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Just like the title says: One-Punch Man is about a superhero who is able to beat anyone with one punch.


Originally a superhero webcomic by "ONE," later discovered and redrawn by the Eyeshield 21 manga artist Yusuke Murata. One-Punch Man is now serialized and at least 3 tankobon (volumes) have been confirmed, with more on the way.


In a world overrun by both superheroes and supervillains exists a quiet man named Saitama. He doesn't look like much at first, with his boring looks, bald head, and non-chalant personality. He mostly busies himself with supermarket sales and TV programs. However, when a supervillain attacks his city, Saitama is able to destroy them with one punch, and finds himself looking for a villain that can actually put up a fight. Saitama ends up attracting the attention of a young cyborg superhero named Genos, and a wide range of supervillains that don't know what to make of Saitama or his strange powers.

Main Characters

  • Saitama--A plain-looking man capable of defeating any opponent with one punch. Currently a Rank B superhero due to the poor results of his test.
  • Genos--A young cyborg superhero who looks up to Saitama as a mentor, though he doesn't return the favor. Currently a Rank S superhero.
  • Sonic--A mercenary ninja who can zip around the battlefield at intense speeds, a rival of sorts to Saitama who doesn't really acknowledge him in return.
General Information Edit
English Name One-Punch Man
Japanese Name: ONE PUNCH-MAN (ワンパンチマン)
Romaji: Wanpanchiman
Publisher Shinseisha
Start Year 2012
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Aliases One Punch-Man
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