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Oreimo is an anime series in the Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai franchise
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Twisted Sister Reviewed by Gaff on Jan. 30, 2011. Gaff has written 2 reviews. His/her last review was for Oreimo. 7 out of 7 users recommend his reviews. 4 out of 4 users found this review helpful.
My little sister always had it easy in my eyes. 
Papa, don't preach. 
Papa, don't preach. 
Where I had to excel in our parents' eyes, she could get average results. When I made small transgressions and got punished, she would get away with a nice warning. Still, she was my little sister and I couldn't help but feel some love, albeit reluctantly. She was still my little sister, I was the big brother, protect her, guide her through the pitfall that is puberty. Imagine my shock when I found a strip of pills in my sister's room. They grow up so fast... But I digress.  

Kyousuke Kousaka must have felt something similarly when he discovers his sister Kirino - a perfect student, athlete, model - is a closet otaku, a huge fan of anime. What's worse, she's an otaku with a fetish for little sisters. Of course, at first, no one else knows about it, so Kyousuke is the only one Kirino can talk to about her hobby. So, reluctantly, Kyousuke is dragged into the world of anime fandom, dodging social prejudice, his sister's contempt for him and the fan service AIC put in Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (which thankfully, can be shortened to OreImo).  

A more moe Kirino, for more civilized times.
A more moe Kirino, for more civilized times.
At its core, OreImo is a typical "coming of age" story: Kirino learns to find her place in the world, to be proud of her hobby and happiness, to appreciate her brother more. The bond between Kyousuke and Kirino becomes stronger and in the end, you feel that they have become closer to one another. They've worked out their differences, confronted some problems and have grown to respect each other. 
The biggest problem is that it never quite lets that story come to fruition. Every dramatic turn is followed by a comedic outburst, whether it is a scathing putdown on Kyousuke by Kirino, a funny (but always true) observation about otakudom, or the good old staple of physical comedy, a kick to the groin. It's not quite as knowingly self-referential as some series, doesn't go for all-out comedy, and doesn't commit to the sibling drama. It's a bottle forever spinning in place, never quite committing to kissing someone, always teasing. 
Which is a shame: The animation looks gorgeous, the times it refers to anime culture is great, the comedy when called for is genuinely funny and the drama can be touching. It's as if they threw everything into a blender and didn't mix it properly.
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