Opus 7: Feeling Heart

Opus 7: Feeling Heart is an anime episode of Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% that was released on 08/13/2011

Feeling Heart

Haruka is getting more confident in her piano playing and composing skills. However, Ichinose is still having a hard time singing his songs with "heart". As a result he is demoted from S class. Haruka tries her best to comfort Ichinose. Also the annual Summer Camp trip is nearing.

Plot Summary

Haruka is finally able to play a piano solo for the rest of her class. She also scored the highest on a recent song-writing test. Ringo loves the progress that Haruka is showing with each new song. Her classmates are equally impressed and excited. Haruka isn't sure how to feel about all this new praise, she thinks about her grandmother. 
Looking out the window, she sees Ichinose-san walking by, she remembers what happened at the concert from last episode. Haruka tries to talk to Ichinose about how she realized Ichinose and Hayato were the same person. Haruka expresses her concerns for him. But Ichinose asks her not to bring it up again. Haruka is puzzled as to why Hayato, a popular idol, would bother going to school posing as his own twin brother. 
After a singing test, Ichinose is berated again by Hyuuga-sensei. Hyuuga says how Ichinose still hasn't changed since his 3 months of attending this school. Hyuuga repeats that Ichinose's songs lack heart. Hyuuga then kicks Ichinose out of S class. He is now in the normal class with Haruka, Shibuya and Otoya.
Ichinose is picked up with his manager. His manager tells him about all the meetings that he went too and new opportunities that have risen for Ichinose's career. Ichinose had requested to be able to do another concert. His manager tells him that this will not happen. Everyone he has spoken to feels that Ichinose is better suited to dramas and television. Also, Ichinose will not be able to release his new song. Ichinose is taken aback by this. When Haruka hears that Ichinose has been demoted, she is sure that Ichinose's "heart"-less performances were because Ichinose was hurt somehow. 
Ichinose returns to Saotome late at night, he finds a letter summoning him to the Principal's office in his mailbox. Mr. Saotome tells Ichinose, at the rate this is going, everything that has been planned and promised will have to be cancelled. 
Again, Haruka sees Ichinose walking outside in the rain, she tries to catch up to him. Ichinose is standing by the side of the water where Haruka and him first met. He has a flashback of little children asking him to sing. As the rain stops, Ichinose sings a song out loud, it has a more melancholic tone than usual. When Haruka finds him, she is amazed that the song he is singing is the one that saved her on that day. 
Haruka asks why he came to school. He answers, "Because I wanted to sing." Haruka tries to relate to him saying she suddenly couldn't play piano, like how Ichinose couldn't sing, like her heart froze or something. Ichinose brushes her off and says it's getting annoying having her talk to him like this. 
On a lighter note, the annual Summer Camp trip is nearing. This year's destination is a southern island resort. Everyone is ecstatic, but Ringo warns them that right after the trip, they will have to pick their partners to compose and perform their graduating piece. The Summer Camp is a great chance for those who have not chosen their partners yet. Ringo drops another friendly reminder that falling in love is forbidden.

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