Oreimo Ep 11 Impressions

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I would've liked more Manami, she is just the cutest... But no, they just had to use her as setup for plot development. Ah well, i guess it's expected since it's very close to end of series. The cat/maid cosplay was cute too. The part where Ruri-chan presents her manga was fairly entertaining if you consider the larger ramifications. What I mean is, to a certain extent an author's work represents what the author wants to communicate, and obviously they draw their ideas from somewhere, even if they do not themselves realize it. So, should manga be censored if it is too strongly based on real-life characters? I'm leaning towards no, I guess it depends on how much character represents the real person and how much/if at all the real person is negatively effected by the character representation... Anyways here's some screenshots *diversion*:
As I said.. Manami-chan... very cute. I find I'm having weird urges to take screens of food, I don't know why, but I held back. Screenshots not too exciting, I avoided taking screens of the eroge part. But yeah, the episode was overall a setup for the ending. There was even a flashback sequence, and a brief recap of what has happened so far in the series. Pretty good episode, I demand more cuteness! (I'm probably just restless because I should be studying for an exam right now, but eh)
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