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LAW, Noooo!!
LAW, Noooo!!

The Straw Hats came to Dressrosa for one reason. Find the SMILE Factory, destroy it, and run to leave it and Doflamingo to the wrath ofKaido, one of the Four Emperors. Although, Franky has been moved by the plight of the people, and he makes an impassioned plea toLuffy that will involve them all into a massive revolution.

The Good

These two were Warlords for a reason.
These two were Warlords for a reason.

In honor of the season, let's just skip over the still entertaining stuffing of this chapter and let's really dig into the meat. That's the mega-brawl between Doflamingo and Trafalgar. I'm under no delusions that this spells the end for Doctor of Death, but you can't help be feel that he's in some serious trouble by the end of this issue. This heavy hitter may even be out for the count for a good long while unless they can rush him to Chopper, who isn't even on the island.

Then we have our pure-hearted protagonist. Luffy's been having his fun, and that's pretty much par for the course in this series. We then understand that in every arc he learns something about the antagonist that crosses the line of even his laxed sensibilities. That's when he gets serious, and the real action explodes. Witnessing Doflmingo's ruthlessness only feet away is sure to light a fire under the rubber-man.

The Bad

Is Dellinger a guy or a girl?
Is Dellinger a guy or a girl?

I'm going to make what I know is a rather absurd critique, and it actually isn't just limited to this chapter. It's something that's bugged me in this series as a whole. I also want to preference this by stating that I know it's a rather silly thing to be bothered by. However,...why is it that a flintlock pistol fires multiple rounds? Go through the manga, and most of the guns or rifles you'll see appear to be old style flintlock firearms. Yet we've always seen them firing off multiple rounds without so much as a reload.

I know it's likely just a matter of Oda invoking the classic swashbuckler theme, but it's always seems weird to me. It just stands out to be more in this chapter for some reason.

Verdict 5/5

This has been a smorgasbord of events this edition. From Bellamy betrayed, Franky's desire to join the Dressrosa Revolution, and Zorodressing his captain down for not counting him in on the tournament. You're likely to find something to sink your teeth into, and we're left off with a major cliffhanger. I'm starving to know what happens next, but I'm just going to have to satiate that hunger with some of my homemade streusel topped pumpkin pie for the next week. ONE PIECE will be on break.

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About the Author

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt /

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I'd be surprised if Trafalgar dies now. Aside from Ace and Whitebeard no one ever dies in One Piece. Even the ones we thought they were gone for good end up being alive. Even Pell lived.

I almost feel sorry for what's coming for Doflamingo.

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Law isn't dead, Brownbeard take more bullets then that and he is still alive. Feel like the reason Doflamingo shoot Law was to insult him and show him his place. I think he have the marines take him away, in the next chapter

Well, Luffy is out of the tournament, I can't see him sitting back after this

When will Bellamy learn, not to trust Doflamingo. But Dellinger was right, that Bellamy would fail (I thinking Dellinger have Monet's Legs and Arms)

Also I like Zoro's disappearing and reappearing mustache :)

Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter

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