Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is an manga series in the Ouran High School Host Club franchise
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Romantic shōjo comedy set in a rich high school. Scholarship student Haruhi Fujioka dresses as a boy and is a central member of the school's Host Club. Gender confusion and romantic trysts provide plenty of drama & comedy.

Story Overview



Haruhi Fujioka worked hard and passed the difficult entrance exam into the elite Ouran High School.  There, she found the student body to be populated with frivolous & spoiled children from wealthy families.  Coming from a poor background, she was forced to wear her father's old hand-me-downs and thick-rimmed reading glasses.  Her appearance was shabby, and everyone mistook her for a boy.   
While searching for a quiet place to study, she stumbled across the school's Host Club; a group of 6 talented, handsome & wealthy young men who lavish their attention upon young ladies with too much time & money.  Intimidated by their outrageous & intimate behaviour, she accidentally broke the expensive vase they planned to sell for charity.  Forced to work as their dogsbody, they soon discovered Haruhi's natural fair features and made 'him' work to pay of 'his' debt by being a Host.  However, they it wasn't long before Haruhi's true gender was revealed to the other members of the Host Club. 

The Host Club

Ambivalent about gender-awareness and thoroughly disinterested in joining in the Club's activities, Haruhi remained oblivious to the effect she had on the rest of the Host Club.  They soon became her best friends, but emotions ran high.   
Twins Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin struggled as they accepted an outsider into their close-knit world & rivalry for Haruhi's affections, and with their sense of individuality.  Meanwhile, the Club's 'King' & master flirt Tamaki Suou lived in a fantasy world where he was Haruhi's father, which allowed him to be close to her and feel emotional intimacy without feeling perverted. 
Meanwhile the Shadow King & 'Mother' to the Club, Kyouya Ootori was a business genius and schemer.  He would influence Tamaki's mind for Club activities, and claimed he was only interested in helping people of importance.  Lastly, lolicon Hunny-Sempai and his tall quiet cousin Mori-Sempai were already involved on a personal level, allowing them to observe their friends actions & emotions from a safe distance. 


Together, the Host Club gathered a wide variety of friends.  Both inside & outside of school, they strive to help friends & families stay together.  All the while, they must continue to hide Haruhi's true gender from their Host Club clients for fear that they would lose their friend. 


The story & art by Bisco Hatori has been published in LaLa Magazine.  The Japanese magazine from Hakusensha would later collect stories & reprint them in  tankōbon format (miniature graphic novels).  It is these tankōbon that are then translated and distributed around the world.  The English version of the Ouran High School Host Club manga is distributed by Viz Media.  The first volume went on sale in July 2005, and is currently a couple of volumes behind the Hakusensha originals. 

Other Media


Drama CD

Soon after the manga debuted in LaLa Magazine in 2003 the first Drama CD appeared.   Like most Drama CDs, it was an audio play that retold the stories from the manga.  It was so successful that two more Drama CDs followed, and an animated series was commissioned.


The animated series of Ouran High School Host Club was originally aired in Japan between 05 April to 26 September 2006.  Created by Studio BONES (ボンズ) who collaborated closely with Bisco Hatori, 26 episodes were produced.  The show was extremely successful that it (like the manga) has been exported around the world & translated into a wide variety of languages.  However, at the time the show was produced, nearly a dozen tankōbon has been used as source material to adapt.  Although the manga is still being produced, there are still not quite enough stories to adapt into a second anime series. 
As with many anime adaptations, a lot of changes had been made to the stories.  However, thanks to the close work with Bisco Hatori, they managed to retain the spirit & character of the original manga.  Although many characters appear in the manga who haven't appeared in the anime (such as Satoshi Morinozuka, Mori-Sempai's little brother), the anime created the character of  Eclair Tonnerre especially for the dramatic two-part finalé.   

Video Games

The success of the Ouran Host Club manga & anime led to the creation of a video game.  It was a dating sim the style parodied within Ouran High School Host Club itself) which featured three new characters.  Bisco Hatori drew the new male characters in one volume of the manga to highlight the fact that she loved the game (even tough she wasn't very good at playing it). 

Romance / Love Egoist

Bisco Hatori had previously written & drawn the drama series Millennium Snow, which has also been printed by Viz Media.  She also created a set of stories originally titled Romance Egoist.  The title was changed to Love Egoist after the first story, since her editor thought it sounded more catchy.   
Set in Ouka (not Ouran) High School, twins Nadeshiko & Barako Kuronuma created love potions to influence the lives of the students & teachers around them.  A lot more dramatic & serious in tone than Ouran High School, it is possible to see Bisco Hatori's style & plots develop into something that she would later use for Haruhi & co.
General Information Edit
English Name Ouran High School Host Club
Japanese Name: 桜蘭高校ホスト部
Romaji: Ouran Koukou Hosuto Kurabu
Publisher Viz Media
Start Year 2003
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