Ortus I

Ortus I is an anime episode of Sunday Without God that was released on 07/27/2013
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After Julie fixes an abandoned van, the group is ready to set out on their journey. But what are they going to do about the unconscious boy Scar found in the back seat? This new encounter takes them to the Land of the Deceased, Ortus!
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Plot Summary

The Valley of Death II
RomajiOrutasu I
TranslationOrtus I
Theme Music
Ending"Owaranai Melody wo Utaidashimashita"
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While Julie drives the van to their next destination, Scar informs the that they have a straggler in the back seat, Kiriko. Julie states that the boy has been drugged. Along the way to Ortus, Kiriko informs them that this is the largest capital of the dead. These people hate Grave Keepers. Koroshiohake is the guardian of Ortus, the one who can kill anything. Kiriko introduces a strange person who is half man and half woman, Wreck and Pox. When Ai tells Pox that she is not a monster, Pox hugs her. Ai asks Pox to let her in the capital. Near the van, Ai tells Julie that she wants to see the people. Scar informs Julie that she will accompany them because she hears a voice, calling her. Inside the capital, Kiriko tells them once their van is fixed, they should leave the city immediately.

Next day, Ai finds Scar suffering from a headache and a fever. Scar tells Ai that she cannot go outside. As the sun sets, Kera, the housekeeper, informs Ai that Kiriko is seeing the princess. That night, Ai explores town during the festival. A lion masked man tells Ai to leave Ortus because the city harbors a dark secret. Meanwhile, Kiriko speaks to a mummified girl and refers to her as a savior.

Characters & Voice Actors

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