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One Piece is the legendary treasure of the Pirate King, Gold Roger. It is unknown what is truly is. All that is known is that it can be found on the island Raftel.

One Piece is the treasure that nearly all pirates of the Great Pirate Era are chasing after. There are some pirates that either don't believe it's real, some have other goals, and some are just out to cause mayhem.

Raftel, home to the One Piece treasure
Raftel, home to the One Piece treasure

It's believed that if a pirate were to claim One Piece they would become the new King of the Pirates. No one truly knows exactly what One Piece is. The only thing that is known is that it was hidden on the last island of the Grand Line, Raftel. A force surrounds the island that prevents many from entering. The one man who did conquer this challenge was the pirate Gold Roger. He was born as Gol D. Roger, but was given the name Gold Roger by the World Government for the bounty they had placed on his head. Few knew his true name.

The Hunt and the Great Pirate Era Begins

The Hunt for One Piece began with the last words of the King of the Pirates Gold Roger. It was thought that the World Government captured him, but in fact Gold Roger turned himself in. He was dying from a terminal illness that had no cure. The story of his capture was made up to make the World Government seem more powerful.

Roger's last words
Roger's last words

He was taken back to his home town of Loguetown for the execution. He marched through the town like a hero, head high and a huge smile on his face. At the gallows where he would meet his end, a lone man in the gigantic crowd screamed out a question. He asks where he hid his greatest treasure, One Piece.

Still smiling, Gol D. Roger said his final words.

" My treasure? If you want it, you can have it! Find It!
I left everything this world has to offer 'there'! "

Gol D. Roger

The swords of the executioners fell on his body and he was dead, but his smile continued. His execution was intended to squash the dreams of those who wished to become pirates. In many it had the opposite effect. Roger's last words were the spark that started what would be known as the Great Pirate Era and the hunt for One Piece.

22 years later, the hunt still goes on for many pirates. The most prominent is a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy. His dream is to find One Piece and become the next King of the pirates, but he is not the only strong pirate with that same goal. The hunt rages on for who will find One Piece first.

One Piece is Out There!!

It was near the end of the war of the Marines versus the Whitebeard Pirates that a few words were spoken that also reached the civilization that shoot the world as much as when Gold Roger started the Great Pirate Era. In the final moments of the greatest rival to Gold Roger, Edward Newgate (aka Whitebeard). Whitebeard shouted for all who could hear, which included a live worldwide broadcast audience, that One Piece was real.

"Though it has nothing to do with me...When someone finally finds that treasure... The world will be turned upside down!! Oh yes, it will be found. That day will come, without a doubt...One Piece is Out There!! "
Edward Newgate

Whitebeard's final words (Ch.576)
Whitebeard's final words (Ch.576)

These final words enraged the Marine commander Sengoku. It would mean that the attempt to crush the Great Pirate Era with the execution of Ace and Whitebeard would have the opposite effect.

The hunt for One Piece continues for the world and the new pirates inspired.

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Thing Name One Piece
Japanese Name: ワンピース
Romaji Name: wan pīsu
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