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As an enthusiast of several artistic mediums, I have been a part of many varying fandoms and written about them over the years. One common element in these fandoms is an appreciation for the older works in certain genres. This is something I have found very different when it comes to anime fans. Shows become less sought after the older they are and fans tend to stay in their comfort zone gravitating to the newer and more talked about shows whose art styles are clean and modern. Many shows from the early 2000’s that were staples when I first became an enthusiast seem to be lost on newer fans and aside from a few nostalgic titles from the Toonami era the 90’s are hardly touched. So what about the 80’s, 70’s or even the first wave of black & white televised anime in the 60’s? While I complain about this ignorance in the fan base, I have yet to dig too far into this area of anime myself. So I decided to take a journey and explore the origins of this medium I hold so dear.

What gets the honor of being considered the first anime? If you look hard enough there are plenty of shorts dating as far back as the 1910’s all the way through World War Two propaganda pieces that use primitive animation techniques that are by definition “anime”. There are several movies, even some in color, that were being produced by studio giants such as Toei through the late 50’s and early 60’s such as “The Tale of the White Serpent” & one of my personal favorites “Alakazam the Great”. In 1961 there was the first Japanese animated television program “Otogi Manga Calendar”, which aired short 3 minute episodes daily for almost a year. Yet when it comes to anime as we see it now, we have a lot of respect to pay to the original 1963 run of Astro Boy.

Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atomu), which was written and directed by the “god of manga” Osamu Tezuka, founded the base of anime as we see it today. One of the more noticeable of these is the adaptation of an original manga into an animated series, manga adaptations are still to this day where a good portion of our anime comes from. The structure of animation studios and how shows are produced from the idea of weekly episodic stories to opening and closing can see their seeds here as well. While there were a few oddities that had television airings before, after Astro Boy is when you start to see shows get aired on television on a regular basis with several greats airing shortly after such as Gigantor and Prince Planet and anime has continued on television for over 50 years later. For these reasons it can be safe to call Astro Boy in many respects the first modern anime. So now that we got why I’m starting with Astro Boy for this discussion let us get to what the show is.

Astro Boy first hit Japanese airways on new year’s 1963 and lasted almost 4 years with 193 episodes. Astro Boy also made short work in making its way over to the west by airing a very interesting and faithful English dubbed version created by Fred Ladd for national television on NBC starting in 1964 lasting 104 episodes. The show is more akin to what we see in traditional cartoons in many ways, but has a very dark undertone in many of its jokes that can be both psychological and social commentaries. The first episode deals with the death of the kid that Astro Boy was modeled after (cleverly named Astor Boynton) and the obsessive working of the boy’s father to create a new son in his image. When this new son named “Astro Boy” doesn’t grow or act as the other kids his father sales him into an implied slavery by a circus owner who mistreats his robot workers till the episode ends with civil rights given to robots. The mature themes do not stop there as with episode two Astro Boy has a scene that can be described as a psychological breakdown with him questioning both his humanity and abandonment issues to later on be discriminated against for committing crimes just because he is a robot. While these issues stuck out to me they are still presented in a very cartoony and comedic fashion leaving any dark undertones to be found under the surface. The creators of the English version opted out of several episodes due to being too "cruel or grotesque", considering what was aired I really want to see what had to be cut. As of yet in my viewing there is no overreaching story arch and each episode keeps with the theme of a standalone adventure where Astro Boy saves the day, sometimes with a cheesy fourth wall breaking line to end the show such as “Time to move on to my next adventure!” or something along the same lines.

Even though the show is very much a cartoon it is one of the best ones I have seen, featuring very artistically creative designs in both the robots and humans he encounters, a trait that is common through most of Tezuka’s works. The settings per episode also feature amazing art direction and range from a journey through space and Mars to a Middle Eastern desert. Characters act wacky and your suspension of disbelief pretty much has to go out the window when people hilariously survive gun shots to the head Looney Toons style. The animation chugs in quality throughout leading to very funny and humorous fight scenes with the bad guy of the week or simply lazy looking still frames. Being a very early analogue show the quality of the digital transfer varies per episode with some looking clean and crisp while others, particular when it comes to audio, are a lot muddier. Yet while mainly being a kid’s show, I can see how the next generation of animators, writers and directors who grew up with shows such as this took the underlying themes presented before to make the more mature style of anime we see today.

The original 104 episode English run of Astro Boy is currently streaming legally on Manga Entertainment’s YouTube channel and has been released on two limited edition dvd sets by Right Stuf which include several episodes in Japanese including one, the last, non-English run episode. What shocks me the most though is while the complete run in Japanese has had a dvd release, there is no notable complete fansub to my knowledge. For a show that holds so much history one would assume this would be a project worth completing for anime historians especially in a day and age where anything current no matter the quality has at least one group subbing it. The massive 193 episode count can be the reason for this as well as what hinders most fans from checking it out. While the first two episodes took a little while for me to get interested I have since been enjoying a fun adventure here and there. It is by no means a show to be marathoned, but I plan on seeing it in full at a pace of an episode a day or so. It might not be why you got into anime but it is definitely worth at least checking out an episode if for nothing more than historical context.

Astro Boy as a franchise is still coming back occasionally with remakes of the series in 1980 and 2003 as well as an American made cgi film in 2009 that while good unfortunately bombed in the box office. The same English version of the show from 1964 aired in part on Adult Swim through 2007-2008 and had one episode played to end Toonami’s april fool’s revival.

Depending on how things go I am contemplating continuing this as a series of articles, no promises!

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 Background Reading - is going to become my sporadic attempt to put together a series of articles based on various books about anime and manga - to give give long time fans like myself, burgeoning fans like our own Tom Pinchuk, and absolute newcomers something to check out to give them background on the genre, recommendations for new to watch, or general explanation of various cultural idiosyncrasies. What better way to start then a general primer on the medium, eh?

Finding a “canon” of important works in any field is generally difficult to settle on. Do you go by popularity, artistic merit, influence on other works, early works of prominent creators, or a combination thereof?

The Rough Guide to Anime, by Simon Richmond – in Penguin Books Rough Guides series, probably has the best “canon” list of anime titles available, and certainly makes for the best English language primer to anime currently in print in the US, and makes for interesting reading for long-time fans and newcomers alike.

As the title states, this book is a “rough guide” - not only in terms of the series, but in terms of the depth of the book. It's not supposed to be any sort of academic text to the appreciation of the medium. It simply tells you what you need to get your feet wet. The book opens with a brief history of animation in Japan, from before World War Two to the present, discussing the evolution of the medium and its outgrowth from manga. We get some general information on some of the big names (Tezuka in particular), and some basic background to set up, in terms of Japanese society, where we are when we get to our “Canon”

The “Fifty Greatest Anime” takes up the majority of the book. Lists tend to be generally controversial, but the list in this book manages to be successful at not only being “safe” but also “comprehensive”, a difficult task at best. Unfortunately, this also means that many titles on the list are also out of print, or will be out of print soon as of this writing. Classic works by Tezuka like Jungle Emperor Leo and Astro Boy make the list, as well as the complete filmography of the late Satoshi Kon (still alive when the book was written), and many of Hayao Miyazaki's works. Other classics like Evangelion, Mazinger Z, Cowboy Bebop and Utena have made the list as well. It's a fantastic list, and I simply cannot disagree with any of the choices on the list.

