Opus 10: Come On, Let's Sing!

Opus 10: Come On, Let's Sing! is an anime episode of Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% that was released on 09/03/2011

Come On, Let's Sing!

Nanami still hasn't chosen her partner. Instead she writes a song which is meant for 6 people to sing. She intends for her and the 6 boys to perform the song together as a group. All of the boys are grateful for everything that Nanami has done for them, and Nanami is also very grateful to each of them for all the help they gave her. Nanami wants to make everyone happy.

Plot Summary

Nanami is getting attention for being number one in the composition course, and how 6 people signed up to be her partner. Nanami can't seem to decide on one partner since all of them have been there for her at some point. Ringo catches her and asks her if anything is wrong. Ringo insists that Nanami must stand up to this trial and not back down. Ringo reminds Nanami that if she does not submit her form, she and all 6 of the boys will fail. 
Nanami gives letters to the 6 boys and tells them all to meet her at the same place, the piano room. Nanami hasn't arrived yet though, and the boys discuss for a short period time who will be Nanami's partner. Nanami hurries in carrying a stack of papers. It is actually a song she wrote to be performed by 6 people. Nanami thanks them all for choosing her and for all they did for her, but is sorry for not being able to make her own decision. Nanami says that if they all sing together, hopefully a great harmony will be created. 
Otoya and Shou seem on board with the idea. Masato and Natsuki say they need to think about it first. But Ren and Ichinose don't want to sing together at all. Ren and Ichinose both agree that everyone one of them wanted to be the one chosen by Nanami. 
Shining bursts into the room along with Ringo. Ringo was concerned about Nanami so he told the headmaster about the situation. Unfortunately Shining cannot allow them to audition as a group, saying it's just selfish of Nanami to want so many partners. 
Nanami accepts that she was selfish, but still can't make a decision. In the piano room Ittoki sees Nanami, he returns the sheet music to Nanami, Ittoki took the liberty of writing lyrics for Nanami's song. Nanami is touched by this gesture. Then Shou and Natsuki come in as well, saying that they both want to sing Nanami's song. All the boys except Ichinose and Ren, are now on board with Nanami's idea. Ren has a talk with Ichinose and they come around to the idea of singing as a group.
Nanami and the 4 boys see the headmaster before he takes off on his private helicopter. They beg him to hear their song. The song they sing is actually the ending song. Shining is blown away by their performance. "Serious Love 1000%" is what Shining arbitrarily titles the song, he says he loves it so much he wants to hear it over and over again. Shining then takes off in his helicopter. Everyone is super excited to be able to perform together for the graduation audition.

Characters & Voice Actors

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