Opus 2: Brand New Melody

Opus 2: Brand New Melody is an anime episode of Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% that was released on 07/09/2011

Plot Summary

The students either take an idol course or a musical composition course. At the end of the term they will have to pick a partner who is taking the opposite course as them. They will work on a song together and have it performed and judged. The student taking the idol course writes the lyrics, the other taking musical composition writes the music. Haruka's homeroom teacher then gives them a practice run by pairing them up randomly and having them write a song.

Detailed Summary

The Principal steps in and explains that the male student that Haruka mistook for Hayato is Hayato's identical twin brother named Tokiya Ichinose. Haruka goes back to her room and retells the story to Shibuya. Shibuya comments that Haruka doesn't seem like the type to make a move.

The next day in class Ringo asks the class who is taking the idol course and who is taking the musical composition course. It seems the class is split half and half, which is good because at the end of first term they will have to pair up and do a performance. Also the partner does not have to be restricted to someone in your class, it can be any student in the school. Ringo warns that as they are searching for their perfect partner, there is a rule that there must be no romance. Any student found dating will be expelled.

Ringo wants to test their abilities so pairs them up randomly, the idols writing the lyrics, musical composition writing the music. Each pair will have a recording session to assess their talents. Haruka is paired with Otoya. Ringo then says they will listen to last year's best performance, and Haruka will play the accompaniment on piano. Haruka hesitates, she cannot read sheet music, and her classmates start wondering about how she got in. Haruka reveals she was taught piano by her grandmother. Otoya tries to help her out, urging her to play.

After class it starts raining. Haruka is alone sitting outside on a bench. She is comforted by Otoya. They agree to try their best even though neither of them have experience writing lyrics or music. Haruka spends the night studying musical composition in the library. Otoya is roomed with Tokiya, as Otoya has trouble writing lyrics he asks an annoyed Tokiya for help. Otoya zones out as Tokiya goes on a monologue, he then goes to ask the others for advice instead.

Haruka continues studying the next day and learns to read music, but still doesn't know what to compose. She remembers that as a child she had once written a song for her grandmother. She walks out to the pond and hums a tune to herself. Otoya compliments her and says she has inspired some lyrics into him. He then sings the lyrics for her. Over the next few days they have success working on their song together.

Characters & Voice Actors

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