Ootake is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Ootake is an old friend of fellow chef Komatsu and was the owner of the "Fairy Tail Castle" restaurant before his abduction by the Gourmet Corps. He is currently a combo with one of the Gourmet Corps strongest members, Starjun.


Ootake grew up in an orphanage called Fairy Tale Castle when he was younger. After leaving the orphanage, Ootake trained to become a chef and befriended two of his fellow trainee chefs, Nakaume and Komatsu. Together they shared similar views on food and what they wanted to do as chefs, Ootake sought to make meals that would make everyone who ate them say the words “delicious”. But his mentality for success made him think of this as just a stepping stone to greater heights, a mentality that would plague him for years to come. Having finally finished his training, he opened his own restaurant which unfortunately received a bad review for a critic.

The children in the orphanage Ootake grew up in, looked up to him as a role model, which he was oblivious to. They even began keeping track of any media coverage he received, and drawing pictures of them to hang on their wall. Despite receiving numerous letters from them, he was unable to read them due to other commitments, and when a teacher at the orphanage asked if they could use Ootakes name to make the children happy with the idea that he had prepared the meals they were giving them, asking if he could visit them sometime. Ootake never found the time to visit the orphanage and the children but he was fine with them saying that the meals were cooked by him.

Ootake later discovered that the orphanage becomes so poor that they could only afford cheap ingredients, and that they were improperly detoxified, leaving them very ill and eventually killing everyone in the orphanage. Ootake went to pay his respects and was deeply moved and saddened when he saw the admiration they had for him through their drawings and letters to him, even noticing the negative review he had received, pinned to the wall with pride. At that moment Ootake swore to strive for greatness and that he would create an orphanage someday were there would be meals of incredible ingredients, such as GOD, on the menu round the clock. He founded his new restaurant, Fairy Tale Castle, named after his old orphanage, based on this idea. And was willing to bribe critics and belittle customers to see his dream become reality.


Ootake is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the minor antagonists in Toriko.

Character Evolution


Ootake was of a similar height to his friends Nakaume and Komatsu, but instead had short orange coloured hair and brown eyes. His attire at this point also consisted of a simple white dress suit.

After his abduction by the Gourmet Corps, his appearance changed greatly. Due to the infusion of Gourmet Cells in his body, he became taller, more muscular, and gained pronounced veins on his face which later disappear due to him adapting to the cells. The Gourmet Cells also changed his hair colour to a light brown and altered the pigment of his iris to more of an amber colour. His attire after joining them also changes to a simple white chef’s outfit adorned with a white cape.


Ootake’s seemingly kind personality when he was younger, such as his passion for food and his likeminded mentality that he shared with his friends Nakaume and Komatsu was changed sometime into his adulthood and is now plagued by his constant drive for fame and recognition. He has a materialistic mind set caring more about the money he makes rather than the quality of the food he produces, and despite the high quality of his food, he still feels the need to bribe critics and reports in order to give him good reviews and media coverage. He also has a blatant disrespect for his customers.

In spite of all this he is still on somewhat friendly terms with Komatsu, and for some reason has blocked out a good portion of his own past such as his friendship with Nakaume. His demeanour did not change much after his abduction and he still appears relatively the same as he did prior to the abduction.

Major Story Arcs

Shining Gourami Arc

Having recently ranked in on the IGO Chef Ranking at 99th place, Komatsu went to meet with Ootake at his restaurant Fairy Tale Castle. While Komatsu is there, Ootake begins to bribe reporters which only cause Komatsu to voice his concerns for his actions. Ootake however tells him that he is adamant about what he is doing, causing Komatsu to leave in shock.

Meteor Garlic Arc

Not long after Ootakes meeting with Komatsu, he is abducted by the Gourmet Corps for their nefarious scheme, and is present with the rest of the prisoners upon the arrival of the IGO president Ichiryuu at the Gourmet Corps Headquarters in the Gourmet World.

