School
Japanese Name: 桜蘭高校
Romaji Name: Ouran Koukou
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