Our Deadly Blows (Dub: The Dynasty Challenged)

Our Deadly Blows (Dub: The Dynasty Challenged) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 11/28/2001

Our Deadly Blows -  オレたちの必殺技 ( Oretachi no Hissatsu Waza) 

Released in Japan: 11/28/2001

Dub: The Dynasty Challenged

Released in U.S.A.: 3/3/2004

Minor characters not in the wiki database: Tao Yuan's wife, Sha-Wen (Manga name) or (Sha Mon English Dub)

Tao Yuan's wife (manga: Ren's mother) enters Tao Yuan's lair. She wants her husband to release her children, but Tao Yuan wants to destroy Yoh so he needs Ren and Jun to witness Yoh's death. Tao Yuan's wife believes her children will learn more through experience than torture.

Meanwhile, Yoh and friends are on a raft, and Ryu and Horohoro are arguing over who is the best shaman. Yoh tells Horohoro that Ryu is strong and thanks Ryu and Tokageroh for saving them from the BoZ monks. Ryu pledges to assist Yoh no matter what. Manta asks what is everyone is looking forward to. Horohoro looks forward to food, Ryu looks forward to romance, and Yoh and Manta are looking forward to adventure.

Back at the prison, Ren asks Jun how long they have been there. Jun answers to Ren, 10 days for Ren and 20 days for her. Yoh and friends has reach Ren's home and finds no one is guarding the temple from the outside. As Yoh and friends head inside the tower, they confront the Five Deities (Sub). After Ryu and Horohoro protests that they are the good guys, the cheetah legged Kyonshi cuts Ryu's pompadour. The three zombies charge at Yoh and friends. Horohoro destroys the elephant zombie while Ryu slashes the cheetah legged zombie in two. Ryu and Horohoro yell to Yoh they can handle it and wants Yoh to find Ren. Yoh rushes underground and meets the Golden Brothers (SUB). Yoh easily defeats them and go to free Ren and Jun. However, Jun is disillushioned with herself, and Ren and Yoh leaves her. As Ren and Yoh leaves Jun, Jun screams when Pailong barges through the walls. Ren and Yoh has to defeat Pailong who transforms into a dragon in order to lift the spell. Ren stops Jun from using her talismans because Jun would be breaking her promise with Pailong. After Ren and Yoh frees Pailong from Tao Yuan's oversoul, the two rushes to the ground floor to see the kyonshi (Sha-Wen) holding Ryu by the throat.
Cliffhanger: Sha-Wen has the upper hand on Yoh and Ren.

Subs versus Dub

Manga (Engl)
 Curse Squad
Five Deities
Johto Guards
 Torture Brothers
Golden Brothers
 Tao Yuan
En Tao?
Uncle En

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Unlike the anime, Pailong is never turned into a dragon. In the anime, the reasons for Pailong turning into a dragon is unknown.
  • In the manga, Pailong is dismembered and Jun is busy stitching him up.
  • In the anime, Yoh meets the Torture Brothers before freeing Ren and Jun. Compared to the manga, Yoh and Ren meet the Torture Brothers after Yoh frees Ren.
  • The anime has the raft scene which is not in the manga.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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