Opus 3: Knocking on the Mind

Opus 3: Knocking on the Mind is an anime episode of Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% that was released on 07/16/2011

Plot Summary

The results of the recording session are posted. Haruka is still being teased about her not being able to play piano on that day. Haruka is asked to play piano again, but her hands freeze up. Ittoki and the others try to cheer her up. Haruka tries to remember why she started to play piano.

Detailed Summary

The results of the recording session are posted, Haruka passes! Those that didn’t pass are to do a retake next week. Haruka, still not that confident in her composing abilities, decides to keep trying. Tokiya is not satisfied with his low rating, and tries to talk to Mr. Hyuuga, his teacher, about it. Mr. Hyouga said even though Tokiya sang extremely well, he lacked heart. At this rate he will lose his place in S class. Tokiya walks by Haruka, she tries to apologize to him. Tokiya wonders out loud if she is just trying to get in his good books so she can meet his brother Hayato. Haruka says it’s not like that, Tokiya quickly says sorry and walks away.

The class is still suspicious about Haruka, remembering that she was not able to read sheet music. Shibuya and Ittoki try to comfort her. Ringo tries to get Haruka to play piano in class again. Haruka, listening to other’s muttering rumors about her, has a mental breakdown and runs out of class. Ittoki tries telling Ringo what is happening after class. Ringo laughs it off and says, this isn’t an ordinary school, if you cannot bounce back after something then you are going to get kicked out. Masato overhears this conversation.

Haruka is approached by the same black cat that she saw on the night she met Tokiya. She names it Kupuru, and decides to go get cat food for it. At the pet store she sees Masato there. Masato says it must be tough for her. Haruka condemns herself for being too naïve and runs off.

As Haruka tries to practice piano later, for some reason her fingers freeze up, and Shibuya comes to find her since she was worried. Ittoki plans on baking a cake, with the help of Shou and Natsuki, to give to Haruka. Ittoki tells his plans to his roommate, Tokiya, and tries to explain what he likes about her. It turns out none of them actually know how to cook or bake.

The next day Haruka tries practicing piano again. Her fingers freeze up again, and this time Masato walks in on her. It seems Masato had a similar childhood to Haruka. He learned piano from his old butler, while his strict father scared him sometimes. Haruka tries remembering what it was like when she first started playing piano for fun, one of her first songs was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Masato then performs a song for Haruka, a song that he wrote after he met her. He then helps her practice some more and the next day Haruka performs for Ringo and the rest of the class. Haruka thanks him after ward. Masato thanks her also. Masato remembers on the day of the entrance exam seeing Haruka teaching children in the park how to sing. This inspired him.

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