The later section of the book covers various genres, like Eastern and Western Fantasy, comedy, and historical fiction, as well as names to look for, in terms of studios, directors and writers, and voice actors, as well as a basic tourism guide. The genres and names sections include examples of works by those names, studios, and in those genres. All of that is generally useful, though unfortunately they don't do a good job of indicating whether the shows mentioned are licensed or not. While I have no doubt that Richmond would rather his book be ever-green and have to worry about license statuses of some of the works he mentions – considering that Legend of the Galactic Heroes has not been licensed and likely will never, ever be licensed, it would be probably have been helpful to mention what series would not have been available in the US at the time of the book's printing.

Nonetheless, long time fans of anime and newcomers to the fandom alike will find a lot of value in this book, both through background on the medium as well as recommendations for new series and films they might otherwise have overlooked.


The Canon

In The Rough Guide To Anime, author Simon Richmond lists these films and series as his "canon" of the greatest and most important anime in the history of the medium. Reasons for their inclusion are listed in the book, and they are presented in the order they are listed in the book (ISBN 978-1-85828-205-3).

1. Akira
2. Astro Boy

All three Astro Boy series are included under one entry.

3. Barefoot Gen
4. Castle in the Sky
5. Cowboy Bebop
6. 5 Centimeters Per Second
7. Fullmetal Alchemist

The TV series and movies are included in this entry.

8. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
9. Ghost in the Shell
10. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
11. Grave of the Fireflies
12. Gunbuster
13. Howl's Moving Castle
14. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
15. Kiki's Delivery Service
16. Kimba the White Lion
17. Little Norse Prince
18. Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro
19. The Super Dimension Fortress Macross
20. Metropolis
21. Millennium Actress
22. Mind Game
23. Mobile Suit Gundam
24. My Neighbor Totoro
25. Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind
26. Neon Genesis Evangelion
27. Night on the Galactic Railroad
28. Ninja Scroll
29. Only Yesterday
30. Panda and The Magic Serpent
31. Paprika
32. Paranoia Agent (TV)
33. Patlabor The Mobile Police (OVA)
34. Perfect Blue
35. Porco Rosso
36. Princess Mononoke
37. Puss in Boots
38. Revolutionary Girl Utena
39. Samurai Champloo
40. Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal
41. Serial Experiments Lain

42. Star Blazers
43. Steamboy
44. Spirited Away
45. Taro the Dragon Boy
46. Tekkon Kinkreet
47. Tokyo Godfathers
48. Urusei Yatsura
49. Whisper of the Heart
50. Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise
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I'm a second year graduate student in English and Medieval and Renaissance Studies. One of my hobbies is of course anime and Japanese fan culture. Of course, my favorite thing to do is combine my two loves--academia (though my love for this is currently waning) and anime. I've currently gotten myself embroiled into a gloriously complicated literary research paper on Revolutionary Girl Utena. My focus is gender construction and play within the anime series and film. It's much more complicated than "Utena is a girl who wants to become a prince and fights with a sword." As with any academic paper, I need sources to back me up or help me elaborate and prove my point. I had to go on a massive search of the internet and library catalog and stacks to find my resources. I'm sharing some of my sources so that others interested in writing on anime can find starting points and for otaku interested in learning more about the history and exploring deeper the themes seen in anime and manga. I'm going to list the sources and write a brief summary for each which include my opinion about their usefulness. Note each of these sources usually has an introduction or preface explaining why they chose to write on anime/manga and the importance of doing so--very beneficial if you need help in justifying writing about anime for a class. These are just some of the books I found. Search terms are tricky for finding books; some successful combinations I used were: anime and gender; japan, gender, & anime; japan, manga, anime; shojo/shoujo, manga, gender; japanese animation; japan & comics. Japan and comics tend to generate the most results. 

