Ortus III

Ortus III is an anime episode of Sunday Without God that was released on 08/10/2013
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When Ai goes to tell Ulla about the Admission of the Living Ceremony, she discovers that Ulla is Koroshiohake. But does her friend realize that she is killing people? Even if it means losing a friend, Ai must tell her the truth!
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Plot Summary

The Valley of Death II
RomajiOrutasu III
TranslationOrtus III
Theme Music
Ending"Owaranai Melody wo Utaidashimashita"
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Ai arrives to see Princess Ulla unraveling herself. Ulla unleashes a mysterious magic that robs the emigrants of their life force. Before Ulla's eyes meet Ai's eyes, Julie takes down Ai to save Ai's life. The lion masked man explains to Ai that Ulla is the goddess of death, Koroshiohake. Ai asks the man if Ulla knows that she is living with the deceased or that she is a living being. Kiriko states that he must keep this lie to protect Ulla. He confesses that he loves Ulla. With the help of Ms. Pox and Diva, Ai arrives to castle to share her story with Ulla and to explain the whole truth. Once Kiriko enters the room, he remarks that Ulla probably won't forgive him. He recalls Mr. Wreck telling him to deceive Ulla.

In a dream-like vision, Ulla informs Kiriko that she knew half of the truth when she notices her eyes were doing something strange to the people. With everything resolved, Kiriko serves as a indirect hug for Ulla and Ai. Ulla hugs Kiriko's back while Ai hugs from the front. Meanwhile, Kiriko states that Ulla's mom had twins in her womb. Ulla somehow accepts her mother's wish. When Scar embraces the infant, the infant cries out for the first time. Scar states that this is her baby, whose voice has been calling out. Outside of Ortus, the red haired man remarks about Ai having the same dreams as his.

Characters & Voice Actors

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