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Rebecca may be the last one standing, but she wasn't the one who put the others down. Elsewhere, Doflamingo may have underestimated the enemy at the gates.

The Good

All the way to the top!
All the way to the top!

I appreciated that we finally get an explanation to the outcome we saw last week, and I'm overjoyed it really is Rebecca left standing. What I'm looking forward to now is the next run in with Lucy, now played by Sabo.

There's plenty of art and drama to enjoy, and how can you deny the absurd concept of adding a split-personality sleepwalker to this cast? Something about it felt incredibly random, but no more so than anything else we've seen this arc. There's also the implication that there may be more personalities. This could be good for some laughs if nothing else.

The Bad

Don't be so certain, Doflamingo.
Don't be so certain, Doflamingo.

I find it bizarre the way the tournament sort of butted in on main plot, and now it's taking a back seat. For as much as I grew to enjoy it. I just can't see what it even matters anymore. The fate of the Flame-Flame Fruit is important, but Luffy and the rest of the crew are out and on to more important matters. That's where I'd personally like more focus.

I'm not doubting that Oda will find a way to eventually weave the two together. Not that it would be too difficult with the factory being directly under the coliseum. It just feels as if we're being asked to choose between two separate channels that are showing different parts of the same plot. I'm not liking the idea of switching back and forth in the midst of what could be a huge war on Dressrosa, if that's what's going to happen.

Verdict 3/5

Ultimately, this chapter feels like and intermediary between larger events. Doflamingo almost plays the role of narrator as he talks about the state of things. I can't help but be amused how some of his own words are being contradicted by actual events -- such as with Usoppand Robin. The grand puppet master may not be as in control as he thinks he is, and that will likely be his downfall. The story just needs a touch more focus. Far be it from me to doubt Oda after all these years and arcs, but I have to take these chapters as they come.

Perhaps he's stretched himself a bit too far trying to tell two separate stories at once, but it would be better to save that judgement for the end. When we've seen the final results.

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I can't wait to see Doffy's plan come crashing down, when Sugar get KO the madness starts. This why I love Doflamingo, he isn't a perfect mastermind, he can't foresee everything. I found it funny Law give Doflamingo a warning about don't underestimate the Straw Hats, I guess he didn't listen

I was surprise Cavendish take everyone (beside Rebecca) down, I never would saw that coming.

I feel the tournament is being use to cover Luffy actions, if Doffy knew Luffy wasn't in the tournament, he would call it off and have all of his forces defend the SMILE factory and Sugar. I don't see the tournament being pointless, it adding to the chaos when Sugar get KO (it also building allies for Luffy in the future)

I can't wait until next week

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Of course Oda needs to tell us what's going on in the tournament! Sabo's fighting! And against a black beard crew member! I don't know about you but I really need to see that fight.

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