From Akira to Howl's Moving Castle 2nd Ed. - Susan Napier - 2003 
This book has been my best friend since the day I chose Utena as my topic! Napier is more than a fan, she's a professor of Japanese literature and culture at the University of Texas. She's an excellent writer and very plugged into the academic world. She's very accessible to readers and does a thorough job of exploring a variety of themes in a large range of animes. I HIGHLY recommend this as a starting place, especially since she includes references and a bibliography which you can later raid for use in your own essay. 
Anime Explosion! The What! Why? & Wow! of Japanese Animation - Patrick Drazen - 2003
I don't like this book much; it reads more like a piece of fanwork that just looks at the surface themes of anime. The writing is easy to read, but lacks the sophistication and quality of Napier. Drazen makes large, sweeping cultural statements without all the necessary references or academic credit to back them up. He does have footnotes with sources which you can use as a springboard. Drazen brings up good ideas, but doesn't really go anywhere with them. He spends more time summarizing animes than analyzing them. This book could be helpful if you're looking for a topic to write about. 
Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams Japanese Science Fiction from Origins to Anime - 2007
This is a collection of various essays written on anime by different writers. The focus is obviously technology and the science fiction genre in anime. Some of the essays connect the anxieties about technology viewed in anime into larger social concerns. This a very easy to read yet professional text. 
Mechademia - 2006 - Present
This is a really cool academic journal devoted to anime, manga, and Japanese pop/fan culture. I have an entire blog post devoted to discussion of this. There are currently four volumes. The quality of the essays is a mixed bag. However, all the essays do succeed in probing deeply into anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture. 
Dreamland Japan Writings on Modern Manga - Frederik L. Schodt - 1996
I haven't had a chance to read/skim this yet, but the topics appear insightful. There's a large chapter entirely devoted to Osamu Tezuka. Schodt is an interpreter, translator and writer who is fluent in Japanese. He's written a lot on anime and manga. 
Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics - Frederik L. Schodt - 1983
This book is pretty old, but looks to be full of merit. The a forward is written by Osamu Tezuka. :) 
Comics and Idelogy - 2001
Collection of essays mainly focused on comic books, but has a section devoted to manga and the ideology of gender. 
Animation in Asia and the Pacific - Edited by John A. Lent - 2001
A look at animes across Asian countries and their development and popularity in other countries like the U.S., UK, and France. There's even a chapter on Vietnamese animation--reminds me of the post where Gia mentioned something about Vietnamese comics vs. Japanese manga a while back. 
Japanese Visual Culture - Edited by Mark MacWilliams - 2008
Another large collection of essays on manga and anime with interesting topics.
Manga Sixty Years of Japanese Comics - Pal Gravett - 2004
What initially caught my eye was the large scale color images in the book. I would say 85-90% of the information is relayed through visual art. I believe this to be more a history book chronicling the manga tradtion and the trends within it. Very nice! The pictures alone make it worth checking out!
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Its been a while since I wrote here. Im working on the website and all the rest.  
Will this be the last Virtuous Queen? Maybe if i don't get the website up soon.  
The reason why I stated this is if there is going to more VQ its going to be on my webpage and not here. There is too many voices - some of which are not interested in the history of the business, crowding out things. Recent news about other such issues are cramping my style and what I wanted to do here. 
I have to move on. Im not dropping the account or anything. I just cant be writing for folks that may never understand what anime (or doga if you want to get technical) and manga means. 
But, in this last episode of VQueen - I talk about the only hope the mainstream Japanese industry has left.  
Its Masked Rider - and its Rivals. 
And its the  and the Gekgia of the 1970's.  
Its about learning about the past - but moving forward to a new future. 
The "Real" Japan is the one of ghosts, and monsters 
Transgendered Demons, and Tecehnotronic Nightmares... 
Of Hell Boys and Cybernetic Men. 
Aliens with dark membranes right out of the best American horror had to offer in the 1970 -1980's slashers. 
Females with fists and boobs to match... (but it was implied, never really shown for the latter) 
And at the end the future was dark - unhappy - and one wonders where did it go wrong. 
Thats the Japanese industry I knew - the twisted fucked up minds that told the truth of the twisted fucked up heads of government and socialistic industry. That the world continued to not learn. Man is a monster and he will create the demons that will send him to his doom. 
He will fuck up the world because he has been told he's been fucked over. There comes the Byronic heroes of Masked Rider of the Showa era. Of Fist of the North Star - The craziness - the guts, the explosions. the sex and the restlessness. Hardcore without being stupid or insulting the audience. 
But now - its weeded out of us. Its got to look pretty for those too ugly. Pretty Kids with problems. Scared to go deep into the real problems that face Japan, nor the world (as the Japanese Intellectuals have stated time and again they want to bring beauty back into the world). Censorship for all the wrong reasons - and even that word has lost its bite and all reason to exist in a world that has the truth of mankind's existence - how he first saw God, and how he worshiped - to how he moved all over and conducted life - been Censored on the fear that its too...far fetched - sexualized etc. 
But there is the thing with Masked Rider, despite being a kid series - does better than many others until very recently.  
A man becoming more than himself. Not a Alien from another world - or a man who lost his parents - or a teenager who got bit by a spider. A man becoming more than himself because he was wounded just trying to do the right thing. He enters the world of perfidy - of monstrous bugs, in order to save a humanity that can never save itself by its own. He becomes aspects of the monster bug to become better than the demons. 
Its that aspect - that archetype that had made some of the best anime/manga - video game and J-TV series in recent memory. From Xenogears/Chrono Cross. To the Metal Gear Series. Neon Genesis Evanglion, Akira - Cowboy Bebop, etc to Garo. The fact that man somewhere deep from the psychological and perhaps Alien proclivities - has perfection in him. That he maybe able to get up and fight all the demonic by integrating that demonic aspect of himself. 
Its is that truth, that is censored - that Modern Japan has forgotten and America refuses with very small exceptions to acknowledge. It was never about how many titties were shown on a Super Bowl Performance.  It was never was about the Right's challenges to Obama - its not even about going to jail about the wrong comic book. 
Its about Governments and Societies inability to look into the dark side of itself. Not the Jerry Springer bullshit. Thats stupidity. Its all about becoming one people in a forever spring like world. Which cannot exist - but everyone left and right has tried to put mankind in and failed every single time. 
Thats why Anime is censored sometimes for no good reason, and thats why Rin and her adventures will never come to the states - and that is why we will never solve any of these problems we face as a nation. We continue to Censor when there is no need, and refuse to wait when we need to wait.  
Im thinking that - I need to get into this business. I can change the business overnight if I wish. Thats right folks. Overnight. The new Tyler Perry. Seriously? Yep. And what you gonna do about it? Cry when Funi is destroyed in five years? HAHAHA. Really? 
But thats a wish that will have to wait for a while. But not too long. 
But there is a reason why I want to be Masked Rider every Halloween. And why I look at the toys, the merch and the series. Its the same reason I miss the anime business the way it was in the late 90's early 2000's and the reason I only read Berserk and anything done by Tezuka. 
Because its all about being human, in a zombified world. 
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Note: This Post deals with certain issues discussed on AniVice, first about the Herbivore Culture now sweeping Japan, and the recent issues dealing with certain games as well as issues happening in the states as well. It also is one part of a memorial topic I will write about Misheru Misawa that explains the changes that have gone down between his generation and the generation now coming. I also go into some political issues as well and why these things are all linked together to show case many issues that affect the western world as a whole.

Folks, we are at a time where we got to show and prove.

Too many people with too many “good hearts” are trying to get things changed. Not because they want to help women – because if they did they would have first did so in the United States (at home as we call it) and then it will spread (as you see in Iran right now). No it’s because they are too altruistic for their own good.

We in the Occident (we used to call it the Aria, back when we used to call China, Cathay and Japan, Edo respectfully – this is the Middle Age Term for the western world of which Japan is only a very recent participant of) are in a lot of trouble. Every Paleo - Conservative worries about birth rate and Japan is dying, Russia isn’t doing well, the US isn’t getting enough White kids (sorry I’m not being politically correct in this piece) The White Anglo Saxton Protestant work ethic and lifestyle (shared by Japan and Germany, most prevalent in the pre-Civil War South) is being ripped to shreds by interlopers and uncontrollable sexual miscreants from other countries who can’t control there dicks to save their lives, and will never obey the rules of the country they are inhabiting.

Well, that’s what they say and they have metrics from the government to prove their case. But the left also have metrics to prove that their wrong. These things will never be solved.

But one thing I have noticed is that the left, after Obama’s victory has become what they said they weren’t becoming. The Censors. New openness? Not on Equality’s Now Watch. Stoppage of Bush era polices – we need a rain check. New Car? Not the Firebird nor the Mustang. Religious equality? Only if you’re a Muslim and even that is iffy at best (see the Dutch canadate for Prime Minister). Hard work pays off? Not any more in this country or in Japan and the rest of the western world.

And you’re shocked to see the Herbivores in Japan? REALLY? The men have been deballed by a Government that like Green Day has stated – are the bastard children of 1969. The fact they capitulate in a non 1945 – Japanese constitution manner to nongovernmental groups worries me. This has happened in the US before, with MADD and SADD and despite no matter how great the intentions were, there may be just as many drunk driving deaths as there were before.

