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Ouran High School Host Club is an anime series in the Ouran High School Host Club franchise
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Despite the bigotry, it promises to be quite fun! Reviewed by OkazukiIchigo on Feb. 8, 2009. OkazukiIchigo has written 10 reviews. His/her last review was for Lucky Star. 61 out of 71 users recommend his reviews. 8 out of 8 users found this review helpful.

In regards, I have rarely watched any harem/shoujo-esque that showcased in the same gender. In which case, the recent anime that I watched that show this apparel is Rosario + Vampire. From what I experienced from that show is abit more of a “eye-candy” and less of a storyline, or what I think of it. It's much of a recap experience, only remembering “panty-shots” and ecchi that will satisfy the youngest or naive minds at all. This “eye-candy” seems too appealing to warrant thoroughly explanation, its too much that it makes the person attached with these “technique” the show, showcased through the episodes. It's these techniques these Producers, produced that gives an aura towards the viewer and the pleasurement of what anime does best.

It is quite awkward to see, the “Behind the Scenes” look at these harem/shoujo/ecchi series, where the seiyuus is acting to portray that character. Seeing how, animes like Rosario + Vampire reveals. Through the course of that anime, I tend to question does those female seiyuus feel obliged to act like they are having somewhat erotic pleasurement? Or is it that sort of Japanese-esque humour where its hilarious while being erotic to others? It's all the mannerisms of those habits that somehow disgusts me at a degree but yet it feels quite satisfying at the other hand. The other subject towards this topic is Bible Black, seeing how the difference between the Japanese cast and the English cast. While the Japanese cast feels quite alright, the English cast feels out of portion and it feels like hiring bad actors in the scene.

Not saying that Rosario + Vampire is bad, the only memories I have, is panty-shots and the cross, that Moka is given into a more sexy vampire. It is just wonders how these seiyuus, try to have these “pleasurement” through episodes. Granted that its a harem series, its worth for its subtlety of promised fan-service within the next sequel. The others like To Love-ru and such, is more of a general cliche where the protagonist meets some attractive lady and such.

Is disheartening to watch more and re-introduced myself into that category of harem/shoujo. It weirds me out, seeing this level of “pleasurement” of characters expressing their emotions towards each other. Then again, like I stated, you cannot resist it while you are watching it or be at disgust. Its these techniques of having a wild-up fantasy that is inducted towards the audience. More-so, being romantic to the same gender is just stereotypical to the minds of logical thinking. One moment of bigotry, is yet classify for “same gender romance” as yet as cliche as they could be. It might be at hand, that I opposed this but yet society have seen many of these stereotypes expressing their love in the same gender, that it feels just pathetic.

The recent anime that showcased this, is Ouran High School Host Club, in regards of having a long name to remember. I was quite skeptical at first towards this anime, but when I saw FUNimation producing as well as having scriptwriters, it was a point of being ironic to watch it. The result was Vic Mignogna, and I was quite surprised. As I stated before for showing this “bigotry” of the same gender, this anime is the answer to that. It wonders the whole “eye-candy” that Rosario + Vampire has, is like in this anime. Created by Hatori Bisco.

The story takes place in Ouran Academy, a school only for the wealthy and talented as refined as prestigious as it is. Settling in the modern backdrop, where the rich separated themselves from the commoners, as they called them. Haruhi Fujioka, a female scholar whom graduated to Ouran Academy. Who is annoyed with the gossip that denizens of Ouran and went somewhere, to finish her studies. Unfortunately, the room that she entered has a great presence. Enter the Ouran Host Club, a group where handsome gentleman gives hospitality and treat themselves as infigurements of entertaining to appease girls, while taking their money of course. The Host Club consists of Tamaka, the president and father, Kyouya, the vice president and mother, Honey-senpai, the shota-cute type for the female audience, Takashi, the wild type, and Hitachiin twins(consists of Kaoru and Hikaru) the devily type. Each of these characteristics, is showcased when the Host Club is in effect to appease and treat girls.

Haruhi suddenly stumbled upon them, as they question if Haruhi was a boy, seeing how she was dressed. With all the commotion, she faced with this Host Club, she suddenly tripped which caused a expansive vase to break. Causing Haruhi to pay 8 million yen(80 000), seeing how Kyouya can sense her instincts. On which, Haruhi couldn't afford the vase, causing Kyouya to repay her “debts” through the Host Club as member to entertain girls. First being a errand boy, in which purchasing the essentials for the Host Club, hilarity ensues when Haruhi brought “commoners” stuff, and Tamaka is there to taste it. As much of a incident of Haruhi over Tamaka's girlfriend jealously changing clothes, it was revealed that Haruhi was a girl. Keeping it a secret, in which case it will destroy the Host Club, they kept Haruhi to pretend a boy.

