ONE PIECE Ch. 750 Review

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Luffy charges ahead to defeat Doflamingo, but King Riku is still cautious about assisting more pirates that have invaded his kingdom. Princess Viola will make an impassioned plea that they should put their faith in the Straw Hats to bring real justice toDressrosa.

The Good

After a two week break, we return to a chapter that has some really great artwork that is filled with detail. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to learn that Oda was once again working from his hospital bed. I wonder if his wife has to tie him to the bed every night to stop him from working in his sleep?

The real strong suit of this chapter is in the personality of the cast. Many have criticized Oda for making such outlandish characters, but I think that gives him license to be so out there and make something mundane into fun. You can't just spoon feed your readers bland exposition in an analytical manner. Find a way to deliver the information in an entertaining way.

The Bad

Let them fight.
Let them fight.

I'm struggling a bit in this chapter with King Riku's hesitation to aid Luffy and his allies. I understand that his dealings with pirates have gone less than spectacular in the past, but is he really in a position to turn down potential help that stands a far better chance at taking down Doflamingo? I know he was in hiding, but he must have heard of Luffy and Trafalgar. They're major leaguers in the pirating world. It's not as if Viola was suggesting they hand over the keys to the kingdom. Only the key to Trafagar's sea prism stone cuffs.

It all seems like a step up for Viola to go into a "we should have faith in Luffy" sort of speech. It's actually a good one in the long list of them for this series. She comes across as a much more rational character than her father. Which is a bit maddening when she turns around and tries to forbid Rebecca from delivering the key. Rebecca's shown that she's quite capable of taking care of herself.

Although, I understand Viola's hesitation more so than her father's. Rebecca is her deceased sister's only child. It would be hard to let family rush into danger after being separated from them for so many years.

Verdict 3/5

Oda returns from dealing with his medical issues with a pretty solid middle step chapter. It's certainly not in any way a bad chapter. It just makes incremental steps from where we left things off previously. I still got some good laughs out of the issue, and it sets up some of the coming brawls. Sabo against the Navy looks like it'll be a great showdown.

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Hmm, no Law's flashbacks. I'm angry!!!

I want to see Law and Doffy's past. Wait!? Is that Senor Pink Vs Franky!? All is forgiven

I understand King Riku reason. Riku don't know them, to him they might be as bad as Doffy. The newspapers don't help, Luffy attack Enies Lobby and punch a World Noble in the face and release dangerous criminals from Impel Down. Law cut out one hundred hearts and is in the Seven War Lords (same as Doffy). If that the only info I have on them, I would be hesitating to

Sabo vs Issho, I can't wait. But, I do wonder where is Jesus

Anyway, it was a great chapter. Can't wait for next weeks

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