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I think after 800 years, you lose some rights of ownership.
I think after 800 years, you lose some rights of ownership.

Ten years ago, Don Quixote Doflamingo was cast out of the Celestial Dragons. So, he returned to take over his family's ancestral home. However, why should he do all the work when he can make the current royal family do it for him?

The Good

They won't even care the 'hero' is in a pink-feathered boa.
They won't even care the 'hero' is in a pink-feathered boa.

Huh, wouldn't you know that a week after I praise ONE PIECE for not having any extended flashback stories. We are given an extended flashback. Although, perhaps this is a "best of both worlds' situation. In previous arcs, Oda has used rather long flashbacks, and it would take weeks to see our beloved Straw Hats in action again. The Dressrosa Arc scatters the flashbacks out in a piecemeal-style among the current plot line. That's certainly a change.

I've heard some complaints that the history of Dressrosa is oddly similar to what Sir Crocodile tried pulling off in Alabasta, and that Oda is recycling his old material. I wouldn't be so fast to judge here. I'm not saying there aren't similarities. Just consider for a second that it was Doflamingo's takeover ten years ago that inspired Crocodile on a course of action for his own goals.

The differences are that Doflamingo personally manipulated the king and military to rob and attack the people. Crocodile was instigating a civil war from the shadows as he stood in the light as a hero. Doflamingo's plan was all about swift and cruel darkness. The ONE PIECE creator has shown on numerous occasions to have a long-plot designed. Remember that the Tontattas People were first hinted at in this series during Noland's story roughly ten years before they finally appeared.

The Bad

If you aren't a fan of the flashback stories in ONE PIECE, I can image that this chapter wasn't much to your liking. That's a valid choice for some, but I've been enjoying this story of Dresrosa's dark olden days.

Verdict 4/5

Yeah, Monet reappears.
Yeah, Monet reappears.

Doflamingo's takeover plot truly is a wicked scheme. You can understand how he could taint the 800 dynasty of the Riku Kingdom in a single night, and he barely had to lift a finger -- literally. For now I'm going to remain open to this history lesson. Just as long as it doesn't drag on for too long.

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About the Author

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt /

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Oda stop trolling me. I don't know what Monet's involvement in this is but I just know you're not gonna suddenly reveal she's still alive after that stab to the heart.

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I find the king to be foolish, he should have fight. Since Doflamingo is a pirate and probably wasn't going to keep his word. I probably would go down fighting, then hand Doflamingo my kingdom or ask my citizens for money. Anyway, I did like the chapter. Hoping the next cover story going to be about Monet, I still don't believe she is dead.

I wonder if we going to see Kaido in the caribou's cover story, I surprise seeing X Drake working for Kaido

I can't wait for next week :)

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