Ouka is a anime/manga character in the .hack franchise
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A player of the world who is a werewolf. Ouka is known as one of the strongest players in the world. She befriends Shugo after receiving a collar from him.

Ouka is a player of the hit MMORPG called The World. She started to play after the events of the first game series and was able to choose the Werewolf class as it was part of the new expansion of the video game. Mainly using her fists as weapons, she has become one of the strongest players in the game, earning her the nickname "Ouka of the Divine Fist." She had befriended Mireille somewhere before the start of the series as is always on the lookout for tougher opponents to match her skills with. 
She is introduced into the story during an event which has Shugo, Rena, and Merielle attending a Cherry Blossom Festival in the game. Mireille leave the twins to themselves in a picnic area while she shops, to which Ouka  approaches them in her wolf form. Shugois immediatey smitten with her as he loves dogs and plays with her, not knowing that she is a real character but assuming she is an NPC. Rena joins in too as they play around with Ouka before Shugo places a collar around her neck. Ouka then signals the two to dig in a spot under their blanket to reveal a horde of Skeleton Soldiers. Ouka gives Shugo some guidance, which shocks the two as she can speak. She transforms into her player self as she makes quick work of the soldiers, complaing about how weak they are. Mireile returns Soon after, confused about what happened but elated to see Ouka. Ouka thanks Shugo for the collar but Rena sees Shugo as a pervert for fondling a player, despite the fact he didn't know the truth.  
After the group encounter Zefie, the daughter of Aura, she assists Shugo and the group with collecting information on the mystery of the Twilight. However, these investigation and numerous instances of data being rewritten by Shugo earns the group the scourge of the system administrator Kamui. She promptly imprisons Shugo and his friends under the charges of tampering with the balance of The World. Kamui threatens that if Ouka, Mireille, and Hotaru do not stop interacting with Shugo, they will also be deleted. Shugo permits them to go, which upsets Ouka since she wanted to stick by his side, but didn't want to lose her powerful character. 
However, after some time to reflect, Ouka and the others come to the realization that the game is no longer fun and there is no reason that they shouldn't stick together, even though the threat of being deleted is there. While meeting with Shugo and beating the pulp out of Komiyan III for ratting them out in the first place, the group encounters Kazu, the brother of Blackrose. He is there to lead gthem to Balmung but are quickly overrun by System Administrators and moderators. Kazu beckons the others to flee, but Ouka sees this as her chance for a strong battle, forming a slight connection with Kazu as they take on the moderators.  
Ouka is not seen for the rest of the final manga as she is busy with the fight. She is seen briefly in a flashback where she teaches Shugo the importance of using skills in combat and once more at the end of the her fight with her and Kazu looked exhuasgted, but coming out as the victors.
Voiced by
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Yuki Kaida
General Information Edit
Name: Ouka
Name: 凰花
Gender: Female
1st manga book: .hack//Legend of the Twilight #1
1st anime episode: .hack//Legend Of The Twilight #2
1st anime movie:
Aliases Ouka of the Divine Fist
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Attractive Female
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Shape Shifter
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Unarmed Combat
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