Opus 11: Map of the Future

Opus 11: Map of the Future is an anime episode of Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% that was released on 09/10/2011

Plot Summary

Tokiya meets up with his manager late at night. Tokiya seems stressed as his manager explains his plans, which include a last minute autograph signing. Tokiya doesn't like this because he remembers telling him that he had plans. At school, Nanami and the guys continue to keep practicing their song together, without Tokiya. Everyone except Nanami is under the impression that Tokiya has a part time job, and they start wondering what part time job Tokiya could possibly have. 
Just then Tokiya arrives and Ren teases him about his "part time job". Nanami then shows everyone that she wrote a new song for them. The 7 of them begin practicing it right away. Everyone loves it, and Nanami loves hearing everyone sing. Everyone is optimistic that they will ace the graduation and make their debuts! However the strain on Tokiya is taking its toll as Tokiya starts feeling dizzy as they are all talking. 
As they break for the day, Nanami stays behind to see if Tokiya is alright. Nanami finds that Tokiya has a fever and asks that Tokiya doesn't overwork himself. Tokiya reassures Nanami that he is alright and he chose this himself. At a concert rehearsal Tokiya collapses in front of his manager. Tokiya wakes up in his room, he checks his cell phone to see that Nanami has called him numerous times. Tokiya tries calling her, but Nanami is busy practicing with the others and left her phone on a chair. 
Tokiya is visited by the president who tell him that he has found out about Tokiya being a student at Saotome Academy. As the president gets increasingly mad, Tokiya keeps saying how much he needs to sing. The president has a heart attack and Tokiya calls the ambulance. The president, lying in bed, says the doctor has recommended surgery. He apologizes to Tokiya for yelling at him earlier. The president explains that Tokiya is like a son to him, and he doesn't want to lose him. Tokiya says that from now on he will no longer be Hayato, just Tokiya Ichinose. 
Tokiya catches a cab to Saotome Academy and tries to call Otoya, but his phone battery runs out. Natsuki tells Shou that he is beginning to think that Nanami is hiding something. Unfortunately Tokiya gets caught in a terrible traffic jam.

Characters & Voice Actors

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