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This is the Organization that controls all the Nobodies that Sora and friends face. The 13 people who run the Organization are Nobodies themselves.

Organization XIII are a group of thirteen powerful Nobodies led by Xemnas and Xehanort who sought to use Xehanort's heart on 13 vessels. Nearly all the members have weak bodies, wills and trust. These inadequate members believed they needed their hearts back. To do this, the Organization desires the power of the Keyblade to defeat the Heartless so more hearts are fed to an artificial Kingdom Hearts, thus they attempt to make use of Sora in their plans.

The Members of Organization XIII

Xemnas- Xemnas is the Nobody of Xehanort who took the name Ansem. He controls Sorcerer Nobodies in battle and can wield Aerial Blades. He can also manipulate nothingness and create shields or phase through things.

Xemnas’ plan was to find Xehanort's heart by having Sora defeat Heartless which would release the hearts that they had. In The World That Never Was Xemnas appears when Ansem the Wise tries to contain Kingdom Hearts’ power in an ecoder he created. The machine fails to do its job and overloads exploding and exiling Ansem the Wise. Xemnas then uses what’s left of Kingdom Hearts’ power to fight Sora and his friends.

They manage to defeat him and it looks as though he’s gone but he separates Sora and Riku from everyone else and begins to battle them again. They manage to defeat him and he fades in Darkness. After the death of Ansem and Xemnas, Xehanort was resurrected.

Xigbar- Xigbar is known as the Freeshooter and is the Nobody of his original self Braig. Like Xemnas and Saix, he has yellow eye color due to Braig having Xehanort's heart. He controls the Sniper Nobodies and in battle uses his Gun Arrows to attack his opponent. He can manipulate space to warp himself and his bullets.

Xigbar first appeared at Hollow Bastion comparing Sora to Roxas. It’s hard to figure out it’s him because he didn’t take off his hood. He appears again when Sora and his friends visit the when he turns a dragon into a Heartless and escapes when they defeat it. The last time he appears was in The World That Never Was when he faces Sora and his friends. He calls him Roxas confusing the 2 and is defeated but doesn’t tell Sora who Roxas is. Xigbar then faded into the Darkness.

Xaldin- Xaldin is known as the Whirlwind Lancer and also The Six Lances of The Whirlwind. He is the Nobody of Dilan his original self. Xaldin uses the power of the wind to manipulate his six lances and shield himself. He can also transform into a dragon to attack. He controls the Dragoon Nobodies.

He first appears in Beast’s castle when he manipulates the Beast’s rage so he can create a powerful Nobody and Heartless from it. Xaldin’s plan fails when Sora shows up and interferes with his plans. When Xaldin was defeated he faded into the Darkness.

Vexen- Vexen is known as the Chilly Academic and is the Nobody of Even his original self. Vexen can control ice and carries a large shield that can block any frontal attack.

Vexen joins Lexaeus and Zexion so he can prevent Marluxia from overthrowing the Organization. So Vexen decides to battle Riku so he can collect enough data to make a replica of him. When the replica fails to defeat Sora Marluxia said he was going to reveal what happened to Xemnas. This was going to force Vexen to kill Sora.

After the Vexen is defeated and he gives Sora the card to in order to reveal Roxas to him. Marluxia sends Axel to kill him for this. While there Vexen was about to tell Sora why he felt like he had been to before even though he hadn’t. Sora and Vexen fight again and Vexen is once again defeated.

Before he can reveal Marluxia’s plot Axel comes and kills Vexen.

Lexaeus- Lexaeus is known as the Silent Hero. He is the Nobody of Aeleus his former self. He combines Earth Magic with his Giant Tomahawk to fight in battle.

When Lexaeus finds out Marluxia’s plans to overthrow the Organization by capturing Sora Lexaeus and Zexion decide to capture Riku and use him the same way. When it became obvious Sora might go to Marluxia Lexaeus goes to Riku and tries to get him to open the Darkness within his heart. Riku refuses and Lexaeus attacks. Riku defeats him after a tough battle.

With the last of his strength Lexaeus releases all the Darkness he has to try and consume Riku but King Mickey protects him from it.

Zexion- Zexion is known as the Cloaked Schemer. He is the Nobody of Ienzo his former self. Zexion uses the power of illusion in battle. He can create duplicates, disguise himself, and mimic weapons. He wields a lexicon in battle.

After Marluxia is killed Zexion sees Riku as unnecessary and goes to exterminate him. He leads Riku into a replica of . After Riku defeats the large heartless Zexion turns into Sora and battles Riku engulfing him in Light. A vision of Kairi causes Riku to accept both the Light and Darkness which causes Zexion to flee.

The Riku Replica is brought to Zexion by Axel and by a suggestion kills Zexion.

Sai'X- Sai’X is known as the Luna Divider. He has an X shaped scar on his face. He is the nobody of Isa. Like Xemnas and Xigbar, he has yellow eye color since Isa has Xehanort's heart. He wields a Claymore and controls the Berserker Nobodies. He draws power from the moon to turn into his berserk state.

