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1982 "Graffiti of Otaku Generation". Otaku no Video (おたくのビデオ Otaku no Bideo, The Video of the Otaku) it's a animation video based in 2 OVA's. This movie's about the life of and otaku. Rumors said that is "Gainax" own foundation.

The movie's based in two parts:

  • Otaku no Video 1982 (おたくのビデオ)
  • More Otaku no Video 1985 (続・おたくのビデオ)

In Otaku no Video 1982, Kubo,  a regular guy whom practices a sport and has a girlfriend, one day meets with Tanaka, an institute's friend. This guy and his friends, managed to iniciate Kubo in the "otaku culture". Because of his new affiction, Kubo spend less time with his girlfriend, until she left him. When this happens, he decides no to turn into an otaku, instead he decides to turn into "Otaking" (Otaku king), a ranking that he tries to achieve along all More Otaku No Video movie. 

The main aspects of the movie is cosplaying, creation of an animation movie, and the construction of an Otaku's Theme Park. Everything to become an otaking. 
Finally, Kubo accomplish his dream of creating the Otaku's Theme Park: "Otakuland".  Nonetheless, years later, Tokio's attacked by tsunamis waves and helds underneath. Kubo and Tanaka, being old men, decide to return to old Otakuland, now under water, but something strange happens, memories melt with reality, and with their old friends, who betrayed'em, they decide to look for a new place for them: The Otaku planet... 
This is a really great movie, because you can see the aspect of how otakus were treated by society in early 80's. And, how, as a documental view, people is interviewed years later, and they actually say they miss their old otaku life.  


  • Opening: "Tatakae! Otaking" (戦え!おたキング, Fight Otaking!)
  • Ending: "Otaku no mayoimichi" (おたくの迷い道, Otaku's Lost Path)

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