Opus 13: Magic Love 1000%

Opus 13: Magic Love 1000% is an anime episode of Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% that was released on 09/24/2011

Plot Summary

Shining doesn't want Nanami to compose any songs for STARISH. However, all the guys only want to sing songs written by Nanami. Shining says that real pros sing whatever songs they need to regardless of who it is written by, and to Nanami, in order to survive you need to be essential and Nanami isn't essential to STARISH's success.

The guys, Nanami and Shibuya lament Shining's decision. They all realize that if it wasn't for Nanami's song, they wouldn't have sung together in the first place. Nanami tries to put on a strong face, and urge everyone to focus on making their debuts and not throw away this opportunity because of something so trivial. Nanami reassures everyone that she will work harder for Shining's approval, but they shouldn't worry about her.

The next day, the guys are discussing what has happened, and can't bring themselves to rehearse since they are all so frustrated. They figure out that this was probably Shining's twisted plan all along to get them all together with Tokiya. Then Shibuya runs in and tells them something has happened to Nanami.

Nanami has left the Academy to visit her grandma in the countryside. Her grandma is pleasantly surprised to see her. She asks if Nanami would play her one of her songs that she has written, the ones she has been talking about in her letters for those boys. Nanami says maybe some day. Nanami says that she might just stay and not return to the Academy.

Her grandma remembers how Nanami as a child was able to remember songs perfectly after hearing them once, and was able to hum different harmonies in quartets. She considered sending her to music school, but thought Nanami's fragile health was an issue. Then one day Nanami asked to go to that school. Her grandma comforts Nanami as Nanami expresses how she feels and cries.

Nanami is more positive now, and decides to head back to the academy, just as she is about to leave she runs into the guys and they're singing their song for her. Nanami is both happy, but very apologetic to everyone. The guys reassert that they only want to sing Nanami's songs, and Nanami says she won't give up.

Then Shining comes out of nowhere. It turns out he was testing Nanami, and she passed! Which means Nanami will be composing for STARISH, everyone is overjoyed.

STARISH makes its concert debut performing the song "Magic Love 1000%" (the ending song).

Characters & Voice Actors

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