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The Order of Shidou is a group of students that were survivors of Fujimi High School that are led by their teacher Koichi Shidou to think they can rule the new world.


Highschool of the Dead Vol. 1 JPN (2007)
Highschool of the Dead Vol. 1 JPN (2007)

The Order of Shidou are a cult from the Highschool of the Dead that was written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shouji Sato. The series first began serialization in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age magazine in July 2006. They are exclusively made up of students and a teacher from Fujimi High School that escaped the outbreak of Them (the title given to the zombies) together.

The cult first came together in Hightschool of the Dead Volume 1 CH. 3 "Democracy Under the Dead", and the first anime appearance was in Highschool of the Dead - Episode 3 "Democracy Under the Dead".

They have never officially named their sect. The title comes from the description of Saya Takagi as she and her friends witnessed Koichi Shido trying to seduce other students into his order. They likened it to the birth of a new religion.


Koichi Shidou (Leader)

Koichi Shidou
Koichi Shidou

Koichi Shidou is the leader of this sect. he's the son of a corrupt city official from Tokonosu Prefecture who watched his father put on a show for the public but also drove his mother to suicide. He worked as a teacher of Fujimi High School's Class 3-A. When his father became under police investigation, he had Koichi manipulate that officer's daughter's grade to force her to repeat that grade. This was all in an attempt to humiliate that officer. He took pleasure in allowing bullies to torment other students. When the outbreak hit the school, he survived with a group of students and only escaped with a minibus that was being used by another group. Shido attempted to take control of the entire group, but only a few stayed behind to follow him.

For those who stayed under him, he used his charm to play the role of the tainted human. Unlike many other sects, he didn't try and make himself a prophet or god. He made himself seem sympathetic to the students. He raised them to the position of angels who would lead the new world, but that he was too stained as an adult. He claims that by raising them that he maybe possibly be cleansed of his own sin. He ruled them be the promises of sex and pleasure, and cast anyone who refused to follow out to die.

Miku Yuuki

Miku Yuuki
Miku Yuuki

Miku Yuuki is one of the followers of The Order of Shidou. As a student, she was considered one of the hottest grls in school and many rumors surrounded her that she was easy. Shido uses her sexuality as a tool to seduce others into his orders and follows him without question.



Kurokami is a timid and cowardly boy who follows Shido. Shido uses Kurokami to infiltrate the Takagi Estate by slipping in first and calling him about the compound and those within.



Tsunoda is a student among Shido's cult and part of his own original class. He was the first to try and stage a revolt among the original group out of either a personal dislike of Takashi Komuro or just basic emotional frustration. Shido took this opportunity to claim this as an example of why they needed a leader. He is later seen as the boy that Miku pairs off with for the orgies Shido arranges.



Yamada was a member of the class that followed Shido to have second thoughts and wanted to try and find his family. For refusing to follow the will of Shidou, he was thrown out and left to die by the swarm of Them. He was used as the example of what would happen to any that didn't follow the direction he had set for them.

Other Members

Shido's sect is filled with other students who have not been named. Two are from his original group, and one girl is from survivors that were originally with Team Takashi.

Major Events

Democracy Under the Dead

The Order of Shido is born
The Order of Shido is born

Shido's group was first formed by members of his class that survived the outbreak of Them on Fujimi High School. They witnessed the group of Team Takashi and other student running to use the school's minibus and called out for them to wait to take them along. One student named Tsunoda fell and broke his ankle on the run to the bus. When he asked Shido for help, he only kicked the boy in the face and left him to die. He said that the weak didn't deserve to live in the new world. Once they had broken through the gates, Shido attempted to figure out who their leader was. When he learned they had no leader, he saw the power vacuum that he could take advantage of. The frustrated Maruyama lashed out against Takashi for no particular reason, and he was struck in the gut by Rei Miyamoto before it could lead to any violence. It was then that Shido used this as an example as to why a leader was needed. He gave a grand little speech and several students were so enthralled with him that they started clapping. He took this to mean that by a popular vote he would be the leader. Rei refused to follow him and ran off the bus, Takashi soon after her. He tried to get her to ride back on until they were at least further into town, but they wouldn't have a chance. A run away bus crashed between them and the mini bus, blocking their path. Shizuka Marikaway was the driver and followed the directions that Takashi had called out for their rendezvous.

Unable to cross the bridge, due to police intervention, Shido took this opportunity to continue his seduction of the students to his will. When he asked if Takashi's members would join him, they refused. Shido was willing to let the students leave, but insisted that Shizuka not be allowed to leave since she's a doctor, but possible for a more lecherous motive. His attempt to keep her were foiled when Kohta Hirano fired his nail gun across Shido's face as a warning shot. He covered the rest of Team Takashi's escape from the bus and left.

Shido used their absence to cement his power and control over the students still in his newly formed sect. He gave them sermons about how their youth means they aren't as tainted by the world as the adults are. They could be a angels, and became emotional over the idea that he could be cleansed of his sin by aiding them in obtaing greatness to rise up and lead the new world. He even went as far as to organize orgies to feed the lust of his followers, and had a member sneak into the Takagi Estate, that was filled with numbers of survivors. His goal was to most likely induct more unsatisfied people into his order.

Dead Storm Rising

When a young boy named Yamada spoke out that he wanted to see his family, Shido had him ejected and he was left to die despite pleading to come back in. As they approached the Takagi Esate blockades, Shido had his loyal member Miku ask to let them in while provocatively showing off her breasts and get the better of their guards. They were allowed in by one of the commanders of the estate's leaders, but Shido was confronted by Rei Miyamoto, who was also staying there. She took her rifle and forced the bayonet into his face, wanting to kill him. The tension was only broken when the leader of the estate, Souichiro Takagi, walked out. He knew Shido's father and told Rei to shoot him if she wanted. She relented and said he wasn't worth killing. Souichiro ejected Shido and all those he said were tainted by his evil.

While Shido and his followers were driving away an EMP blast struck and knocked out the power of the minivan. They were unable to stop as they collided with the cement barricade that was being constructed. The crash toppled the bus and drew the attention of Them. Shido, Miku and an unknown amount of his other followers were able to escape.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Order of Shidou
Japanese Name: 崇拝の紫藤
Romaji Name: suhai no shidō
Aliases Koichi Shidou's Cult
Order of Koichi Shido
Cult of Koichi Shido
1st manga book: Highschool of the Dead #1
1st anime episode: Highschool of the Dead #3
1st anime movie:
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