Osamu Tezuka's Unico Gets an Update for Japanese Mobile Users

Topic started by YuiAsakawa on July 16, 2010. Last post by Nucemis 4 years, 8 months ago.
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Everyone knows Osamu Tezuka, since the guy's actually referred to as the "god" of manga and everything. But he's made some things that were slightly less popular than Astro Boy. One of them being the story of Unico, a little unicorn who has the ability to spread happiness. No kidding, just look at him! 
We got word from ANN this morning that a Japanese television to cell phone service called BeeTV will be streaming what they call a "movie comic" of the classic manga, which will add color, spoken dialogue, sound effects, and special effects. Neat! (Or you could just watch the animated film of the same name. But not on your phone!) Voice actress Nana Mizuki will play several roles in the new adaption, which will come out on August 1st.
Of course, this news is useless for those of us not living in Japan, but hey, we can read it and wish that we lived there instead of here. I mean, we all do that anyway on a daily basis, so why stop now?
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It's totally working. I was kinda "meh" when I started reading the article; now I'm puking rainbows.
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I loved watching this while growing up; both the original and "The Island of Magic." So few people have even heard of it, sadly. One of my sisters still taunts me with "Toooby!" in the evil voice of Lord Karuku. (Though my name's not Toby! /roots)
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I do not get the point.
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FAKE ...is only Kimba badly  photoshopped
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O_O Im wrong... is true
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