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Ten years ago, Don Quixote Doflamingo took over the land of Dressrosa within a single night. Turning the king and army against their own people, then they were singing this warlord's praises. What they thought was deliverance turned to damnation, and no one even realized it.

The Good

Who is that girl, and why hasn't she aged in ten years?
Who is that girl, and why hasn't she aged in ten years?

ONE PIECE has had some pretty wicked villains in its long run, but there is something about Doflamingo that really stands out. Maybe it's the level of sadistic joy he seems to take in his own actions. He truly is a former member of the Celestial Dragons. Though, I'm still itching to know the situation behind that impeachment.

If Crocodile had any faults in his plan, it was that he was too melodramatic. He enjoyed his villainy a tad too much, and it made him arrogant. Doflamingo's takeover plot was vicious in its efficiency. He plants a spy into the royal family, Monet; he fools the king into demanding an exorbitant amount of money from his people, forces the king to attack them, then he sends his own men in to be the 'heroes' the people needed. Any rebellion was wiped from the people's minds. How can you miss what you don't even realize is gone?

Doflamingo is really in for it now.
Doflamingo is really in for it now.

For all the flashback and drama, the parts of this chapter that I enjoyed the most were in Robin playing the comedic role. That can be so very rare, but hilarious when it does happen. I really have to feel for theStraw Hats. They just came here to do a job and leave, but their actions have inadvertently instigated a nation-wide revolution.

I really have to hand it to those of you who called Violet being Rebecca's aunt, Viola. While It hasn't been officially confirmed, it sure seems pretty solidified at this point. Toy Soldier is probably the forgotten prince.

The Bad

If you aren't interested in flashbacks, I can see why this may rub some the wrong way, but I'm personally enjoying this story. It's brief enough, the characters are engaging, and it's inspiring some good laughs and grins.

Verdict 4/5

Over these past couple weeks, we've been spoon fed exposition while also being entertained by the personality of the cast. That's just good story telling. I think you could take all the information given in both NARUTO and BLEACH this week, and it wouldn't be half of what we learn in this single chapter.

Something big is about to happen for this manga, and only now am I starting to understand the fire that's been sparked. Seeing all the factions that are gathering at Dressrosa. This could very well turn into one of the largest scale battles since Marineford, if not bigger.

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About the Author

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt /

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I love this week chapter. Doflamingo is a great villain, he so evil but he treat his crew good and show them respect (that is rare with pure evil villains). I feel so sorry for the king and the soldiers, it no wonder some of them forgot who they was after being turn into toys

I knew Violet and Rebecca was related, I guess I call it

I do like Baby 5's bow and Senor Pink's T Shirt (Let's Baby!), also I love Trebol awesome beard (sad he don't look like that all the time)

I have a feeling Pica is going to be fighting Franky

I so glad Robin have opened up, I believe this is the first time we see her have that kind of face

I can't wait until next week chapter

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