He appears in after Sora defeats his Berserker nobodies to warn him on Axel’s plan to turn him into a Heartless. He appears again after Sora defeats the army of Heartless at Hollow Bastion. Sora wished to see Kairi but Sai’X tells Sora his role in the Organization’s plan and refused to let him see her.

Right before Kingdom Hearts was complete Xemnas told Sai’X to go kill Sora and his friends. When he is defeated before he fades into Darkness he looks at Kingdom Hearts saying he wants his heart.

Axel- Axel is known as The Flurry of Dancing Flames. He is the nobody of Lea. He wields chakram in battle and controls the element of Fire. He controls the Assassin Nobodies.

In the beginning Axel pretended to join Larxene and Marluxia with their plan to control the Organization but he only did so as a means to gain their trust. He tries to stop it by setting Namine free so she can tell Sora everything that’s going on with him. Then Axel went to Marluxia about to kill him when he used Namine as a shield to keep him at bay. Axel contemplates and decides to go through her but Sora appears suddenly and Marluxia and Namine vanish. Sora battles Axel and defeats him and Sora goes after Marluxia.

With Marluxia taken care of Axel used the replica of Riku to get rid of Zexion.

After those events Axel tries to save Roxas from but fails to do so as Roxas merged with Sora. Axel then kidnapped Kairi in order to bring Sora to him but Sai’X takes her away. Later in Hollow Bastion Axel appears and tells Sora about the Organization’s plans to use him to get Hearts for Kingdom Hearts so they can become whole. Then he apologized for letting Kairi get involved.

Axel found Sora, Donald, and Goofy in a pathway to the World That Never Was and helps them fight the Nobodies there. When there are too many to fight Axel unleashes an attack that would kill himself and the Nobodies. Before he faded into Darkness Axel admitted he wanted to see Roxas who made him feel like he had a heart. With the last of his strength he opened the entrance to The World That Never Was.

Demyx- Known as the "Melodious Nocturne," Demyx wields a sitar in battle and has control over the Dancer Nobodies. The element he controls is Water. He was sent by Xigbar to ensure that Sora stays on the path that the Organization wants in their goals. But Demyx drops this mission when he gets provoked by Sora before the Battle of 1000 Heartless into a battle where the water manipulator goes all out. However, Demyx gets fatally wounded in the battle and is defeated by Sora.

Luxord- Known as "The Gambler of Fate," Luxord has control over time and the Gambler Nobodies with his weapons being giant playing cards. A man of games and luck, Luxord enjoys challenging his opponents to games where they could potentially be gambling their lives. But this gambling can also backfire on the rhetorical Organization member. He is first seen in Port Royal leading Sora and his allies on a wild goose chase to reclaim several of Jack's coins that were stolen by Gamblers. Even after gathering the coins and defeating the Grim Reaper Heartless that was empowered by them, Sora couldn't stop Luxord from claiming the heart that was contained in the Grim Reaper.

He is later seen in The World That Never Was as he battles Sora alone whisking Sora's friends away from the area. Challenging Sora to a game of time, Luxord made use of a number of tricks and his cards to attempt to defeat the Keyblade wielder. But the Gambler of Fate winds up running out of time and is defeated by Sora.

Marluxia- Known as "The Graceful Assassin," Marluxia makes use of a scythe and his element of Flowers in battle. Marluxia was appointed control of Castle Oblivion to make use of the witch Namine to wipe Sora of his memories so the Keyblade wielder would fall under the Organization's control to be a pawn in their plans. However, Marluxia plotted to overthrow the Organization by making use of Sora to destroy the Organization's members. Namine winds up betraying Marluxia and the enraged traitor of the Organization fuses with a large angelic and machine-like Nobody in an attempt to kill Sora. Instead, Marluxia winds up being defeated in both fused forms by Sora.

Larxene- Known as "The Savage Nymph", Larxene uses eight kunai knifes in battle and has control over Lightning as her element. This merciless Organization member was sent to Castle Oblivion to experiment on memories and takes part in Marluxia's plan to manipulate Sora's memories to use him in taking over the Organization. She provoked Sora into battling his way up to Castle Oblivion making him believe that Namine was being held captive. This provoking would prove to be Larxene's undoing as Sora became enraged enough in their final battle to defeat the Savage Nymph.

Roxas- Being the Nobody of Sora and the "Key of Destiny," Roxas had control over Light as his element and the Samurai Nobodies. Because he was Sora's and Ven's Nobody, Roxas was capable of wielding the Keyblade and unlike the other Nobodies and Organization members, was capable of expressing true emotions from Ven's heart. He first joined the Organization to uncover details on his past as he was found without any knowledge of his origins. While with the group, Roxas befriended Axel and Xion. But as time wore on, Roxas grew impatient with the lack of answers uncovering his past and he left the Organization. He is captured by Riku who took on the form of Xehanort's Heartless to subdue Roxas. DiZ sends Roxas into a virtual simulation of Twilight Town where he would be kept until the time where he would need to be reunited with Sora. He deeply resembles Ventus.

Xion- A 14th member of the Organization who befriends Roxas and Axel. She is made by data from Sora.

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