ONE PIECE Ch. 670 Review

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Punk Hazard Island Arc

ONE PIECE Ch. 670 - A Snowstorm with a Chance of Slime

I wanted to write my review of the latest ONE PIECE chapters much sooner, but the original translation that was available was god awful. It looked as if it was written by people who only had a rough idea of how to speak English. Then the rest of the week got busy.

Luffy has made his not so grand appearance right in the middle of the battle field of Smoker's G-5 and all the pseudo-minotaurs and he's out to kidnap Caesar Clown to help out Law's plot to take down the yet unnamed member of the Four Emperors. in the chaos of Luffy clashing with Tashigi/Smoker and Smoker/Tashigi, Caesar's pet monster Slime appears.

The Good

Oda really flexes his ability to entertain and explain exposition in this chapter. Explaining plot detailed to the audience can be a heavy task for any writer. You have to both entertain and inform. I have to image that's even more important in manga when you have a chapter once a week. As the fodder characters are running down what are obviously not the weaknesses of Slime, you can't touch it, can't cut it, and certainly don't set it on fire. Luffy brings the laughs as he fights with Tashigi in Smoker's body. He's easily the savior of this chapter. He's such a loveable dope who has no ability to read the situation. Just as Caesar is trying to play the role of the grand villain lording his superiority over the masses, Luffy puts him in a bear hug to catch him. It's the manga equivalent of playing AZURA'S WRATH and hitting the "Shut Him Up Button".

What wasn't talked about what that we can see that Luffy's Haki has developed to the point where he can now grab Smoker, even while in his less corporeal form. That's always been Smoker's biggest advantage against Luffy in a fight. A rematch between these two would be far less one sided than it's ever been.

The Bad

For being such a grand master, Caesar is also kind of an idiot. You make this creature who can't be touched or set on fire, you go to such elaborate lengths and risks to not let your enemies know how to stop it, then he stands there and tells a an entire crowd how Slime doesn't like water. At lease when Luffy drops his weakness to enemies he's got the excuse of being a dope.

Oda, for some reason, is always so cruel to Tashigi. One of her biggest insecurities is that she feels weak, and over and again he has characters pointing that out to her face. We know she's become stronger since she was in Alabasta, but we've yet to really see any evidence of that. I just hope this is all a build up to something down the line for her.

Verdict 3/5

This is not a stellar chapter by any means, but I got enough laughs out of this from Luffy goofing around. His sudden realization that Tashigi is actually Smoker is great. Law's mind switching ability has been a never ending source of entertainment for Luffy and the rest of us as readers. More character interaction and less Slime would have been welcome. This is a 3 out of 5 chapter, and I do look forward to next week.

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Smoker has been my favorite character to see for a while. I would certainly like to see how Luffy and Smoker fight now that Smoker has lost the advantage.

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