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One Piece is an manga series in the One Piece franchise
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Itomimizu is a member of the Foxy Pirates crew. He works as the announcer for all their Davy Back Fight competitions, normally aboard his bird ChuChuun.


Izo is a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and serves as the Sixteenth Division Commander. He dresses in Kabuki style.


Jabra is a member of the Cipher Pol 9. He ate the Inu-Inu Fruit: Model Wolf. He's a frequent liar who likes to lower his enemies guard.

Jaguar D. Saul

Jaguar D. Saul is the former Marine Vice-Admiral. A giant with his own unique laugh. He risked his life to warn Ohara.


Once a member of the Black Cat Pirates, the wacky Jango is now a member of the Marines stationed on Captain Hina's ship. He is friends with the disgraced Fullbody, who was once a Marine Captain back in the day but is now a lowly recruit.

Jean Ango

Jean Ango is a bounty hunter in the Grand Line who competed at Corrida Colosseum.

Jean Bart

Jean Bart is a humongous man who was once a slave of the Celestial Dragon, Saint Roswald. Once freed, he joined Trafalgar Law's Heart Pirates.


Jeet is a former bounty hunter with his partner Abdullah and wanted for bombing government buildings.


Jerry is an agent of the World Government's CP-6.

Jesus Burgess

Jesus Burgess is the champion fighter and helmsman of the Black Beard Pirates. Wearing a championship type belt he enjoys picking fights with anyone he can find.

Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney is a pirate captain and one of the Eleven Supernovas. She has a Devil Fruit power that allows her to control her own age and those around her.


Jigoro is a zombie of a swordsman who died, and he was reanimated with the shadow of Roronoa Zoro as part o Gecko Moria's zombie army.


Jinbe is a fish-man and former member of the Shichibukai. He's a martial arts expert and was invited to join the Straw Hat Pirates.


Johnny is a bounty hunter with his friend and partner Yosaku. Both were partners for a time with Zoro during his bounty hunting days.


Jozu is the 3rd fleet commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He ate a Devil Fruit that allows him to change his body into diamonds.


Rear Admiral Kadar is a soldier from the G-2 Marine base that attacked the Sun Pirates.


Kaido is a pirate captain who is a member of the Four Emperors.


Kairen is a righteye flounder mermaid from Mermaid Cove in Fish-Man Island.


Kaku is a member of CP9, he possesses the power of the Devil Fruit Ushi-Ushi Fruit Model: Giraffe.


Kalifa is the Number 2 of the CP-9 and posed as the secretary for the mayor of Water 7, Iceburg. She's a powerful Six Powers fighter who ate the Bubble-Bubble Devil Fruit.


Kamakiri is a proud Shandian warrior and ally of the great warrior Wiper.


Kanjuro is a samurai form the Land of Wano and an ally of Kin'emon.


Karoo is a member of the Super Spot-Billed Duck Squad and childhood friend to Princess Vivi of Alabasta.


Kasagon is a marbled rockfish fishman member of the New Fish-Man Pirates.


Kashii Is one of the giants that was tricked into guarding the gates at Enies Lobby with Oimo. He is part of the crew of Dorry and Broggy.


Kaya is a sickly girl who was always entertained by Usopp by his silly stories. Though from a rich family she trains to be a doctor for the day he returns.

Kelly Funk

Kelly Funk is the older brother of the assassin team The Funk Brothers.


Kibagaeru is currently a member of the Foxy Pirate crew. He was once the captain of the Fanged Toad Pirates, but lost to Foxy in the Davy Back Fight competition and became a member of Foxy's crew.


Kikyo is one of the Amazons of Amazon Lily. She is a strict and strong warrior.


A masked pirate and subordinate of Eustass Kid. He is also known as one of the Eleven Supernovas.


Kin'emon is a samurai from the land of Wano who is searching for his son.

King Neptune

King Neptune is the king of Fish-Man Island and father of Princess Shirahoshi.


Kingdew is a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and serves as the Eleventh Division Commander.


Kitton is a young boy of Mechanical Island that found Franky and tried to save him from becoming boring.

Kiwi Square

Kiwi is one of the Square Sisters and member of the Franky Family. Kiwi is identified by wearing red and wavy bangs.


Koala is a little girl who was freed from slavery under the Celestial Dragon. She joined the Sun Pirates on their journey to return her home.

Koala's Mom

Koala's Mom is the mother of Koala.


Kokoro was at one time the lovely assistant to Tom. Now she lives with her grand daughter Chimney at the Sea Train Station.


Konbu is a young boy who was kept captive on Punk Hazard Island.


Kong is the Commander-in-Chief of the Marines for the World Government.


Koshiro is the father of Kuina and sensei to Zoro Roronoa. He believed that girls couldn't become strong sword fighters.


Koza is the childhood friend of Princess Vivi. He led the rebel forces in the civil war of during the uprising in Alabasta.


Kuina is Zoro's childhood friend and number one rival. They both promised to be the greatest sword fighters in the world, but tragically she died at a young age.


Kumacy is a bear zombie of Thriller Bark. Animated by Dr. Hogback and Gecko Moria. He is the faithful servant of Perona, but she doesn't allow him to speak.


Kumadori is an overly dramatic member of the Cipher Pol. 9. He can control his long locks of hair and behaves in the manner of a kabuki actor.


One of King Wapol's highest ranking officers in his Sakura Kingdom. Known for his black afro and matching gloves.


Kuroobi is a ray fishman and officer of the Arlong's Pirates.


Admiral Aokiji was one of the strongest forces in the Marine ranks. He ate the Devil Fruit Hie-Hie Fruit, making him an Ice Man. An upholder of "Lazy Justice".


Kyros is a legendary gladiator of Dressrosa's Corrida Colosseum and the father of Rebecca.


Laboon is a whale from the series One Piece. He's an Island Whale that hail from the West Blue.

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