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Ouran High School Host Club is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series, 3 manga series
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Member of the Ootori Family Guard, Aijima is one of Kyouya Ootori's personal bodyguards. He is a calm 45-year old man with a 23-year old wife who is five months pregnant.

Akira Komatsuzawa

Member of Class 3-C in Ouran High School & President of the Institute's unsuccessful Newspaper Club. His desire to write scandalous stories about Tamaki Suoh caused the other members of the Host Club to close ranks around him.

Anne-Sophie Grantaine

The second wife of Yuzuru Suou, Anne-Sophie Grantaine is Tamaki Suou's mother who continues to reside in France. Although separated from Tamaki for three years (and his father for longer), she still dearly loves and misses her son & husband.


Tamaki Suoh's faithful & energetic Golden Retriever. She was one of two identical pups from the same litter, the other belongs to Tamaki's mother in France.


A boy who attended Middle School with Haruhi Fujioka, Arai held a long unrequited love for her. He unintentionally sparked uncontrollable feelings of jealousy in Hikaru Hitachiin when he bumped into Haruhi in Karuizawa. A hard working youth, he is also the delivery boy at his Uncle's green grocers.

Ayame Jonouchi

A student in Ouran High School's class 2-A, she agreed to help tutor Haruhi Fujioka while the rest of the Host Club investigated why she passionately hated Tamaki Suou. Despite despising how he complimented all women the same, she secretly admired him, straightened her hair to please him & kidnapped his beloved teddy bear.


A long time customer of Ouran High School's Host Club, Ayanokoji was a snob & a bully. Jealous of the attention Tamaki lavished upon Haruhi, Ayanokoji bullied Haruhi until she was expelled from the Host Club.

Barako Kuronuma

One half of identical twins, Barako Kuronuma has black hair. She & her sister Nadeshiko create love potions to interfere with the love lives of others at school. Together they cause the stories of Romance Egoist/Love Egoist which appear as back-up stories in Ouran High School Host Club.

Benio Amakusa

The leader of Lobelia Girls' Academy's Zuka Club.

Chikage Ukyou

Student in Class 2-B of Ouran High School & member fo the Newspaper Club, Chikage Ukyou is from a slightly better class than his Sempai. However, he remained loyal to his Club President, even when he became obsessed with writing fictional scandalous stories about the Host Club.

Chizuru Maihara

A member of Lobelia Girls' Academy's Zuka Club.

Eclair Tonnerre

A young woman of French descent from a family with connections to the Suou empire. (An anime-only character.)

Fuyumi Ootori

Older sister of Kyouya Ootori, Fuyumi has married into the Shido family & therefore spends a lot less time with her brothers whom she still dearly cares for. However, she often conspired with Tamaki Suou to send Kyouya to 'commoner' places.


A golden retriever who lives in France with Tamaki Suoh's mother, Anne-Sophie Grantaine. Hachibei comes from the same litter as Tamaki's dog, Antoinette.

Haruhi Fujioka

An androgynous high school student serving in the school's Host Club.

Hayato Tarumi

A manga-only character, Hayato Tarumi is a member of Ouran High School's class 2-B & is a figure in the school's competitive Football Club; the Ouran Orages.

Hikaru Hitachiin

The elder and less mature of the Hitachiin twins.

Hina Kamishiro

Ouran Middle School student & talented pianist, Hina Kamishiro has a crush on Shiro Takaoji. She was forced to move to Germany & was subsequently hurt when Shiro tried to distance himself from her. They finally played piano together with a little help from the Host Club.

Hinako Tsuwabuki

A member of Lobelia Girls' Academy's Zuka Club.


The youngest member of the Ootori Family Guard, Horita is a loyal bodyguard to Kyouya Ootori. He is 35-years old, but his wife is older than him. He is bald because he couldn't do anything with his hair in the mornings, so he shaved it off.

Itsuki Futenma

Vice Captain of Ouran High School's Basketball Team, Itsuki Futenma was a member of Kyouya Ootori's White Team during the school's Sport's Festival.

Jean-Pierre Leo

Jean-Pierre Leo runs his own rival host club at his school.


Manservant to the Nekozawa family, Kadomatsu's tall & bald physical features make him look distinctive. Along with Kuretake, he is passionately loyal to the Nekozawa children, Krimi & Umehito.

Kanako Kasugasaki

Once a regular customer of the Ouran High School's Host Club, Kanako Kasugasaki would rotate through each Host until the Host Club intervened and cemented her relationship with childhood friend Tohru Suzushima. However, due to scheming from the Hitachiin twins, Kanako accidentally stole Haruhi Fujioka's first kiss.

Kanan Mitsuyama

3rd year student & secretary to Ouran High School's student Council, Kanan Mitsuyama has a sneaky sense of humour with which she loves to torment her fiancé, Takeshi Kuze. She once sent hate mail & tried to frame him for it in an attempt to cure his obsessive hatred of Kyouya Ootori.

Kaoru Hitachiin

The younger, slightly more honest, arguably more mature of the mischievous Hitachiin twins.

Kazukiyo Soga

Class mate of Heruhi Fujioka & the Hitachiin twins, Kazukiyo Soga is also their Class President. He is easily scared, but still strives to impress Momoka Kurakano.

