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I forgot Fridays were Fetish Fridays, but I ran out of ideas for fetishes that aren't male dominated. I was going for fetishes like Megane and Uniforms that appeals to both genders. I'm a microbiology majored nutjob who loves socialogical and cultural things in addition to science.

I blame Daniel Newton and Dream for inspiring me to do this blog edition for Oriemo. My last family blog was Family Time with Fairy Tail. I don't remember if I did one on Beelzebub or Sket Dance.

1. Oreimo

Kyosuke Kosaka, a normal 17-year-old high school student living in Chiba, has not gotten along with his younger sister Kirino in years. For longer than he can remember, Kirino has ignored his comings and goings and looked at him with spurning eyes. It seemed as if the relationship between Kyōsuke and his sister, now fourteen, would continue this way forever. One day however, Kyosuke finds a DVD case of a magical girl anime which had fallen in his house's entrance way.

For those who are new to Oreimo, I won't spoiled you. I'm just going to wing this blog and tell you about my awkward experiences of watching this show with my little sister (see the Spring 2013 Experiences: Trying out New Anime and Manga). Yeah, I don't have a lot of friends outside of Anime Vice to watch anime. Typically, I watch shows with my siblings that are family friendly. For shows that are too adult, I watch them alone in the kitchen at night. My little sister got curious about me laughing loud at home. She saw me watching this show and wanted to watch it with me. I told her no. It was inappropriate. She begged me, and I couldn't say no to her after I looked at the reviews to see if it had extreme fan service. I just don't like watching shows that have too much T & A fan service with a girl especially my sis. That makes things really awkward.

When I took Daniel's recommendation, I was prepared to hate that damn creepy show. First episode was really funny. I thought things were serious between Kyousuke (our male protagonist) and his little sister, Kirino. I told folks when I recommended this show, it was about a big brother getting her little sister to open up about her creepy hobbies and getting folks to accept her for who she is. Then, Oriemo 2 hits. Things became a harem. I should have expected that. The ending of Oreimo 2 was pretty ambiguous. I preferred it that way. I won't say anything because of spoilers especially in Oreimo 2's true route. Things got unreal.

To get on the family topic:

This show is somewhat risque to watch with family especially with your brother or your sister. It explores a taboo subject, incest. I thought I loved this show, but I ended up hating it. My little sister has mixed feelings about this show, too. She hated Kirino, and she is a big Ayase fan. I'm a Kuroneko fan if you guys and gals were wondering.

My recommendation is that you watched with older family members who can handle it. I can't imagine watching it with a five year old brother or sister. They will ask awkward questions:

Big bro, is it okay for siblings to do that sort of thing?

Oreimo is my most awkward anime series to watch with my family or anyone. Thank you for reading. I had to rush this since on the Mysterious Girlfriend X Discussion, Daniel and Dream's comments made me recap my experiences. Plus, sickVisionz, Acura, and I are tallying up Screened's wiki polls at the same time.

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Wow, what was I doing? God damn it, you guys and gals can call me crazy. Sometimes I wonder if I know the cultural norms in America.

Yeah, I watched Oreimo with my little sister, and I'm proud of it. I need some alcohol, but my roommate locked it from me. He can't trust me since I do stupid things like almost kissing his girlfriend that New Years Eve. I don't remember that at all, but I did remember getting slapped hard by her. Sigh, I'm such a loser. My roommate forgive me since I get drunk easily.

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