So we have the Emos in the states, Latin America (the Pokemones), Russia and in Japan the Herbivores and Neo-Otaku. Coupled with the Chavs in the UK and other such unwanted in Europe acerbated by the economic situation and the lack of jobs, and you have the brand new underclass, mostly undereducated - sense infatuated, raised to be socialistic and have that same world view.

But this blog isn’t about the sad things. Let me focus a bit about the Herbivores and what the major complaint is. The older generation states that the younger men look gay, act gay and talk gay. They are not aggressive and don’t want to stay in one place and have children and family. The Herbivores state that they are scared shitless of that is going down in Japan and some have given up on that whole life style. Ironically they treat women better than most Otaku and other men do (but this wasn’t like in the 1980’s and if you seen Masion Ittakou you will know what I mean). Many live with their mothers and can’t hold stable jobs.

But one aspect of the older generation – I respect and admire – is a man who recently passed away, Misheuru Misawa. He came to the states under the name Tiger Mask (he’s the second one and they did a anime series based on Tiger Mask – but New Japan lost the rights for some time and Giant Baba took the rights and the persona and gave it to him) and he faced off a very good Bret “The Hitman” Hart in a match that looking back, wasn’t as good – but showed the promise of the future for both men back in 1990. (He also faced off Chavo Gurreiero Sr, Uncle of another passed on Pro Wrestler, Eddie Gurreiero and son of Chavo Guerreiero Jr – which aspects of Eddie I based my character Hector on in Gothic Sun, my upcoming novel) and called his matches with Chavo Gurreiero Sr, the best matches he ever faced, even despite the fact he had 24 5 star matches (according to Dave Meltzer, now part time Pro Wrestling writer for his Pro Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Daily and mostly full time Mixed Marital Arts writer for Yahoo! Sports) with the likes of Kenta Kobashi, Towashi Kawada, Jumbo Tesurta , Stan Hansen, and many others. And he wasn’t the most popular of the Purosesu stars, another star who passed away just 6 weeks before Eddie – named Shinya Hashimoto was the main man in the 1990’s. (And folks, think about Pokemon a bit, and the charasation of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squritle and Charmander it’s almost like the “Four Corners of Heaven” in All Japan isn’t it in a way?)

But this is about Misawa (and maybe a little about Hashimoto) and what they represent. Misawa was a stoic, silent, collected man. He used his skills (and he did had skills) and produced and saved the King Style of Pro Wrestling. Using the parts of Karate, with his amateur background in Greco-Roman wrestling, American pacing, and just utter “talent” he was the power of a generation of Japanese who took the world by storm between 1987 – 1994. His full skills were placed in a match between his high school classmate – Kawada on June 4, 1993. The greatest match of all time in Japan – and maybe of all time ever by any metric. (The only thing close, CLOSE is Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat, Chi Town Rumble – 1989 and Misawa also had a match with Steamboat)

But, that’s not the main focus. The main focus is that he didn’t sit on his laurels. In 2000, his “mother” (to coin a term) Momto Baba, the wife of Giant Baba couldn’t keep Misawa’s worries about All Japan quiet. He made a move (also in June) that sent the whole world of pro wrestling in Japan convulsions. He broke away from his “mother” – and All Japan, and created NOAH – based on the Biblical story of Noah – to keep the style of Kings Road alive. This was purely an American like move. And just like many risks in America that believed never to work, this company did. He kept the style and its conservative booking to big successes. 2000, 2003, 2005. Kenta Kobashi and Misawa 2003. Lord. The tears. The cheers. Burning Hammer. The big event in Tokyo Dome in 2005. The best 3 matches in a decade, one after the other. The return of Kenta Kobashi after his bout with cancer. Magic in that small stadium.

Sounds like the American story isn’t it?

But, it ends. 25 years of bumping, grinding and all the rest. Fighting in that ring for the love of the fans, for the heart, hustle and soul of the game and art that is Puroresu. A man with a family, A man trying to get the young to take up his mantle. He took one backdrop.

No pulse.


Misawa! Misawa! Misawa!

People around him.

No air.

The ambulance sirens.

“The show has ended”.

Those men that worked with him head to the trailers.

Then, he is no more.

It’s hard to continue, but I must.

That was the reality of his line of work.

He fought longer than he had to, because the young wouldn’t take up his mantle.

He fought longer, because the corporations over there have lost their balls and their heart.

He fought longer, for a mainstream scared of the future.

There is a fight not only in our hearts but in souls. When people, governments, lawyers etc use metrics to give reality to thoughts and not actions nor deeds, we have lost all connections with reality. I’ll tell you where real justice lies. In the streets, and it’s sad to say these things because the streets isn’t enough. It’s the dead end in the American life that our politicians have given up on 35 years ago. It’s the complaints of where all of the Conservatives of this nation (rightly so) place Americas problems on. The Ghetto.

But let me let you in on a secret. No matter what they say – there is such a morality in the ghetto. When a real act happens, real coniquenses acour. In Philadelphia, street vengeance came down on a man, who shouldn’t have been out of jail. He committed unspeakable crimes. The cops couldn’t get him. But the Hood did. 5 men went and attacked him, nearly killed him. It’s truly a blind justice because the same thing happened to an innocent man, but they said sorry. It took 15 days just to get the man to be a suspect.

Yet in Iowa, the place where small town lives and hard working Americans are, a man could spend 25 years because of the wrong comic book. How is this possible?

In simplest terms, we have no sense of the real. We, even those Christians who are born again, even those that became Muslim, or those trying to be more Jewish in their faith live in simulacra. Despite all of those attributes of religion the greatness, its echtlogicy – the many wars of faith – we don’t get the words of what Christ, Moses and Muhammad stated.

Faith without works is dead.  Simple.

Americans can be free, but we keep electing people based on Faith that will keep us free, but they would do the latter.

The lawyers and prosecutors have faith that they can convict a man because he has the wrong comic book, looks bad etc. But they don’t have the proof (the works) that he would actually do it for real.

Altruistic organizations have the faith that they can better the situations of people; however their works may end up hurting more people than helping and maybe not really works, but closet cleaning in the psychology of mankind.

There may be many similarities between religions, but there cannot be “diversity” in such things because it loses its own fundamental pieces of the whole. It is faith without works personified.

The issue with the Herbivores, that the generation that came before failed them – isn’t without merit. But unlike Japan, the US has never gone through the same issues that are going down now (homosexual rights and other gender issues). And when you use the metric, Japan has gone though this as many as three times. The US is just seeing its first wave and already cannot handle it. But Japan in my sense is seeing the backlash – of a generation full of loss and sick of trying to be bigger and better. Its shows in the anime (The Moe and the Pesudo – Yaoi) the overall culture (Bones showed this some time ago on Fox) Its sick of the roles.

