Opus 12: The Heart of a Lost Child

Opus 12: The Heart of a Lost Child is an anime episode of Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% that was released on 09/17/2011

Plot Summary

Nanami has a dream about Tokiya. Tokiya is still in the cab early the next morning. He hears the radio talk about the retirement of Hayato, or rather, the transfer of Hayato to the Saotome agency. Shibuya and Nanami also see this news on the news in the morning. The school is soon abuzz with the news. Shining talks with Ryuuya and Ringo, and reassures them that even though he did not anticipate the cat getting out of the bag so soon, he has a plan. Shining explains that it was indeed his idea to accept Tokiya and give him a second debut.

The guys are shocked, puzzled and angry when they find out the truth about Tokiya. They are particularly puzzled why Tokiya would want a second debut. Shou and Natsuki are talking that night. Natsuki begins to understand that Nanami was always working her hardest for everyone.

That night, Nanami is led by a white dove to see Tokiya coming out of the cab. Nanami runs up to her and is glad to see him again. Tokiya apologizes for making her worry about him. Tokiya said he came back to see everyone. Nanami is sure that everyone will understand. Then, the guys and Tomochika come out to confront Tokiya. Shou expresses his anger about how hard each of them are trying to make their debut, and Tokiya is in a way mocking them by posing as an aspiring idol. Tokiya apologizes.

Tokiya explains that his agency wasn't pushing his singing, and so he wanted to start fresh. Tokiya says that Nanami's lyrics saved him. Tokiya says that his feelings are true and begs for them to let him sing with them. Ren asks whether they can trust him ever again. Tokiya says that he will never meet another group of guys like them ever again, saying Nanami's lyrics and ideas changed him, he understands now and wants to sing with them. Ultimately they forgive Tokiya.

Then, Shining who has cameras all over campus sees this and makes his announcement for all the campus and on national TV that he presents a new idol group, STARISH, featuring the six guys, Otoya, Shou, Natsuki, Tokiya, Ren and Masato. Shining explains that they all pass the graduation audition, that he loved their song the first time he heard them. Everyone seems exciting, Nanami says she will keep writing great songs! However, Shining says Nanami won't be a part of their group. Shining says the songs will be written by the "God of composers," and challenges Nanami to write a song that surpasses the God of composers.

Characters & Voice Actors

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