Opus 8: Eternity Love

Opus 8: Eternity Love is an anime episode of Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% that was released on 08/20/2011

Eternity Love

The school's trip to a private tropical island is underway. The pressure is on for some students in idol and composing courses to pick a partner to perform their graduating song already! Students are encouraged to mingle with others and find who's right for them. Nanami is still thinking about what happened with Ichinose, and is having trouble picking a partner.

Plot Summary

The school's trip to Mr. Saotome's private tropical island is underway. For some, the pressure to find graduating partners is on. The students are staying in cabins by the beach. Shibuya already has her partner, but Nanami is having a hard time deciding who she wants to partner with. Nanami is still thinking about what happened with Ichinose the other day. Ren, despite his many female followers, is also having a hard time deciding on a partner. Masato, Shou and Natsuki also haven't chosen their partners yet.
Ittoki catches Nanami walking on the beach. Ittoki, somewhat embarrassed, says that he loves Nanami's music. He says he wants to sing her song and will put her down as his desired partner. Haruka does not know what who to choose and has trouble sleeping that night. 
That night Haruka sees the black cat Kuppuru, the cat runs away and she follows it into the forest. She finds an old ruin and a young man named Cecile. Cecile claims to be the prince of Agnapolis. Cecile sings her a song and puts on some sort of light show for her. Cecile explains that long ago his clan washed up ashore on the island. Haruka turns out to have been dreaming about Kuppuru and Cecile. 
It is now early morning and Haruka tries to talk to Ichinose who she sees on the beach alone. They both try to apologize too each other for the way they behaved to each other since their first meeting. Haruka restates that Haruka is only here because of Ichinose's songs, but not because of the name Ichinose or Hayato. 
Ichinose shares a story about when he was injured and hospitalized. He was reading in bed, and heard a young singing Amazing Grace. Ichinose went out and started singing with him. Ichinose explains that that was the first time a song shook his soul. Ichinose had proceeded to sing with the other children as well. After shedding some tears, Ichinose vows to Haruka that he will keep singing, and start from the beginning again. 
The sun is up now and Haruka heads back to the cabin. On the way she runs into Ren, who approached her and says he wants to be her partner. Haruka doesn't know what to say.

Characters & Voice Actors

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