Bubble Fruit Arc

Ootake is seen in the presence of Chiyo, as they head towards the Shokurin Temple on the back of her pet bird. After his arrival, Komatsu who had been training there in the art of Food Honour approaches him, having been worried about his safety since the moment he hear he was abducted. And after Ootake briefly greets his old friend, he plunges a knife into his stomach. Komatsu is shocked by this only for Ootake to remove the knife from his body and realise that the wound is not there anymore, which Ootake explains is due to his new skills and his new Revitalizing Kitchen Knife, boasting about his newfound power and his own combo with the Gourmet Corps Sous Chef Starjun, albeit not telling them directly who he was partnered with at the time.

He then watches as Chiyo and Toriko have a heated battle, only for Toriko to manage to pull out a win, something which annoys Ootake. At that moment however a Big Bang Shark arrives with a GT Robo atop it, ordering the both of them to retreat having accomplished what they set out to do. And after saying a mocking farewell to Komatsu, Ootake goes over to Chiyo, and assists her to retreat on the back of the Big Bang Shark.

As the three of them manage to get away, it’s revealed by Ootake that the GT Robo is operated by Starjun himself, stating that until the time is right for him to join Midora’s combo at his side he remains Starjuns one and only partner.

Cooking Festival Arc

Ootake is present at the Gourmet Corps Headquarters as Starjun gathers various members to prepare for the attack on the Cooking Stadium, getting only silence from him when asking if he should go.

After they return from the battle much later on, Komatsu wakes up next to Ootake in the dungeon of the Headquarters. Ootake welcomes him but says that it’s likely not going to be around for much longer as he collapses to the ground from exhaustion and his injuries. Komatsu prepares some food for him in an effort to get back his stamina, as Ootake begins to reminisce about the old days when they were training as chefs, recalling his orphanage and telling Komatsu that he named his restaurant after his old orphanage in their memory. He then tells him that his dream was to make his own orphanage where he would serve the ingredient GOD to the children whenever they wanted it, claiming that was his reason for joining the Gourmet Corps in the first place, as a way to get to GOD.

Komatsu kindly tells him to never give up on his dream, something which Ootake takes comfort in, and then the sudden arrival of Midora prompts them all to gather in the main hall of the Headquarters. While there, Midora challenges all the chefs present to cook a meal that would make him say the words delicious, and if they succeed he will let them leave of their own free will. When Komatsu volunteered for the challenge, Ootake tried to tell Midora that the stores were lacking high quality ingredients and that it would unfair to ask such a challenge without first getting better ingredients. Komatsu however tells him it does not matter, at which point Ootake leads him into their kitchens and Komatsu gets to work.

Having finally finished cooking Komatsu produces a large banquets of dishes and presents them to Midora, something which amazes Ootake as he did not think it was possible to do so much with so little. Ootake was even more shocked however, when Midora ate the meal and enjoyed it enough to allow Komatsu the chance to leave the Gourmet Corps. An offer which Komatsu declined as he knew Toriko would come and rescue him eventually, an action which left Ootake speechless.

Powers and Abilities


Ootake is implied to be a chef of some skill, notable by his 7 Star Restaurant. Fairy Tale Castle, and his rank in at 99th on the IGO Chef Ranking. It’s unknown however if these achievements are his own or if he bribed his way into them. Regardless of this, he is able to hear the voice of the ingredients, meaning he was one of the few chefs in the world capable of preparing Ichiryuu’s Full Course Menu, no small feat given the high class ingredients on it. Starjun also stated that he has impressive Food Luck, something which he himself lacks and it was the reason Starjun chose him as his partner in the first place. He also seemingly has some skill in dark techniques, being able to use his revitalizing kitchen knife.

After he had the Gourmet Cells infused with his body, he takes on the appearance of a more muscular man, which hints at him having some level of combat strength, although likely not as much as his partner Starjun of course. He has yet to be seen fighting but he did manage to make a rather large jump into the air carrying fellow chef and Gourmet Corps member Chiyo on his back with relative ease.


Ootakes Revitalizing Kitchen Knife - Ootakes own personal revitalizing knife. He first uses it against Komatsu as a show of skill, cutting into his abdomen and then healing the wound as if it had never been inflicted in the first place, the person who is cut however still feels great pain from the cut. Its blade is made of an unknown dark metal and has a mostly simple design.

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Name: Ootake
Name: 大竹 (おおたけ)
Romanji: Ōtake (Ootake)
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
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Aliases Take-chan
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