But maybe there is a hidden anger in the older generation the young must heed. The anger that Myasaki and others have stated before.  That they are in the digital people, living in a digital world and they have no concept of nature, of humanity, even maybe of sexuality. That it’s the “release” (sexual and/or otherwise) that is the only constant in the new world of the database, the new dark god that promises better looking females, better sex, better relationships. Superflat never had such a impact as it does now and its because of the Censuring of life, from the Government on down not only in Japan, but in the states, with the Iraq action (the solders not allowed to fight, then not seeing the result from conflict from the tears of the solders families – to the tears of the innocents in war,) Censuring until you have no clue, no idea and then no thoughts and then you will become that demon of gluttony that the Liberals, and so called Conservatives want you to be, most powerfully shown in Wall E, a child like blob, no power, no glory nothing that says, THIS IS A MAN.

And that leads into my last point. A bit personal.

I had somebody I liked.

I wanted to risk everything to be with this female.

She is like in the movie, The Ten Commandments, when Moses meets his future wife the woman that is like still waters.

She’s Japanese.

Her family is Royal. Upstanding. Elite.

My family comes from a land where we have some consept of this.

My grandfather went to Norway, taught in the best schools.

My father became the first PH.D in the area he was born.

My mother came from a well to do family, who brought Christianity to the home.

My father and mother raised me to be great, never settle for second best in ANYTHING. (So I have this personal issue with people trying to belittle me for no goddamn reason other than spite)

Some living in the ghetto for a majority of my life hurts me, but I learned.

I made some mistakes, but nothing too damaging.

So when I hear the news that shes with someone else, it’s a gut punch.

And I look at Misawa, and I see that Japan I saw in her and I saw in Teuska and I saw in Berserk and the many children and mature animated series.

I saw the things I wanted to be.

What America was.

I wanted to emulate that work ethic, that stoicism, that greatness and power – with a lot of Paul Robertson to boot.

And for all the conservatives rambling about conservatism, socialism and all those metrics, with all the Christian words and phrases to prove their point. In the end, it all ends in Hypocrisy, because they have DONE NOTHING, ABOSOULTY NOTHING TO SHOW THEIR WORKS AND SHOW A WAY OUT OF A LIFESTYLE IN THE GHETTOS OF THIS COUNTRY AND ALL OVER THE WORLD. A way out of the hell that is the media, and a way out of these issues we suffer. And since most religions have resigned their fate and hope to politics, there will be no way to change this fact.

But in the end, all that work – all that – ended in sadness and disappointment. Such is the way of the humanity and its perfidy.

I wanted to change. But the world wouldn’t let me.

So they changed the game, made it a waste of time to work and raise families that they want to better this country. But it’s not enough for some people. They have to be white, of the northeastern end of Europe. Because they built this country. It’s like certain CIA people stated, The White Anglo Saxton Protestant made the country and we are just its visitors.

But they let it decay and let others take over who never cared about its greatness and gave the rest of us crumbs.

So this is where I end this topic – we only have freedom in our attitudes of life and not anywhere else. Politicians can give some legal freedoms, but that isn’t enough. Only you have the power to change your freedom. You must have responblity for this. And if you don’t, don’t be shocked when they come after you. You have the power to change you fate, and if you let somebody change it – then they will and you will be like the rest of America, Japan and the rest of the western, nee the whole world has become – the people that refused to live.

And it’s like others have stated from that “Company” as well. Morality is a great set of tools, but in practice it never really fits. Faith without works is dead, Christ, Moses, Mohammed is enough – people need to look at your actions and not your words. We can’t keep placing our morality on those that already do have it without knowing the Holy Writ.

In the end, Bruce Lee stated it best.

You can’t own yourself, how can you own the rest of the world?

The world can’t be one.

For we need freedom

From other peoples silliness

And our foolhardiness.

Until Next Time.

| |

May 28, 2009 – TezukaInEnglish.com and Digital Manga Publishing are proud to announce an exclusive sneak peek of the "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka's SWALLOWING THE EARTH. This free online preview contains the first 25 pages of the upcoming DMP PLATINUM release, and can be accessed here:


SWALLOWING THE EARTH depicts the mysterious beauty, Zephyrus, and her quest to avenge the wrongs done to women by men over the course of human history. The story represents a turning point in the content of Tezuka's manga, marking a decidedly more adult approach in terms of satiric social commentary and human psychology. Originally written in 1968, SWALLOWING THE EARTH is an important and provocative tale in Tezuka's catalog of work. 

Usually released in two volumes, this DMP PLATINUM edition presents the entire manga in one volume. Retailing for $24.95, SWALLOWING THE EARTH will be available for the first time in English in the United States. Also included is an introduction by Tezuka’s personal friend and translator, Fred Schodt, author of The Astro Boy Essays.

SWALLOWING THE EARTH- RATED YA+ (for ages 16+), MSRP: $24.95 US, 520 pages, softcover. Available: June 24, 2009


Amidst the chaos of World War II, two Japanese soldiers hear of Zephyrus, an utterly captivating woman rumored to exist on an island in the South Pacific. The tales of this bold enchantress seducing men to their dooms are both chilling and fascinating. Over twenty years pass, and Zephyrus resurfaces in Japan, seemingly unchanged, to wield her mysterious power over men once more.

The one man immune to Zephyrus' charms is simple drunkard, Gohonmatsu Seki, son of one of the wartime soldiers. Employed to spy on Zephyrus, what will Gohonmatsu uncover about her ultimate plot to create international discord and consume the world of men? What brought this woman to conspire for decades against patriarchal society-against an entire gender-and can anything be done to stop her plans? 

OSAMU TEZUKA (Astro Boy, Buddha, Black Jack) is recognized as the father of Japanese manga. For over forty years, his creative and prolific output entertained generations of readers and continues to do so twenty years after his death. A provocative and socially conscious artist, Tezuka's themes remain relevant to this day. Worldwide, his works have been published in numerous languages and adapted in countless media, extending Tezuka's influence far beyond the shores of his homeland. 

ABOUT DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING: Located in Gardena, CA, Digital Manga Publishing is one of the industry's most unconventional and innovative companies, specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the Western Hemisphere - specifically through the licensing, importation and preparation of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise for the North American mainstream and subculture markets. In this capacity, DMI serves as a catalyst for the expansion of Japanese pop culture institutions into global arenas. The company's imprint line includes DMP: its mainstream imprint, DMP PLATINUM: its classic manga imprint, JUNE´: its boys love imprint, 801 MEDIA: its adult boys love imprint, and DokiDoki: its exclusive co-publishing imprint with Shinshokan Publishing. 

