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Onihime VS is a Korean manga series that was written by Lim-Dall Young, writer who did Unbalance x2 and Freezing.


Onihime VS Vol.1 KRN Cover (October 2007)
Onihime VS Vol.1 KRN Cover (October 2007)

Onihime VS (Phantom Princess VS in Korean) is a romantic action manga series that was written by Lim-Dall Young, the writer who did the manga series of Unbalance x2 and Freezing, and illustrated by Soo-Hyon Lee. The manga first started serialization in Kill Time Communication's male-oriented manga magazine of Comic Valkyrie since October 29, 2007.


  • Kill Time Communication (Japan)




Setsuna Kashiwagi
(柏木 セツナ, Kashiwagi Setsuna)
Main page: Setsuna Kashiwagi
A high school student who was born with weak heart and been bullied for the rest of his life. Setsuna decided to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge, but then a mysterious man appears and presents him with an offer by giving him 10 million yen for his life. The next morning he woke up and thinking that was a dream, but then finds out that he was sitting beside two women that acclaim to be Oni princesses.

Setsuna Kashiwagi
Setsuna Kashiwagi

Mirei Kashiwagi
(柏木 ミレイ, Kashiwagi Mirei)

Main page: Mirei Kashiwagi
Setsuna's older sister who became his guardian after the death of their parents. Mirei sacrificed everything and tired her best to take care of him, she even borrowed money from a loan shark to pay for Setsuna's hospital fees.

Mirei Kashiwagi
Mirei Kashiwagi

Shouko Arima
( 有馬 翔子, Arima Shouko)
Setsuna's classmate and constant bully to him, Shouko who is both beautiful and popular, picks on him to cover up the fact that she has a huge crush on Setsuna.

Shouko Arima
Shouko Arima



Kanna Shirayuki
(白雪 カンナ, Shirayuki Kanna)
Main page: Kanna Shirayuki
One of the two Oni princesses from a royal Oni clan, Kanna Shirayuki, also known as "White Princess", is Rena's older sister.

Kanna Shirayuki
Kanna Shirayuki

Rena Kuroyuki
(黒雪 レナ, Kuroyuki Rena)
Main page: Rena Kuroyuki
One of the two Oni princesses from the same royal Oni clan, Rena Kuroyuki, also known as "Black Princess", is Kanna's younger sister.

Rena Kuroyuki
Rena Kuroyuki

( 仲介人)
The mysterious man who offered Setsuna's life for the 10 million yens.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 3
Aug. 30, 2010
Volume 2
May 13, 2009
Volume 1
Oct. 29, 2007
General Information Edit
English Name Onihime VS
Japanese Name: 鬼姫VS (ヴァーサス)
Romaji: Onihime Vaasasu
Publisher Kill Time Communication
Start Year 2007
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Aliases Demon Princess VS
Onihime Versus
Phantom Princess VS
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