Opus 1: Seven Colored Compass

Opus 1: Seven Colored Compass is an anime episode of Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% that was released on 07/02/2011

Plot Summary

This bishounen anime is about a girl named Nanami Haruka who aspires to be a songwriter who finds herself at a school full of aspiring male idols. Haruka needs to write the entrance exam to be accepted in a school full of aspiring idols, both male and female. Ultimately she writes the exam and passes. She attends the school's welcoming ceremony and meets many new people including, the eccentric principal, her classmates, a male upper year and her roommate. Haruka's role model is a famous male idol named Hayato, whom she one day wants to write songs for.

Detailed Summary

Haruka is running late to write an entrance exam at Saotome Academy, a famous boarding school that specializes in the performing arts. When she arrives at the school the guards do not allow her to pass. Then a young man arrives in a limo and is able to persuade the guards to let her write the exam. Haruka is very grateful for this and runs into him later during lunch.

After writing the exam, the students that pass attend the school's welcoming ceremony. The eccentric principal Shining Saotome greets them with special effects as he flies over the students (he is attached to a line) and wishes them the best for the school year.

The students are then taken to their own classrooms, where they meet both their classmates and their homeroom teacher. Haruka's teacher, Ringo Tsukimiya, who has flowing pink hair, turns out to be a guy. She makes other friends as well in class and during lunchtime.

At night Haruka and her roommate Shibuya go to their room and start unpacking their stuff. Haruka explains her celebrity crush on the famous male idol Hayato. A rabbit somehow finds its way into their room and steals one of Haruka's handkerchiefs. Haruka follows the rabbit and runs into what looks like Hayato. She is embarrassed, and even more embarrassed when the Hayato look-alike responds to her by saying, "I am not that lowlife Hayato, I am Tokiya Ichinose.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Mamoru Miyano Music Mamoru Miyano is a Japanese Seiyuu, actor and singer affiliated to Himawari Theatre Grou
Kishou Taniyama Music A Japanese Seiyuu


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