Our Tackle

Our Tackle is an anime episode of Tsuritama that was released on 06/14/2012

Our Tackle

"Haru is scared. Akira is trying to convince Natsuki about what is happening. Yuki is still on his way back to Enoshima. But when JFX takes over a military commander, the worst case scenario comes true."

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Plot Summary

Almost all residents of Enoshima have been safely evacuated from Enoshima. Since JFX's mind control works through water, Duck is going through Enoshima and blow-drying those who are under mind-control (to evaporate the water) to rescue them. Unfortunately the weather reports say that a huge typhoon is making its way to Enoshima. This means that JFX's mind control abilities will be heightened during the typhoon because of how much water it will bring in.

Tapioca and Akira put on their...thinking hats?
Tapioca and Akira put on their...thinking hats?

Duck is still looking for JFX with no success, so Akira decides to go after JFX himself. Also Yuki is still trying to find a way to get back into Enoshima, but can't find any form of transportation that is willing to go there on account of all the warnings that are being made about Enoshima on the news. Before going after JFX, Akira steals a Duck rubber suit and goes to Natsuki to try and explain things in the hopes that Natsuki will help him catch JFX. Natsuki is having a hard time believing what Akira is saying. Then Natsuki and Akira overhear Heihachi lecturing the Duck agents about how they must fish and catch the dragon. The Duck agents do not listen, but Akira and Natsuki take him aside and listen to what he has to say.


Apparently the Enoshima dance started hundreds of years ago when the dragon came to Enoshima and made people do it. The way that their ancestors satisfied the dragon was by fishing it. Elsewhere Haru is watering the flowers for Kate. Also Yuki finally finds a nice cab driver who is willing to drive him as close to Enoshima as he can.

Natsuki, Akira and Heihachi gather the rest of the Usami family and Misaki and Inoue to tell them what is happening. Inoue agrees to let them use his boat to catch JFX. Natsuki seems excited, and says that they should ask Haru for help. Natsuki also calls Tamotsu, "Dad," for the first time in a long time. Natsuki says bye to Sakura and Mariko as he goes to try and catch JFX.

They discuss the plan to catch JFX
They discuss the plan to catch JFX

In order to get out of the shelter, Akira steals more Duck rubber suits, and Misaki pretends to be having birth. This way they are able to sneak right past the Duck agents and hop on a train. Elsewhere, Yuki finally reaches the barricade at Enoshima. Now that Akira, Natsuki and the others are on the train they discuss the plan to catch JFX. First Heihachi needs to go back to the shrine to get the special lure being kept safe in a miniature dragon statue's mouth. Then Misaki says she will go back to the shop and pick up her best fishing rod. Tamotsu goes to stock up on water and food. Inoue goes to set up his boat. And according to the prophecy the goddess fished up the dragon with her partner. In this case it seems that Natsuki and Yuki will have to work together, but Natsuki can't get a hold of Yuki.

Haru cries tears of happiness
Haru cries tears of happiness

Finally Natsuki runs into Yuki in Enoshima. Yuki is able to get past some patrolling Duck guards as Natsuki pretends to be under mind-control. Elsewhere, since Haru has been watering Kate's flowers, and Duck has cut off the water supply, Haru has slowly been dehydrating. Yuki finds Haru and slaps him in the face, saying he shouldn't have run away. Haru explains rather depressingly that Haru and Coco tried to lure JFX away from Enoshima, but failed leaving Coco under JFX's mind-control. Yuki gives Haru a speech about how they will fish together again. Yuki is determined and wants everyone to be together again. Even though this cheers Haru up, Haru is still thinking about how he will have to go back home after they catch JFX.

JFX's purple halo in the distance
JFX's purple halo in the distance

Duck has finally located JFX in the ocean, and prepare for attack. Unfortunately somehow JFX is able to mind control everyone on board Duck's ship. A Duck agent accidentally fires a missile before it is ready aiming, and hits Enoshima. It seems JFX's powers have gotten even stronger.


1. On the wanted posters for Haru, you can see that "Duck" stands for "Defensive Universal Confidential Keepers."

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