Orga is a anime/manga character in the Godzilla franchise
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One of Godzilla's many adversaries who first appeared in the 1999 film Godzilla 2000.

Orga ( オルガ Oruga ) is the main antagonist in Godzilla 2000.

Before becoming Orga, the Millennian dwelt within its spaceship, awakened from its slumber at the bottom of the ocean by searchlights. When it emerged from the ship, its appearance was rather squid-like, with long tentacles and a flattened head with two glowing eyes.

Orga's appearance is that of a grotesque, hunch-backed monster with thick, rubbery grey hide. Most prominent are Orga's massive hands, which it uses to knucklewalk not unlike a gorilla. It has a short, thick, tail and a short neck. Its face has a square jaw with a prominent chin, lined with rows of serrated teeth. Some have likened Orga's appearance to Zilla.

Orga is named for "Organizer G-1," the name given to Godzilla's quick-regenerating cells in Godzilla 2000. ("Organizer G-1" was renamed "Regenerator G-1" in the US version.)


For much of the movie, the Millennian dwelled within its Spaceship, which crashed into the ocean 65 million years ago and lay dormant until it was brought to the surface by the CCI.

Upon its revival, the ship engaged Godzilla in combat, defeating him, and it set about collecting info on Godzilla. In the manga, the Millennian was a collective race of human-like entities.

Later, Godzilla fought the ship again in a rematch, and before it was destroyed, the Millennian left its vessel and used Godzilla's "Regenerator G1" cells to attempt its resurrection. The creature seemed to be successful at first, but soon found itself unable to control the power of Regenerator G1.

The Millennian's body began to mutate, morphing into a hideous, brutish creature. In its final battle with Godzilla, Orga attempted to swallow Godzilla whole, but was killed when Godzilla unleashed his nuclear pulse inside the alien's body, which beheaded the creature and blew the alien to bits.

Video games

Orga appears in the games Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, Godzilla: Save the Earth,and Godzilla: Unleashed. As an unlockable character in the first two, and the Final Boss in the story mode of the latter on easy and normal difficulty settings (Orga is replaced with SpaceGodzilla when the game is set on hard). The most powerful physical character, Orga uses brute strength to overwhelm opponents. His thick hide blunts most types of attacks, except for atomic and edged attacks. Rather slow and with a moderate weapon rating, Orga must come in close to beat down his foe. His specialty is grabbing opponents while he's running or jumping and throwing them like rag dolls.


  • Adaptation to environments by DNA assimulation
  • High jumps
  • Can control his UFO
  • Giant claws (which he can use to "knucklewalk")
  • Shoulder cannon (left side) (beam is different in videogames)
  • Can unhinge his jaw to great size, to swallow whole prey similar to his size
  • Plasma spit (videogames)
  • Super strength (videogames)
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Name: Orga
Gender: Other
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Recent Movies
Godzilla 2000

The twenty third overall Godzilla film and first in the millennium series, it is noteworthy for featuring a fan favorite Godzilla design.

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