For more information about Digital Manga Publishing, visit www.digitalmanga.com 
ABOUT TEZUKA IN ENGLISH: Tezuka InEnglish (www.TezukaInEnglish.com) is an online index to the works of Osamu Tezuka, covering original works, new adaptations, fan activities and translations in English and other European languages. It began as a fan site but has since worked with numerous American publishers of Tezuka’s works to support and promote English Tezuka releases. Since Tezuka Productions took down the English Language version of their official website, TezukaInEnglish.com has been working in partnership with them as the primary English language online resource for Tezuka’s works until the new official page (http://tezukaosamu.net/) finishes constructing its English language version.

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The Lost and the Generic Part 3:

There is a word; you need to know.  It is a simple word. It is Japanese for Animation.

No, it is not called Anime.

In this part of the series “The Lost and The Generic, the answer will be known.

First, something that I have to get off my chest.

I do not read manga like the rest of you on this site and in the community at large.

I just don’t.

I read two manga on an exclusive basis.

That would be anything drawn and or written by Osamu Tezuka. ANYTHING. It does not matter how long or alternatively, short it is.

The other is Berserk, done by Dr. Kentaro Miura.

That’s it. You can’t force me to read shojo or shohen etc. It just will not work.

There is a reason I say this.

I am an animation fan first.

I am a comic book fan first.

I grew up with both of these works. I understand there concepts and their ideals. I understand there joy and their sorrow.

I got into manga because of Tezuka. His legend is greatly known. Miura is the only man ever even CLOSE to Tezuka. Oda is nowhere close; Kishimoto is not there and may never get there, and Kubo will always be in Miura’s shadow. There is a reason why Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z got popular and why Toriyama is respected even though I may never read another work from him.

The reason is being that many manga is translated into anime and I don’t really have the time nor the cash to go through 20 volumes of work.

In addition, even if I wanted to – they all fall into the same trap and Anime has entered that trap.

It is the same trap that other parts of art world, are going through.

It is censorship, with artistic diversion. These two aspects are killing the genre.

If you have read my other works from the “Lost and Generic” series, you would know that I stated many American parents (and those that do not have kids, but the majority of them do) are again – overworked, underpaid (it seems more like that these days), as well as overstretched. The culture of the American family ideology (I say it this way because it has become one and it is not about raising children right at least not anymore) felt they have lost economic and cultural influence and power over the last 30 -35 years. There is a hidden, psychological racial element (some of it warranted) plus gender issues (shown at the Oscars quite blatantly).

But this is about anime and manga, what that got to do with anything that that is happening in this world?

You already are seeing it in Canada, Australia, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. Now it is spreading to this country.  The new word of the day coming down is “Fascistic Genericism” or better called Neo-Prussian Socialism. (If you do not know what Prussia was, go look at Wiki or better yet Britannica (on your college or school database) and read up, and start to weep).

Every time there has been an economic or conflict situation in the western world, Art is the first victim. Now, in this decade unlike any other decade, Art is being used to promote “punishment” of “weird acts”, “subversive works” and to scare other into submission – to jail and maybe to be killed even if the person have never hurt or would even hurt anyone.  Don’t be fooled however, I am a conservative and I believe in the rule of law. Nevertheless, let make one thing clear. I mean REALLY Crystal Clear.

If someone HURTS a child in any way in that sexual manner so evil – it does not matter if it is a parent or somebody the child knows or a stranger and that is proven BEYOND a reasonable doubt – that person MUST die. Period, end of STORY. I can understand age of consent; I can understand the five-year rule. I even understand in Principle having those dark images can and should send a person to jail. Nevertheless, as SO LONG and I mean AS SO LONG as the drawings or animations are NOT REAL or do not depict a child doing those dark acts (and by their definition cannot be), that person cannot go to jail and should not be in jail. He or she is a political prisoner to fill the coffers of the Judges so they can be shown to be tough on crime, and the politicians who continue to throw not only just America over board but the rest of the world into their own abyss.

However, the Governments all over are using the genre as a political toy, calling it the “scary work” with the “scary people”. Hollywood, sensing it cannot control and win over the fanbase, is trying the split the fanbase into two with their “Live Action –Anime.” They want the money. They do not care how they get it. The day they saw a man named Al Kahn make money hand over fist with Pokemon was the day they set out to destroy him, his company (using the leaders of Arlong to get along Park with Crunchyrool and the Subbing Pirates) and if they could not succeed using anime to take over the rest of the animation industry (remember, the Huluwood Executives hate them UNION’s!) they now were going to discredit you and you fans FELL for it ass first!

80% of Best Buy’s anime selection will be gone by the Middle of Lent (March 21) with only the top selling anime left, and when it’s just Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and any works from the Sci-Fi Channel’s airings, along with Pokemon/Bakugan, that whole genre will suffer the same fate action animation and then TV animation has suffered over the last five years.

Now everybody wants it fast and cheap. It was not like this. I highlighted a book called Manga Zombie – and the Gekgia movement. That movement made its way to the manga we all read. However, even Japan has gone away from it. Even they GOT scared of what it told.

Novelle Manga, Neo-Shojo and Next Gen Shohen (which a majority of manga has become) are not working. Outside of Claymore – Shohen lost the boyhood dream. Outside of Berserk, Senin; should have been the hardest of the hardcore (without being porn) and the protector of the Gekgia movement has become a perverted Shojo. Neo-Shojo became too screwed up to be readable at the same while the Old lady of Manga who pretty much ended the Gekiga movement, only had one good manga in her whole career while Josei is excessively conservative to the point of boredom.

How can Novelle Manga is the hope of a stagnating Industry over there? It is putting even more French influence (not that I hate the French way of doing art) on work that was already influenced by Bandee Dessanee, and not to mention it still sucks and the only time it worked in a Japanese context was in the Metal Gear Solid retellings of One and Two.

You fans are being RAILROADED into a corner. On one side, you’re so called HOPES for a better manga and anime future are leading into a ghetto which the Governments of the world will label you, stamp you and take some into the jails and hellholes of the Jail system.

All of this, to protect the kids.

From what?

Parents already KNOW their job. Moreover, if they do know and run to a political entity in order to HELP their kids(Not nessaraily the government that’s a bit different but even that is loaded), they do not deserve to be parents in my honest opinion.

Cant them, for the first time in the history of their life’s work WITH the kid not as a friend of all these liberal causes, smoking weed at the park or what not, nor as a heavy duty, military style – Fake as all get out Christian Fundamentalist…

But as a boy or as a girl child living in a country that gives them the freedom with responsibility to make choices for themselves!

It is this very simple, wise and holistic approach to life NOBODY will teach or even tell you.

We do not nerssarlly need censorship when people are allowed to be responsible for their actions. It is because of MORE Government meddling we are in this mess. ONLY in a police state (which the U.K. is fast becoming) you would have a 13-year-old boy having a child. NO MANGA told this kid to go and have intercourse with that 15-year-old girl. Not even the U.K. media plotted this. Nevertheless, they will use it as a CRUX to promote more Generisism.