Kimiko Sakurazuka

First year student at Ouran High School, and loyal customer of the Host Club. Kimiko Sakurazuka is often seen in the background, and occasionally helps the Host Clubs plans.

Kirimi Nekozawa

Umehito Nekozawa's little sister, Kirimi Nekozawa had a fear of the dark which kept her away from her beloved brother. She mistook Tamaki for her brother, which endeared the Host Club to help reuinte her with her real brother. Despite her young age, Kirimi is addicted to erotic manga.

Kotarou Mitake

Kotarou Mitake was the Captain of Ouran High School's Soccer Team & a member of Tamaki Souh's Red Team during the school's Sports Festival.

Kotoko Fujioka

Wife to Ryoji & mother to Haruhi, Kotoko Fujioka passed away when Haruhi was still a little girl. During her life she was a successful lawyer & a Zuka Club fan. Her life inspired Haruhi to study hard and enter Ouran High School.


Gothic maid for the Nekozawa family, Kuretake is responsible for developing young Kirimi's passion for erotic manga. Along with Kadomatsu, she is devoted to serving the Nekozawa children.

Kyouya Ootori

The raven-haired and bespectacled vice-president of the Ouran High School Host Club.

Makoto Tohgouin

Student in the same 3rd year class as Hunny & Mori, Makoto Tohgouin is the Vice President of the school's Football Club; the Ouran Orages.

Mei Yasumura

Rebellious 'Keba', Mei Yasumura is the teenaged daughter of Pensione owner & transvestite Misuzu Sonoda. Initially she was attracted to Tamaki Suoh, but soon realised that he was in love with Haruhi. Mei became good friends with Haruhi & later offered her romantic advice.

Misuzu Sonoda

Former employee at the same Okama bars as Ranka-San, Misuzu Sonoda runs a Pensione in Karuizawa & hires Haruhi Fujioka as extra help in the holidays. He is obsessed with refreshing young men, but his chosen lifestyle appals his daughter Mei.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka

A cute blonde high school senior who happens to look 1/4th his age and love cute and sweet things.

Momoka Kurakano

Regular member of Ouran High School's Host Club & Vice President of Class 1-A, Momoka Kurakano is unaware that she is the object of Kazukiyo Soga's affection. She loves thrills & adventure, which often puts her Class President into situations that scare him.

Mr Hitachiin

Successful executive of a software development programme, Mr Hitachiin is the more reserved & mild-mannered parent to Hikaru & Kaoru. He married into the Hitachiin family. Only appearing in the manga, his full name has yet to be revealed.

Mrs Suou

Tamaki's strict Japanese grandmother, she caused the estrangement between Tamaki & his mother. She continues to hate her grandson, despite her son's best efforts to the contrary. Although she has appeared in both the anime & manga, her full name has yet to be revealed.

Nadeshiko Kuronuma

An identical twin, but with blonde hair instead of black. Nadeshiko Kuronuma & Barako create love potions to influence the love lives of students & teachers at their school. They appear in the Romance Egoist/Love Egoist stories from some volumes of Ouran High School Host Club.


Member of Kyouya Ootori's White Team during Ouran High School's Sports Festival, Nanakura won his race against Kotarou Mitake by using his intimidating family connections.

Nozomi Tsurata

A slacker punk boy from Oukan High School, Nozomi Tsurata wasn't confident enough to tell Yurine Izumi how he felt about her. So he conspired with Barako & Nadeshiko Kuronuma, drank their love potion, and slowly convinced Yurine Izumi that he was the right guy for her.

Prince Laurence

It appeared that Prince Laurence had no time for his little sister, since he was heir to the throne of the Monar Kingdom. However, he sent her to Japan a month early because he really cared for her & wanted her to be happy.

Princess Michelle

A Princess from the Monar Kingdom, Princess Michelle demanded the best luxuries from the Host Club. She was dubbed Princess Perjury when it was discovered that her outlandish claims about her brother's wealth were over-exaggerated. However, Tamaki continued to attend upon her needs until she was ready to accept the truth.

Reiko Kanazuki

Loyal member of Ouran High School's Black Magic Club, Reiko Kanazuki was the Queen of Curses. She attempted to curse Hunny-Sempai as a misplaced sign of affection for him.

Ren Chitosebara

Member of Kyouya Ootori's White Team during Ouran High School's Sports Festival, Ren Chitosebara is also the Vice Captain of the school's Soccer Team.

Renge Houshakuji

A young Japanese woman who grew up in France, but transferred to Japan to follow Kyouya Ootori, who looks exactly like her favorite character from her favorite dating sim video game.

Ritsu Kasanoda

Scion of a mafia family with an angry-looking face that puts off most would-be friends. He took Mori as his teacher to be more approachable, but ended up falling in love with Haruhi while under the impression that she was a boy. Subsequently, he gained hoards of yaoi fan-girls.

Ryouji "Ranka" Fujioka

Ryouji Fujioka is more commonly known by his 'genjina', Ranka. Working in an Okama bar, the widower has struggled to raise his daughter Haruhi on his own & dress her in feminine clothes. However, he is partially to blame for her lax attitude towards gender specific dress.

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