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Organization XIII is a anime/manga concept
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The Heartless of Xehanort, though he's taken a liking to calling himself Ansem, his former teacher. He is a enemy of Sora.


Axel is a nobody, the 8th member of Organization XIII, and Roxas and Xion's best friend.


Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne, is the 9th (IX). He's a lazy character who just wants to kick back, relax, and make the water under his command do his all dirty work.


A low ranking Nobody. They often preform simple recon and courier operations.

Master Xehanort

The Main Villain of the Dark Seeker Saga of Kingdom Hearts and is the original incarnation of Xenmas and Ansem. He seeks to remake the Keyblade War.


A unique Nobody who has the powers to alter Sora's memories and those he has connections with.


Roxas is Sora's Nobody. He was created when Sora became a Heartless at Hollow Bastion. He deeply resembles Ven since he has Ven's heart.


The nobody of Isa, carrier of Xehanort's heart and member VII of Organization XIII.


The Nobody of Master Xehanort. He is the leader of Organization XIII.


The nobody of Braig and member of the Organization XIII. Like Xemnas and Saix, he has Xehanort's heart.


Number XIV of Organization XIII.

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