Only in state still recovering from dictatorship – they would use anime as crux for censorship (granted, it’s almost a Muslim state but that’s for another day)

Only in a state where they still do not know if Quebec should be free or not and as of several months back, do not protect the rights of Christians (or Muslims unless politically pushed) that they would use a Unjust and inherently stupid law to send a man too weird even for yuppies to take, as a “political prisoner” (if he did have real dark pictures however, then he deserves to go to jail).

And now, here in this country in a similar case. They will make an example of those that they feel not fit for the America they so wish to protect.

And for the most of you, the profile is fitting like a glove.

The Gekgia movement was the basis of most great anime works. You cannot separate it from that genesis. When they do that – you get bad work, you get moe and harem. You get all these generic anime. You get the lackadaisical feelings and the cheapness of this particular fanbase. You get 4Chan and CrunchyRoll and Arlong to Get Along park. You do not have leaders that wish to work with the rest of the animation community but what you do have are those who will lead to your ruin.

Anime should not be used as the catch all phrase for Japanese animation. We should call it as it should have been called LONG before us in the west (with the rare exception of many in the Black Community) tried to name this particular part of animation as a racial modifier.

It is the word, Doga. Moreover, that word should be used for any animation from Japan that is not dubbed or subbed using Japanese honorifics. You can only call it anime and should call it anime – when it’s dubbed or subbed in English with no Japanese honorifics. This is because of how popular it was in France and Italy and how many French/Canadian/Japanese productions there were in the 1970’s. If those folks want it as Japanese as possible then that “pirate” or Crunchyfail must call it Doga. It cannot be called Anime. It does not even make sense to call it Anime.

As for that Genre and well as Manga – It needs a wakeup call. The world right now is heading for something far, far more impressive than it ever was in the 1960’s. But in that era Gekgia filled that need in Japan in the 1960’s and 70’s. Metal Hurlant and its American Counterpart; Heavy Metal filled that need in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The UK has AD 2000 and it still going strong. (One wonders however, about its future with that UK law barreling down the pipe at break neck speed. The Italians have their own countercultural art world. Now in this era even in Japan, the artists (even the BIG 3) are being drowned out. The original idea for Naruto, as modern day Berserk? SCRAPED. One Piece? Overrated. Bleach? Tries too hard to beat even Claymore.

Do you know what is going on in the world?

The 2008 civil unrest in Greece started on 6 December 2008, when Alexandros Grigoropoulos (Greek: Αλέξανδρος Γρηγορόπουλος), a 15-year-old student, was fatally shot by Epaminondas Korkoneas, a policeman. The shooting occurred after an altercation between a police patrol and a small group of youths in the Exarcheia district of central Athens.[1]

The death of Grigoropoulos resulted in large demonstrations, which escalated to widespread rioting, with hundreds of rioters damaging property and engaging riot police with Molotov cocktails, stones and other objects. Demonstrations and rioting soon spread to several other cities, including Thessaloniki, the country's second-largest city. Outside Greece, solidarity demonstrations, riots and, in some cases, clashes with local police also took place in a number of European cities including Istanbul, London, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Berlin, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, The Hague, Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Seville as well as Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, and the western Cypriot city of Paphos.

Riots are breaking out in factories in Dongguan as bankruptcies and layoffs throw thousands out of work with wages owing. South China, "the world's factory," is in chaos, faltering. After the mid-autumn festival, enormous numbers of workers simply stayed home in the provinces, rather than returning to work in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Dongguan.

This AP story talks about a riot in the factory where Nerf toys were manufactured for Hasbro -- and no, they didn't fight with Nerf bats.


Tempers began flaring Tuesday when the plant's Hong Kong owner, Kader Holdings Company Ltd., prepared to lay off 216 migrant workers at the factory that employs 6,500. About 80 senior workers claimed they were getting shortchanged on their severance pay, and they mobilized a mob of 500 — mostly other unemployed workers and friends, Guo said.

The workers battled security guards, turned over a police car, smashed the headlights of police motorcycles and forced their way through the factory's front gate, Guo said. They went on a rampage in the plant's offices, damaging 10 computers, the company said.

Riots broke out once again in the Baltic states on Friday, this time in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, where a group of 7,000 gathered to protest planned economic austerity measures. A smaller group began throwing eggs and stones through the windows of government buildings until the police moved in, using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

The episode was nearly identical to one on Tuesday in Latvia, when a peaceful protest of 10,000 people erupted into violence. And on Wednesday, a gathering of 2,000 in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, began throwing stones and snowballs at the Parliament building, calling for the nation's leaders to resign.

In all three countries, years of steady economic growth have come to a jarring halt, and citizens are facing layoffs and cuts in wages. In each case, the authorities were left wondering whether they were facing organized activism or just the anger of people whose expectations have been disappointed. "I think this is just the beginning," said Anders Aslund, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. "We should expect this to happen in many places."

You’re telling me at a time of great changes in Humanity, the best huluwood can do is Miss Cyrus?

There not speaking for us, and the longer Viz Media and all these wannabe major players want to act like them – they are going to lose to these socialistic bastards over at Crunchyroll and Arlong to Get along Park. They are going to be backslapped and made nothing but a toothless tiger by Governments trying to protect from a subversion that in the real sense does not even exist but in the actual sense all of this trying to protect their lobbyists in Foggy Bottom in the animation industry. They do not want to compete because they know that they will lose without good writers and story boarders, and they always feel they have to compete where there is NO REASON that that moment.

Japan will figure itself out. It has a history all its own. I will bet (and I am going to be right on this) whenever this economic issue ends, there will be a brand new appreciation for the work of the Gekgia Movement. They will realize that being generic and obfuscating a man or woman’s work will never get anywhere. They stop being anti-human (read as anti-female or anti-female attributes) and finally be free from the sins of their past.

We here, however are going to have to go to maybe even physical blows – not with ourselves but with a generation, to get any sense back of our humanity, our place in the world and our understanding of our individuality, our sovereignty. If we don’t have or see art or pro sport (read as wrestling or mma) that doesn’t have that spark that we saw in the ECW years, those years of great animation from all over the world and in our country and other such things, we must treat it as it is; trash from a Generation that owns the world and may have destroyed our future. You saw it in the Oscars on Sunday. That Generation only cares for what it has done and does not care for the broken down men or women they have BECOME! In addition, if we do not create work or supports work that makes them see this fact even if it is for the first TIME, we will have failed has men (gay or straight) and women (lesbian, bi or straight) and they will through their unconscious fascism, psychological neo liberal racism and class and universal degrading of our minds via the mediocre work they have produced since the end of the 1988 WGA strike, will break this country into a million pieces and the world will lose hope that America will be a shining city on a hill. And they wouldn’t care.


