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The speedo got your attention first but not the blue mohawk?
The speedo got your attention first but not the blue mohawk?

The battle lines are being drawn on what will become the war of Dressrosa. Franky faces the Don Quixote Fighter, Senor Pink, in a full frontal assault to allow Usopp, Robin, and the Tontatta Army the chance to sneak behind enemy lines.

The Good

These guys are a great addition to this series.
These guys are a great addition to this series.

You can't criticize this chapter for not trying its hardest. It gives us a certain level of action, more exposition than we ever asked for, a bit of Loony Toon-esque slapstick, and Franky has met his match -- in one aspect. Who would have thought that the chapter that contains the ever sought after Toy Factory that everyone has been looking for would feel so lackluster. Although, what's one to expect after the stellar presentation we saw last week?

The Bad

He defies description. If only just because I don't want to think about it too hard.
He defies description. If only just because I don't want to think about it too hard.

If you were hoping that perhaps Oda would at least expand a little bit on the Sabo reveal from last week, you were left sorely disappointed. Not even so much as a tease. I think I now understand how my childhood pets felt when I used to pretend to throw a ball. Last week, Oda threw the ball, we bit with our tails wagging, and now we're left confused wondering where the ball has gone. I hope he got a good chuckle out of it.

Maybe that's our own fault, but Oda was the one who threw the ball first. You'd think he would give some nod or explanation after revealing Sabo is alive and the Revolutionary Army is in Dressrosa. Yet there was nothing of the sort. In its place is a two page graph explaining in oddly explicit detail the make up of theDon Quixote Family. Great appeal for wiki editors, but it's not quite what I was expecting for this week.

Verdict 3/5

Let's be fair. Nothing could have lived up to what we were shown last week, and that put what is a perfectly decent chapter into the shadows. I'm filled with questions, and all we got this week was answers to things I wasn't asking. The chapter has plenty of entertaining moments and scenes, but the action is minimal. The tension is certainly building, and I guess we can call this the 'calm before the storm'. If anything, it's still a fun read.

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I saw that coming, knew Oda wouldn't show Sabo. We probably get to see him in the finals

Any who, Senor Pink vs Franky going to be an awesome fight and we get to see Franky fight without his robot

I wonder if Vergo is as strong as the Pica, Diamante and Trebol

I guess the fighting part of the arc is beginning

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