Opus 6: Shout Out from Orion

Opus 6: Shout Out from Orion is an anime episode of Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% that was released on 08/06/2011

Opus 6: Shout Out from Orion

Nanami heads to a Hayato concert! Everyone seems to be worried about her getting lost. She runs into Natsuki and Shou who also happen to be attending the concert, but for different reasons. Natsuki has a crazy split personality and Hayato seems to have some problems of his own.

Plot Summary

Nanami is going to a Hayato concert and she is excited! The others seem to be worried about her getting lost and how much homework they all have. Nanami reassures everyone that she's smarter than she looks and heads off. Nanami literally bumps into Tokiya in the hall. Tokiya ends up giving Nanami the same advice to her, make sure not to get lost over there. 
When she arrives in the city among the sea of people and complex subway system, Nanami does get lost. But she sees what looks like Natsuki sitting on a bench writing without his glasses. She approaches her, but he doesn't recognize her. Natsuki almost beats up a guy who littered, until Shou comes out of nowhere and puts Natsuki's glasses on him. Natsuki turns back to his normal upbeat self. 
As Shou, Natsuki and Nanami sit down for sundaes, Shou explains what just happened. Shou isn't sure what brought it on, but when Natsuki's glasses are removed he turns into Satsuki. Satsuki has an amazing talent for composing but also has a short temper and has hospitalized 50 000 people who ticked him off. Natsuki starts hitting on Nanami. After finishing their sundaes, they go to the local amusement park where the Hayato concert is being held. Natsuki only came because he is a huge fan of Piyo (a yellow chicken character) who will be appearing after the concert. 
Before the concert we see Hayato being spoken to by what looks to be his manager. The manager says to take it easy on the non-singing stuff and not do more than he can handle. During the performance Nanami notices something weird about Hayato's singing, it's not like it used to be. At the end of the song the microphone slips from his hand. Unfortunately the show does not go on. 
Among the commotion, Natsuki is bumped into and his glasses fall again turning him into Satsuki. It starts raining and a thunder strike scares away most of the female audience. Satsuki shouts at Hayato who is still standing on stage, "why are your songs so insincere?" Satsuki demands that Hayato listen to his song. Hayato allows Satsuki to perform. 
Otoya, Ren and Masato tune into the concert from their dorms just because of this strange turn of events. Just when Nanami is about to sneak up on Satsuki and put the glasses on him, Satsuki turns around and pulls Nanami closer. When asked whether she is afraid she replies, "No, you're Natsuki you wouldn't do anything." Shou chan is able to sneak up behind him and put the Piyo hat on him, turning him back to Natsuki. 
Just as they are heading off, Nanami trips on a bundle of cables and Hayato catches her before she falls on the stage. Nanami then notices that Hayato has bandages around one of his ankles. She figures out that it is actually Tokiya Ichinose, she wonders what the meaning of this could be.

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