But their envious nature will make sure we will be poor, destitute and wishing we were slumdog millionaires, in the streets our forefathers fought and died in as the world cheered for FREEDOM! when we won.

That is the rebellion Gekgia and all anime represents. Take that away and you have nothing but porn.

The Writer of Manga Zombie, Udagawa Takeo stated it best:

The best manga are always the worst manga. And vice versa. Manga should never be 'healthy' or 'educational' or 'good for kids'…

Burn manga. Especially Eighties manga on.

Burn these pre-programmed comics that have been churned out ever since manga turned into a business. Burn these bastard things conceived in boardrooms and born as products.

For example, love stories that go on...and oon... and ooon...and oooon.

Burn them. Stories about heroes beating the odds through sheer grit and friendship. Burn them.

'Interactive' stories swinging any way the reader surveys tell them:

Burn. Them. All.

Come out of the grave, manga!

Screaming and streaming blood and sweat, pages spattered with artist's crazed flesh, manga that grab and throw you deep into the warped and fucked-up pit of the artist's mind itself. And leave you there.

To live it. And manga, staggering on their very last legs, drawn so the artists could eat one more day.

Come back. All is forgiven.

The Translator, John Gallagher followed:

                I'd have to go with Ugagawa-san on this one. Manga should rot the brain.

I add this. Not to rot the brain. However, to save it from being:

Generic and listless.

The final part of The Lost and the Generic will be on Cartoon Electro by Wednesday, the epilogue of that will be back here as episode seven of Virtuous Queen.

To read more about Manga Zombie please go to http://comipress.com/special/manga-zombie and read more about the Gekgia Movement. I will talk more about it in the future.

Until Next Time.


| |
Welcome Officially to the first episode of Virtuous Queen. This is actually part two of a post i made over at the site named Cartoon Electro, where I was talking about Modern Era (1998 - 2009) problems. Hayao Miyazaki, one of the greats (but not the greatest, that title belongs to the one and only Osamu Teskua) made a comment, stating that he doesnt watch many modern day animated features because its...too wild for him, too weird.

But to put in another way, Part of the reason - is the japanese animation companies going global - and that comes with massive growing pains.

Crunchyroll isnt helping matters.

In fact, it might lead into the end of the anime industry once held as the rebellion to wake up the american and european industries. 

Crunchyroll, to keep it short are nothing more then what I like to call, the Socialization of American Business, they take but do not make deals to serve themselves and their industry they feel they are the "stewards" of. They say they are legit but just like Bernie Madoff Before them, they are nothing more than a ponzi scheme and maybe the worst of them all - because it effects how one country business men talks to those who want to make something of themselves and not create something that is against what this country stands for - or diss this country or make fun of those actually trying to find work and or working to feed themselves or kids if they feel they can take it (thats another matter)

Crunchyrolls fan base (or at least the majority of it) are nothing more than those that feel that America has failed them - and for some who are not white - up and until Obama's administration being sworn in, America felt foreign, these folks get the money after work to feed themselves but not feed the need to be free and the good things America can be. They felt they have no voice. Well guess what  for both of yall in that majority of a fan base - your still dont have a Political voice, maybe not even a voice to speak...the only voice they have is the voice that would use them as joke and a curiosity  - see the Pikachu Bread girl - speak in broken Japanese and you can be a porn star too - just be a honky tonky weeboo female with no sense of self or woman hood or self respect and you too can be famous on youtube. And there boyfriend's if  they have are no better - they just want get tail and they dont care if its male. 

Crunchy Roll is not Naspter - it not even close to its metameme nor what it portend to the music industry (which is in its Post Modern Stone Age, and thats because they couldn't find a replacement for its CD format- the music world was recovering from the death's of Tupac/Biggie/Cobain and the music coming out was badly produced and over produced - see Guitar Heroes Youtube comparing both the DVD/Blu-Ray sample in the game from the CD version) 

Here is why you cannot respect Crunchyfail- and the fans that follow them. One, nobody in the anime industry worth any soul or morality stopped them. Two, Crunchy and Arlong to get along Part started this whole trend during the time of 4Kids's One Piece run. Their Board and Their connections with 4Chan and there script kiddies and Shakedown artists, that talked shit over at Live Journal; showed the American Animation fan base to look at the situation and realized they did not want any part in this, this Nonsense - they knew the rules they do need certian rules. But this Bullshit that AP and CR was playing was most foul. 

The American Animation business, to protect there bottom lines and themselves, started asking Retaliers for better space in there video shelves. This in turn finally got the motor running for the Anime Correction of 2006-2009 but what they didnt know is how pervasive Crunchroll became after the dust settled.  

What Crunchroll represents is a change, but not in the change that will bring true respect to this genre. In fact just like the Wii now with the Video Game hobby - it creates a brand new ghetto, where old memes come back and the fanbase doesn't do ANYTHING to change it outside of a few conventions north of New York. And note when I say fanbase I mean This Particular Era of the Fanbase - not the 60's one - not the 80's or 90's versions - not even the Pokemon/Dragonball Z fanbase - THIS Particular era. Its their behaviors, narcissistic overtly feminized weaklings that do fit the type of what the American Animation industry is trying to avoid for many reasons, some I strongly agree with and some i disagree slightly on their execution, of said plans.

When the fanbase is ready to make behavioral, economic and cultural attitude changes to their way of promoting there hobby, and when they are really ready to understand how to do business with the rest of the American animation community and stop supporting Crunchyfail and there cohorts at Arlong to Get Along Park - and until then - you do deserve to be mocked by the rest of the animation fanbase - your teachers do have the right to fail you when you cant even draw Jack Kirby Style - your girlfriend should worry about your anime female model collection if she isn't apart of that world and MTV has the right to laugh at you - because your acts and your behaviors and your anger are all fucking CHILDISH!  

You live in a virtual world, where those shows you watch have no power, no wonder - no joy and no feeling - it might have some idea of it but when you dont hold the item in your hand, in the form of Blu-Ray or a UMD to place in a console or Blu-Ray player in order to show you the wonder of this business -you are nothing more than consumers, acting like drug addicts waiting for the next Dere fix or Uggu wail or "dont go there" moment. You dont see the pens, the paper the effects and the magic in many great series. You have falling into the same trap that the rest of the yuppie/college life folk has fallen into - a lifeless future, where all are the same and there is no change - no wishes hopes and dreams - everything has become nothing but ones and zeros. 

That is what Crunchyroll means - its is the whimpering end of everything that real anime fans have fought for. And there maybe no one who want to stand up and show a real change and stand up for what is right. That is why the modern era reeks of death... 

It took me a while to get this done, but Its finished. But Virtuous Queen is more than just doom and gloom - this Anon of the Internet has other issues and great series you may never hear about I will showcase here. 

Until next time.

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Finally... the origin of the Stands?!


Everybody knows who they are. Don't pretend.

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