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One-Punch Man is an manga series
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Knock Out Series Reviewed by snowymountain on April 13, 2014. snowymountain has written 35 reviews. His/her last review was for Cheeky Angel. 23 out of 24 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.

This is a new and underrated series as far as I can tell as I accidentally stumbled across its existence by total accident online and haven’t been able to find it at all in the stores. One-Punch Man nevertheless hits the ground running and was funny enough that I read through the first few chapters with lightning speed.

One-Punch Man originally began life as a webcomic created by an author known as ONE that apparently was popular enough that it was redrawn with a pro artist, Yusuke Murata who previously collaborated with Riichiro Inagaki on Eyeshield 21 and brings his incredibly detailed, brilliantly realistic, and lavishly exquisite artwork to the board. The story itself is fairly straightforward where humanity is under constant threat from monsters and other bizarre mutants and threats. In this world, there exists a simple man, Saitama who functions as a hero not by trade but more like a hobby. But unknown to many, Saitama is possibly the most powerful hero of them all, defeating his enemies with a single blow—or rather one punch which is where the name of the manga comes in.

What helps sell this series to me is that Saitama is such a great main character. He’s not your prototypical hero but rather ordinary kind of guy. Another trait in his favor is his baldness and rather stick-like figure in his outfit doesn’t make him look very superheroic at all but rather plain and ordinary. Yet, he possesses a sort of charisma, charm, and likeability that other series’ characters lack. Saitama longs for excitement and action; yet with his incredible power, even the supposedly unstoppable and invincible monsters are a walk in the park for him. Saitama is so powerful, that these monsters all over the world are actually irresistibly drawn to his neighborhood as it’s like a black hole for them. They go in and naturally run into Saitama and thus, they never come back out again.

Saitama aside, there is a wide assortment of characters who populate this series from the strange, to the amusing, and even bizarre but many of them are rather interesting as well from the stoic cyborg Genos, the ancient martial artist Silver Fang, the over-the-top gay Pri-Pri-Prisoner, and Licenseless Rider (a tribute to Kamen Rider who uses a regular bicycle).

The only potential weakness of this series that I can see is if the collaborating duo can continue to bring the amazingly detailed fight scenes of One-Punch Man without it becoming repetitive. But the first few chapters are definite knock outs in art, action, and comedy.


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