Onimusha is a franchise comprised of 1 manga series
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A video game series by Capcom, which has spawned two manga volumes. Tells the long-crossed war between the Oni clan vs the Genma race

Originally a video game series by Capcom, it make use of historical figures during the Sengoku period in Japan under a fantasy-supernatural tone.
Onimusha is about a long-term war between two supernatural clans: the Oni and the Genma. The Oni are a divine clan created by the God of Darkness, and the Genma are a hostile, vile race created by the God of Light, Fortinbras. In the beggining there was caos, and then Fortinbras, the God of Light, created the universe as we know it. He created the Genma and the humans, the latter as fodder and feast for the former. The God of Darkness toke pity of the humans and created the Oni to fight against the Genma. 
 The Genma is a distinct race composed of several monsters of diverse appearences and most of them are name after Shakesperan characters (Fortinbras, Marcellus, Ophelia and etc.). There was the Genma Lord, the strongest of them all, who would clash against the Onimusha, the Oni Lord, both are opposite polars fighting against each other.
General Information Edit
Name: Onimusha
Name: 鬼武者
Romaji: Genma Onimusha
Aliases: Onimusha Warlords
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