Ortus 2

Ortus 2 is an anime episode of Sunday Without God that was released on 08/03/2013
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With Diva’s help, Ai becomes good friends with Princess Ulla! Ai is constantly impressed with how happy the deceased in Ortus seem. But beneath the dazzling exterior, she is starting to catch glimpses of the darkness that shrouds Ortus...
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Plot Summary

The Valley of Death II
RomajiOrutasu II
TranslationOrtus II
Theme Music
Ending"Owaranai Melody wo Utaidashimashita"
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Kiriko finds Ai strolling around town. She tells him that she bumped into a mysterious lion masked man. When Kiriko asks Ai about her hometown, Ai explains all about herself. After reuniting with Julie and Scar, Kiriko talks about a couple who wanted to have children. They visit a witch who can grant their wishes. The witch tore out parts from five people to make a new being, Kiriko. Mrs. Pox and Mr. Wreck are two of the five original people. Pentagram...P

Next day, Ms. Pox and Diva visit Ai. It turns out that Ms. Pox has paired up with Diva. With the diagnosis finished, Diva concludes that Scar is suffering from a condition called "imaginary pregnancy." After finding Ai so irresistibly cute, Diva invites Ai to meet up with Princess Ulla. Kiriko accompanies Ai. In the elevator, Princess Ulla writes on Kiriko's hand while Kiriko speaks on the princess's behalf. As Kiriko goes off in a rant, Ulla and Ai chat together. Ulla tells Ai that Kiriko is cute when he smiles.

Later that night, Julie tells Ai that he once thought of living here, but he could not because he couldn't force his daughter. The bells ring. Kiriko informs the two that the city is under martial law. The 105 folks who are emigrating to Ortus have lost the will to live. The only way to live in Ortus is be one of the deceased. Ai thinks that Ulla is one of the living when she notices that Ulla does not know anything about the city. Ai runs off to inform Ulla. The masked lion man notices the commotions.

Characters & Voice Actors

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