Origin: Spirits of the Past

Origin: Spirits of the Past is an anime movie in the Origin: Spirits of the Past (Movie) Franchise
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Origin: Spirits of the Past is a standalone anime movie. It explores an interesting concept where humankind has fallen and the few survivors are ruled by the will of the forest.


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Three hundred years in the future, the apocalypse has destroyed nearly everything on earth. All that is left of Japan is a barren wasteland and and the forest, which is the sole source of water for the humans. The forest is inhabited by creatures called Zruids, who exercise complete control over the amount of water the surrounding cities get. All humans must obey and live by the forests' rules, because the alternative is to have the water supply cut off and die. Two cities surround the forest - Neutral City, which is adjacent to the forest, and Ragna, which sits next to Neutral City.

Neutral City was founded by a man named Agashi, who used the power of the forest to create a sustainable environment for those who did not wish to live in Ragna. While Neutral City and Ragna are the only two cities left of what used to be Japan, their ideals are very different. The Ragna Army seeks to find a way to destroy the forest, take control of the resources, and rebuild everything the way it used to be. Agashi's philosophy is that times have changed and everyone must find a way to live in peace with the forest. Agashi allowed himself to be enhanced by the forest, granting a special connection to the trees and becoming strong and knowledgeable enough to build the new metropolis. However, this power comes with a price. Agashi and anyone else who chooses to become enhanced will eventually turn into one of the trees themselves. Using the power of the forest excessively speeds up the process.

Neutral City eventually becomes larger and full of inhabitants who want to live in peace with the forest. However, life is hard for these people - everyone has to participate in hard manual labor to keep the city functioning. Since it is built on the side of a mountain, the only way to get water is to bring it from the bottom of the mountain to the top using buckets. The forest does not allow anyone to use more than they need to survive. The Zruids seem to think that allowing the humans to live is a favor rather than a duty.

The story begins with Agashi's son, Agito, and his friend Cain. Although they know it is strictly forbidden, they race from the top of the city to the bottom of the water hole. This angers the Zruids, and Cain is promptly caught and brought to the surface. Agito manages to escape by swimming through underwater caves and manages to find a large structure underground. Upon closer inspection, Agito sees hundreds of pods filled with human bodies. Eventually, he happens on one that is different from the others - it contains a girl, and she is alive. Agito frees the girl, who introduces herself as Toola and helps him escape to the surface.

Agito and Cain are, of course, required to meet with the village leader, Yolda, who assigns them a proper punishment. Yolda also meets with Toola and finds out that she is from the old world that existed 300 years ago. Yolda tells Toola that she can stay in Neutral City as long as she is willing to obey their laws and fit in with the other citizens. While making her decision, Toola is allowed to stay in the city. Toola is also made aware of an interesting fact - there is another survivor of the past who is alive in Ragna.

Toola faces several challenges - she is confronted by Agito's friend, Minka, who is immediately jealous of Toola. Minka is dead set on the fact that she will one day marry Agito, although Agito does not seem to share the sentiment. Minka keeps Toola close, but tries to make it clear that she is to stay away from Agito. During Toola's stay, the forest tells Yolda that Toola is dangerous and is not to be trusted. The Zruids obviously feel threatened by the girl for some reason and make it clear that they do not want her making contact with the other survivor of the past. Eventually, the other survivor does come for Toola - his name is Shunack, and he is a member of the Ragna Army. Shunack reveals to Toola that he has access to a weapon called E.S.T.O.C., which can destroy the forest entirely and restore the balance of power to the humans.

Toola trusts Shunack and leaves Neutral City, despite Agito's objections. Of course, Shunack's intentions are not what he originally claims - he actually intends to use the weapon to wipe out not just the forest, but the humans as well. Toola has a choice to make - stop Shunack from destroying everything, or help him. After all, the new society is just an empty existence compared to the past.

In the end, what will become of the human race?


01 - Mori no Kioku
02 - Chouwa oto ~with reflection~
03 - Agito to Kain
04 - Doruido
05 - Toola
06 - Dai Kouzui
07 - Chuuritsu Toshi
08 - Taizai Kyoka
09 - Ragna Gun
10 - Houshi Katsudou
11 - Agito to Toola 1
12 - Agashi
13 - Kako Kara Kita Otoko
14 - Sudachi
15 - Toria City
16 - Minka no Kanashimi
17 - Kikan Shinden
18 - Kyouka Karada
19 - Agito to Toola 2
20 - Chikara no Bousou
21 - Yolda no Omoi
22 - Tsuki ga Kowareta Hi
23 - Chikyuu Ryokka Project
24 - Istolk Shidou
25 - Soukougeki
26 - Istolk wo Yamero
27 - Dai Funka ~Agito to Toola 3~
28 - Boku Tachi no Mirai no Tame ni
29 - Mori to Nin wo Tsunagu Mono
30 - Ai no Melody (Soundtrack ver.)
31 - M-10a ~ M-10b
32 - M-21a
33 - M-21b
34 - M-23

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Keiichi Sugiyama Director Keiichi Sugiyama is a Japanese storyboard artist and anime director.
Nana Shiina Writer Nana Shiina is a Japanese writer.
Naoko Kakimoto Writer Naoko Kakimoto is a Japanese writer.
Taku Iwasaki Music Taku Iwasaki is a Japanese composer known for Jazz-sounding scores.

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General Information Edit
Name: Origin: Spirits of the Past
Release Date: Sept. 24, 2006
Name: 銀色の髪のアギト
Romaji: Giniro no Kami no Agito
Release Date: Jan. 7, 2006
Rating: None
Runtime: 90 (mins)
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Aliases Gin-iro no kami no Agito
Agito the Silver-Haired
Agito of the Silvery God
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