Through the few episodes, it somewhat reveals more of the characteristics of the Host Club, the president, Tamaka is rather “a idiot”, yet shows sympathy to others but more to his love his Haruhi. As others get acquainted in the Host Club, with more of a general appeal of same gender romance to appease girls. And through the course of the anime, it shows the past dilemmas of each character and how they got into the Host Club by Tamaka. As explained in the Black Lagoon review, it isn't much of a storyline but showing dilemmas and the Host Club activities. Haruhi seems to be in enjoying these activities, the Host Club apparels but yet doesn't see any hint of trying to pay her debt, only through giving services to the audience. Towards the end, it was hinted that Haruhi finally payed her debts through the course of Tamaka's disclosure of the Host Club. This is more-so, a fairly-tale story that was derive from Disney films of a essential of romance. The thorough examples is Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella on which a wealthy gentleman expresses his love for a commoner. The result of these examples, are compelled through the last episodes and isn't much of a surprise.

The art/visual presentation is quite compelling, as this is my first review that doesn't showcased the producers from MadHouse Studios. The apparel of the characters depicted in this anime is somewhat weird as, everyone is either “too skinny” or fat showing the apparel of Haruhi's dad and summer job employer to wear drag. Which in an art style looks ridiculous. The general apparel that the Host Club contrives is better yet “eye-candy” favoured, on which the romance of each character is portrated through colourful schemes with red roses. The sheer amount of this artistic merit of the presentation is cliché but better yet it promises to have the visual style. The environments that the Host Club encounters are great and compelling seeing how episodes where they travel to places within Japan. But one of the faults is not illustrated through the depiction of the background, where you see only blobs as the character interacts continue. It shows doesn't show artistic merit, if you see a depiction of a filter background while the character interacts with it. The Chemistry derived from the environments they encounter is yet beautiful but yet shows a lesser depiction. The characters' visual style of the main protagonist on the other hand is alright of showing their depiction of being well-groomed and wealthy towards Haruhi. It's quite decent for a 2006 anime but yet the cliché of the harem/shoujo delivers.

The sound/performance is excellent, with both of the dub and sub as exactly to a great degree. The acting gives merit to the sheer brilliance of showcasing the same gender romance on which the Host Club delivers. Much of the suspect is Kaoru and Hikaru in both versions perceptively, the way their way of romance delivers, sending a chill down my spike as they are really passionated of their way of expressing love to each other. Each character of both versions, shows merits of acting even more-so the supporting cast of characters. Both of the versions of a great cast of voice actor/tress, that deliver their performance at the sheer excellence. It was renowned that Vic Mignogna, famous for his lead role as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist delivers a top-notch performance as Tamaka, as a sheer difference between both version retrospectively. FUNimation not only licensed this anime but produced it like One Piece with a well-rounded cast and provided their own rendition of both the openings of endings of them. The music direction is one of the promised OST within this anime, having renditions of the opening/ending theme to set it upon a orchestral theme. Through the course of episodes, you are easily detect the sheer emotions that was delivered through. One of the other merits of this anime is the composition rendition of both versions' opening/endings. I was surprised that the FUNimation dub created their rendition of the opening's, Sakura Kiss and the ending. As it is not as much awful to hear but more compelling. Despite the opening sounding to much of a Canadian singer that I depise(Avil Langrvine), it still delivers a satisfying performance of both ends. It's is really compelling to hear these types of renditions and how they delivered as a whole.

Overall, despite the major criticisms that this anime delivers. The sheer lack of a storyline, appeasing “eye-candy” and the flaw of its visual style. Ouran High School Host Club delivers a satisfying experience as it pertains in that genre. Seeing Haruhi and the Host Club developed as a whole, with past dilemmas withdrawn in exchange for a sign of romance. Being same sex romance or being a fairly tale, it still promises to be great. The root in which was developed after Haruhi broke the vase has grown and she has no regrets in which she broke the vase. The consequence turned into a quite of a romance after being discovered that Haruhi was a girl and Tamaka as well as the twins, wanting in. Honey-senpai on the otherhand still remains to be lovable despite that he is a boy, its all the bigotry lifted on how each characteristics represent through these episodes. It was regretful to watch it but yet the ending leaves the fairly-tale to make it nostalgic on feeling it as like Cinderella.

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