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Luffy has broken into the palace with his usual flair for stealth and drawn the attention of everyone within. Although, if he's broken into the palace, Doflamingo is left wondering who is this Lucy in the tournament?

The Good

This is why you don't take Luffy on stealth missions.
This is why you don't take Luffy on stealth missions.

Keeping with the theme of professional wrestling, Corrida Colosseum gives us the roided up equivalent of the caged, suitcase match for the finale. Rather than having the last man standing get the fruit, the fighters have to risk their lives checking the chests attached to the Fighting Fish backs. All while fending off potential attacks from the others. That's certainly built to be chaotic, and it's now reasonable why Luffy couldn't play a role here. Any devil fruit user would risk drowning at any time.

I really love how off balance Doflamingo has become with Luffy's assault on the castle. He honestly thinks that he's successfully distracted and captured Luffy his his web. It really brings back memoirs of that old Grouch Marx line, "Who're you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?". Put yourself in his position. Wouldn't you be confused as you think you're seeing "Lucy" on the screen in front of you? Sabo certainly plays his role of the wild card in this scheme.

The Bad

Can't see much in the way of a negative for this week's edition. However, the design for the tournament finals really starts to test my loyalties as to which part of the plot I want to see more. Oda is in for quite the balancing act with this one. It will be difficult to judge how well he's done until it's all over.

Verdict 4/5

This was a really fun chapter after the week break. Events and clashes are still being set up, but you still got some great action shots. Oddly enough, Lao G.'s intro stood out to me the most -- disregarding the giant stone man at the closing. Oda is known for his eccentric characters, and that certainly describes this old fogey. There's plenty of laughs and action to keep you entertained. I never felt bored with what's going on, and I can't wait to see where things pick up next week. That's a good place to leave off as a reader.

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Man, I can't believe I so late on commenting on this

Anyway, love Luffy attacking the goons in the Fish's outfit.

Diamante's power are cool, wonder if he can turn people ripples

Doffy's face is priceless and I love Gladius replace his hat with a helmet

Lao.G is a G yo!

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