ONE PIECE Ch. 771 Review

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There is such a thing as being too helpful. Sai faces off with Lao G and his own grandfather to prevent Baby 5 from doing something reckless that they'd both regret.

The Good

I've never been the slightest bit shy about my irritation with Baby 5's codependency issues. There just seemed to be no end to the abuse she would accept. I thought her personality might at least be good for a couple of laughs after reading last week's chapter. However, imagine my surprise at the turn we get here.

In almost no time at all, Oda gives a pretty solid explanation for her self destructive behavior. Not only was she neglected and abandoned by her own mother for nothing more than being a child who couldn't do much, but she found herself in an environment filled with people who took advantage of her desire to help others and only encouraged it.

For as honorable a guy as he has shown himself to be. Remember that Sai also has some of his own personality issues. Back in the beginning of this arc, he flipped out on Luffy just for appreciating his help during a misunderstanding with the tournament officials. These two quirky lovebirds may have been made for one another.

It wouldn't feel right to only focus on Baby 5 and Sai. Lao G adds plenty to this chapter in the way of humor by his unique martial arcs. Hey, if we can have Drunken and Crane Kung-Fu, why not Geriatric-Style? Can you just imagine how many years that takes to master?

The Bad

I have no problem with Baby 5 finding love and real acceptance with Sai. I hope only the best for her. I just wish she had found self worth in herself before she formed a real relationship with anyone. Although, if she's going to end up hitched to anyone, I'd rather it be someone who wants to protect her and improve.

I believe the Japanese publication of this chapter included the results of the Japanese character popularity poll. I was disappointed to see it wasn't included in the English edition.

Verdict 4/5

It just never stops amazing me how Oda can make side-characters feel just about as entertaining as the primary cast? It's not as if I'm saying I'd want entire arcs dedicated to these people, but it doesn't bother me in the slightest with how much screen time they're getting in this arc. Part of that is clearly the creator's experience in character creation and writing put on full display. In fact, I'd enjoy checking up on Sai and Baby 5 from time to time in the future.

ONE PIECE will be on a one week break, so enjoy the holidays.

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I was kind of hoping Baby 5 would join the Straw Hats and Sanji would be the first person she say no to or she join Law. But my hopes are crush by Sai :(

Lao G. was amazing, sad we didn't get more of him. His Geo-Fist, Battle Insurance Fist remind me of Master Roshi.

I wonder if Zoro will cut the plateau in half to get to Pica.

I can't wait to see Elizabello release his King Punch, I feel he'll change the battlefield again.

I feel after this arc, there will be an cover story of Sai and Baby 5.

Kid Baby 5 really look like kid Robin.

Love that Luffy's biggest fans are in the top ten of the rankings.

Anyway, it was an cool chapter.

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Am I the only one who thinks this fighters from the collesseum are going to be Luffy's army in the last arc? I know we shouldn't try to predict anything Oda does because it's impossible but I can see an all out war between Luffy, the Marines and Blackbeard (not The marines and Blackbear working together but a fight between the three), and if that's the case, Luffy needs an army just as Whitebeard needed one.

And this guys really seem to be willing to die for the strawhats so it will make perfect sense that they'll appear to help him when things go down.

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