Mad Max gets Mad Anime

Topic started by gia on March 6, 2009. Last post by Suigetsu 6 years ago.
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Mad Max is one of those movies-- I don't know anyone who hates it. Even my mother loves it-- she never passes up a TV re-airing of Beyond the Thunderdome. (A pre-crazitude Mel Gibson doesn't hurt.) Now the writer and director of the Mad Max films, George Miller, reports that a fourth film is in the works...but Gibson isn't going to be donning the ol' post-apocalyptic get-up this time. Miller says the film will be an anime-- and that Gibson probably won't voice the role, either.

Miller isn’t looking simply to mimic Japanese-style animation but rather to adapt it for Western audiences. “The anime is an opportunity for me to shift a little bit about what anime is doing because anime is ripe for an adjustment or sea change,” he explained. “It’s coming in games and I believe it’s the same in anime. There’s going to be a hybrid anime where it shifts more towards Western sensibilities. [Japanese filmmaker Akira] Kurosawa was able to bridge that gap between the Japanese sensibilities and the West and make those definitive films.”

As someone with a lot of Mad Max nostalgia, I'm totally down for this. How about you guys, how do you feel about a Mel Gibson-less Mad Max? Especially you young'uns who may be less familiar with the film franchise-- would you watch it?

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There's been rumblings of a 4th Mad Max w/o Gibson for the last few years, which had me seeing red but after hearing this I'm stoked but still a bit disappointed since Mel won't be doing the VO.  Oh well, Miller making good on another in this legendary series is awesome.

Last year we got a sequel to the critically acclaimed Fallout series and now this; it's a good time to be a fan of post-apocalyptic earth.
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Animated post-apocalyptic..really?!
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gia said:
Mad Max is one of those movies-- I don't know anyone who hates it.
LMAO Untill you met me ;P
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Acer: No way! Really?!
Post by Acer (5,676 posts) See mini bio Level 11
LOL Yeah i actually laughed at it, maybe it wall all the hype my friends were giving me to how good of a movie it is which made it a big dissapointment to me. It just wasn't what i expected it to be, it is cheesy i give it that well at least i think it is. There is alot of great movies that just about everyone loves and i end up hating like the Godfather.
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And me to me it was Waterworld without the water :P I would be more interested in Dune actually not really related just came to mind :)
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Acer: I think a lot of people like it FOR the cheesiness-- it's a "fun" movie, not an "Excellent Film." ;)
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OkazukiIchigo said:
"Animated post-apocalyptic..really?!
Ever heard of Fist of the North star?
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Dessert punk, isnt that similar to what this would be?
I'd like to see it.
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*sigh* Looking at the Mad Max poster made me long for the days of the illustrated movie poster. Nowadays, they're all a mix of design, type and photographs.

I hope for Miller's sake that anything he comes up with doesn't turn out like that Highlander anime turd.
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another reason to keep living my shit life! Mad Max series is always the beez kneez and there definitely needs to me more apocoliptic anything.
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Hell Yeah! MAD MAX!!! Woo!!

I hope they get the guy who voices Kenshiro...that'd be awesome.
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Ugh, I hate Madmax, I know it's supposed to be a low quality cult film but I did not like it at all.
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How exactly is this an "anime"? Miller hasn't said that there are any Japanese studios involved. Maybe there will be, but it's not clear. This sounds like it'll be somewhere between Kappa Mikey and Avatar.
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Cheeseball_Jones: Hard to say until we get more details and see some shots. And frankly, that's a long and unresolvable debate-- after all, "anime" is just short for "animation" in Japan, and includes claymation and the like as much as the 'anime' we're used to. :)
Post by Suigetsu (17 posts) See mini bio Level 1
Lulz This is Gonna BE AWESOME!
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