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Ayase Aragaki

Ayase is Kirino's best friend and fellow model, she has a strong dislike of Kirino's hobby.

Daisuke Kousaka

The strict father of Kirino and Kyōsuke.

Kirino Kousaka

Kirino is a popular girl with a secret obsession with "little sister" eroge games and anime.

Kyousuke Kousaka

After not getting on well with his younger sister for years, she reveals to him that she is secretly an otaku. He decides to be a supportive older brother and starts to find out things he never knew about his sister.

Manami Tamura

Manami is Kyousuke's childhood friend. She is described as very normal/plain. She has a crush on Kyousuke.

Ruri Gokou

Ruri is one of Kirino's Otaku friends, she likes to cosplay.

Saori Makishima

Saori is the moderator for the 'Otaku Girls Unite' Community.

Tamaki Gokou

Tamaki Gokou is Kuroneko's youngest sister in Oreimo.

Yoshino Kousaka

Kirino and Kyōsuke's mother, she isn't as strict as her husband.

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